Our plush bear is a cutie in his own message-bearing t-shirt and festive red and blue ribbons. Shop for military gifts in thousands of unique designs for every military branch, patriotism and various military conflicts.
One cute and creative way to remind your boyfriend that he'll always hold a place in your heart is to send him a variety of heart-themed treats.
Care packages are mailed presents that are most often sent to those who are away from home. Here's a great gift for Valentine's Day, baby showers, birthdays, get well-wishes, a pair of wedding bears, or any reason you dream up. With that in mind, there are a variety of things you can send your boyfriend that will make him laugh and feel loved.

Hancock, shows that college students who are dating long distance often have better communication skills and intimacy levels than couples who see each other every day. Consider things like a girlfriend pillow or a stuffed version of yourself that he can snuggle up to at night. Novice bakers can easily make a pan of brownies and use a cookie cutter to shape them into hearts.
Find a good picture of you and your boyfriend from a special day you shared and turn that into a beautiful memory for him. Get two copies of the same DVD and send one to him or, if you are used to streaming movies online, create a set of movie tickets with the name and time of a show you both want to see. One way to increase your bond when you and your boyfriend can't be together is to send him a thoughtful care package.

You can also create a customized bobblehead doll or make love coupons he can redeem the next time you're together.
If you hate baking, you can find heart-shaped sprinkles at craft stores and use them to decorate purchased sugar cookies or cupcakes.
If he loves his phone and spends a lot of time texting, use the picture to create a phone case for him.
Then the two of you can watch the movie at the same time while talking on the phone or using an online video chat.

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