If your typical color is a golden blonde, consider asking for warm low lights in toffee or chocolate brown. One piece of advice for the over 40 crowd (myself included), if you go too dark, it can look too harsh and actually age you.  Ask your colorist for some lighter pieces around your face to brighten it up. Get your shopping list of fall wardrobe basics plus 21 days of outfits.  Join me for the Fall Style Me Pretty Challenge!
I always get the urge to change my hair color…then when I do, I end up not loving it !
I’ve recently started coloring my hair and stayed within my brunette color spectrum going a bit darker. Hair color is one thing I cannot experiment with, not because I dont like it, simply because my hair is so dark, it takes a long time and lots of color for anything to set right..

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Below you will find the combinations that match red hair, dark hair, blonde hair and caramel blonde hair. If you plan on purchasing hair care products or skin care products you can get a FREE gift from Strawberry Net for orders over $25 by following this link !
I often get asked what are you but when I had a baby with red hair, the question became how did you get a baby with red hair. Michele Norris & John Legend in Ferguson for, Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America.
They have fun extension clip on nowadays that it would be so easy to throw on highlights of different colors!

So be sure to match up perfectly your hair color according to your skin tone and eye color.
Some of the techniques may require to sleep with them over the night, but it’s worth it. What do you think I should do as I really liked the way you have done it.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel reply Get notified of new uploads!

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