For this look I’ve pulled the curls to the side with a deep side part for a retro glam feel.
You probably noticed Modiva Professional have taken some ad space on Hair Romance and I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit about them. Repeat this step in small sections around your head, and keep the rest of your hair out of the way with a clip as you go. Once your hair has cooled completely, take a bristle brush and gently brush the curls out into smooth waves.
Smooth any flyaways with serum or hairspray and gather all your hair to one side for a more retro feel. Curls will drop, always do each section a bit tighter that you want as by the time you go out your hair will fall into a softer shape.
Modiva Professional irons are currently only available for purchase through their online store but will hopefully soon be available to buy in selected salons throughout Australia.
Disclosure: Modiva Professional are an advertiser on Hair Romance but they did not pay for this review. I think something was wrong with my RSS feed because i juts saw about 10 of your posts come through on blogger that i missed!! Just check your reader as I think the RSS feed changed with the move to wordpress and the site redesign.
Wow- you look favb- love the lipstick (whats that one?) and it all works together- I like the thickness of this barrel, Ive one slightly too big and slightly too thin !Loving retro waves right now! It definitely takes a bit of practice to get the hang of holding the iron, and to learn how much time your hair needs to hold the curl.
Love this look, and love love love your colour, alas I think my days as a blonde are over. I recently bought the Remmington Perfect Curls and now I think I’ll have to splash out and buy one of these clampless wands too! Learn how to braid your own hair and create over 30 hairstyles at home with Hair Romance's 30 Braids in 30 Days ebook. Buns don't have to be boring when you're styling with Hair Romance's 30 Buns in 30 Days ebook. My first No Heat Waves Tutorial got SO much love from my readers (thank you!), I thought I’d share another easy way to get beautiful beachy waves without using any heat! Even after enduring an uncomfortable night of sleep, you wake up with random dents and out of control curls! Once you’ve twisted to the ends, bring the ends to the crown of your head and clip (buy here and  here).
Twist the other side in the same direction (twist both sides away from face, or towards face). I didn’t use any hairspray in any of my photos, but spraying a little will help hold the curls even longer.
If you have super straight hair and are super picky about the ends curling just right… in the morning, unclip and while your hair is still in the twists, take a curling iron and lightly curl the two ends of the twists. I used hairspray after I put it up because the clips weren’t holding my hair very strongly and I also put it in a turbie twist to keep it in place.
Hi I made mine and my hair was looking like I curled it with a curling iron which I didn’t and when I did the process my hair was more wet then dry like even in the morning I can still feel the wetness. Maybe twist the two separate pieces like she said, but then make the two pieces come together into one twist near and at the ends. I love this idea I haven’t tried it yet but I have supper straight hair and when you clip them do you clip them straight to the opposite side of you head ? The Iron Amazon Goddesses are a sisterhood of competitive fitness and figure athletes, models, bodybuilders, dancers,  as well as women who simply want to look like an athlete without competing!

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I’ll show you a quick way to achieve this look using the Modiva clipless curling iron. It seems curls are back and although I have naturally curly hair, curling wands come in very handy in your hair styling routine. They are supposed to make it easier by holding your hair to the wand but they leave dents all over your hair. Don’t use a flat iron, but you may need to blowdry your hair to remove any curls or kinks, especially at the root. I’m right handed so I like to hold the iron down on my left and up on my right as in the photos.
Hairsprays such as ghd Final Fix and evo Helmet give your curls firm hold but won’t make your hair crispy and stiff.
Personally I find the curling wand easier when styling my own hair, but if you are skilled with the ghd you don’t really need both.
Maybe you get lucky and the right side of your hair turned out great… well, what about the other half? I used 2 smaller clips on the ends of my hair and used a bigger clip right in the middle to further secure the hold.
I’ve done something similar where my hair ends up looking like a beard (It’s so funny looking! Only problem would be that you would have to make one side twist away from your face while the other side twists toward it to make the ends come together properly.
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You can use them to even up your naturally curly hair – just do small sections where your hair is a bit straight. Try just wrapping your hair around the barrel without using the clip and see if you get a different finish. Does curling with these give the same effect as a curling iron, or is a curling iron more effective? Sorry…  well at least you can take this opportunity to change your sleeping position.
Next time I do it Ill have to separate my hair into 4 sections though since my hair is shorter.
Everyone has different texture of hair, so you’ll have to figure out what works for you!
This method gave me lovely relaxed beachy waves ?? I used bobby pins as I don’t have any of those clips but it still worked fine. Iron Amazon Goddesses are athletes with empowered movement and posture that shows their hard work in the gym. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog. Acquiring and maintaining muscular body is actually quite hard to do so any kind of strategies and information to assist is actually a decent thing. They started last year due to the frustration of not having access to professional quality irons (that weren’t too expensive).
All you do is wrap small sections of your hair around the wand and hold for 6-10 seconds and that’s it! I’m right-handed, too, and I found that doing the left side of my hair is easier than the right! Is it worth me investing in a curling iron as well… anything for beautiful hair i say!
Re-position clips as needed, making sure both ends of the twists have a clip securing them.
You should be quite happy with your “Oh, I just rolled out of bed looking this good” waves!
Dermatologists recommend sleeping on your back over any other position anyway because it helps prevent premature wrinkles and aging on your face and neck!
I think this would look better once I let it down instead of curling first then up then down. I wrapped a bandana around to help keep it all in place while I slept, and I even managed to sleep on my side no problem. For those experiencing frizzy hair, keep twisting your pieces in your hands – the oils in your fingers will tame your loose strands and make them really soft ?? hope this helps!
Although the UK and USA have numerous brands available, none of these were available for purchase in Australia and so Modiva Professional was made especially for the Australian market.
You can create variations in the curl by holding the wand horizontally or vertically, and by curling larger or smaller sections.
I ran a small amount of product though my hair the following night and pinned it up again so I could get a second day of beachy waves and it worked perfectly. Like this website your website is one of my new favs.I like this data presented and it has given me some sort of commitment to succeed for some reason, so keep up the good work!

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