Five African nationals, including a woman, have been arrested for allegedly printing fake US dollars, passports, visas and residential permits. Acting on a tip-off, a Delhi Police Crime Branch team sent a decoy customer to strike a deal with the gang members to procure a fake passport with fake Indian visa and Immigration stamp and two men were arrested on February 15 when they came to deliver the fake travel documents. Three persons – Enwere Okechukwa (33), Caroline Cherotich (41) alias Mary and Augustine (45) — were arrested later at their instance during raids at Ganesh Nagar. The police claim to have seized 22,000 US dollars in fake currency, 150 fake passports of different countries, 30 fake Indian visa stickers, 61 fake stamps and seals of immigration department and some incriminating material during the raids. The alleged gang leader, Gabriel, purportedly told the police that they have been active for more than a year and mostly supplied the fake travel documents to citizens of African countries whose passports were impounded in criminal cases or were staying illegally in India. InformAfrica is a news and information site regularly informing Africans in diaspora and on the continent — of unbiased Africa news, Africa information, Africa report and African stories that calls for action or celebration. So how do you go about getting that all important book and start collecting stamps and memories?
I went through the process of getting my passport at a time in my life when I wanted to have the freedom of going anywhere I wanted to go. It might have been intuition, because a few months later I would meet Liz and start traveling the world together; creating a life full of travel memories. To help take make it easier for you, we have broken down the process of getting a US Passport into these simple steps.  We can assure you that the process is pain-free, and is much easier than you think. If you were born in the United States, then you will need to find your Birth Certificate to show proof of citizenship.
If you do not have an original copy then you can contact your city, state, or county in which you were born and they can send one to you. If you are naturalized citizen, you will need your Naturalization Certificate to be able to get your passport. Ah yes, then you need to get that highly anticipated non-smiling mug shot for your passport. The goal is to look normal, as you would when you are traveling — for the next 10 years!

For anyone over 16 years of age, the total cost is $110 USD (paid to the department of state)+ $25 acceptance fee (to facility processing it). For anyone under 16 years of age, the total cost is $80 USD (paid to the department of state)+ $25 acceptance fee (to facility processing it). Very Important, but annoying thing about paying these fees is that you will need to pay with a check or by money order. The most important step for getting your first USA Passport is correctly filling out the Passport Application. You can fill out the application online and print it off, or you can print a hard copy (PDF version) and hand write it out (only if you have good handwriting!).
Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to drop it off at an acceptance facility.  But before mailing, be sure to double check everything. But you can also turn it into other designated government offices, such as your local courthouse, county offices and other government facilities. Once you have signatures for FIVE events on your passport, you can deposit it in a special box in the main office.
We all know a US Passport is absolutely necessary for international travel and no, I didn’t already have one just because. I knew I was cutting it close but I figured, okay according to the government website for a few extra dollars, I could expedite the service and receive it by the end of June at the latest. Make sure you save your DS-11 application to your computer until the process is complete and track your package to make sure it was delivered to the courier. Make sure you get an original copy with a seal certified by the city, county or state where you were born.
The simplest way to find out where to turn in your Passport Application in this Search Form. You may use without enabling JavaScript, but certain functions may not be available. I had to this to be able to get my passport, and the costs were relatively small around $8 or $10 to get it mailed to me.

Citizens in a foreign country, then you will need a Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth. The first will have to be made out to Department of State, covering that application fee and the second made payable to where you are applying to. You don’t want to have to redo it, or have to postpone your trip because of a missing section. The Post Office is a US Government facility that handles passport applications all the time. In California, we have to make appointments at our post office because there are so many people trying to get passports! It’s good to know Spanish while standing in line since most of the applicants are Mexican!
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This will be mailed with your application, you cannot pay this with a debit or credit card. But you can also got to your local AAA office to get one made, as well as many post offices. It feels like you are standing in line to go to Mexico rather than just getting a passport!
Apply for one, they photograp you and in a few weeks you go there and pic up your new passport.

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