Remember when your mother would tell you “Sit up straight, don't slouch,” as a kid, but you would intuitively tune her out via your brain-kill-switch defense mechanism?
As we age, our bodies succumb to the effects of gravity – this causes our mid backs to curve and our head and shoulders to translate forward. So if you desire to prolong your surfing career, I'd strongly recommend you take note of your posture. If you want to see what the top WCT professionals Like Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Jordy Smith and Rob Machado do to upgrade and maintain their posture in AND out of the water, try Dr Brown Designs.
No matter where you go in life, there's always gonna be the one person that wants to bring you down, so stay strong and face your problems, instead of running away.
The only time that we should truly worry is when we don't hear anyone talking about us at all, this means that you don't have anything going on for people to try and be cynical about.
Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.
Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. If you’re using a mouse and keyboard, and are somehow unfamiliar with the Windows key on your keyboard, reaching the Start screen from the Desktop is a two step process. Fortunately, there are no shortage of software developers that have stepped up to the task of rescuing the Start button and it’s menu options from the depths of Windows 8.
Because the Start Menu itself has changed quite a bit over the years, there’s a lot of flexibility to be had when developing a replacement for it. There’s also a file manager UI baked into Power 8 that does a good job of letting you quickly navigate your file system without having to double click through a bunch of folders to get what you want.
The design is such that you should never feel the need to use the Windows 8 Start screen at all. This system was your body's way for thwarting off any useless information that attempted to take up storage in your finite brain. At any point in our lives when we are making progress, there will always be someone who doesn't want to see us proceed and accomplish success.

Never run away from what you are doing because someone says that you can't do it, or that you shouldn't be doing it.
Life doesn't provide warranties and guarantees, it only provides possibilities and opportunities for those who dare to make best use of it. Life isn't always full of reasons to smile, but your smile itself is a reason for others to smile too. While the change makes a lot more sense on a touch screen device, the choice to just flat out remove a staple of the OS has caused some coping issues with long time Windows users. And then when you get to the new Metro-ified Start screen, it might not be what you want — those live tiles are great for new and social, but those aren’t always what you are looking for. The first thing you see when you open Power 8 is a list of programs, with the ability to pin them quickly to your taskbar. This would appeal to anyone who stores a lot of content locally and wanted a fast way of accessing things that were buried deep within other folders.
The software is designed to be as flexible as you need when setting up your own personalized start menu. Your programs, settings, and folder system are all accessible here, as well as all the Control Panel features and screen controls.
The team at Classic Shell have been implementing their own version of the Start Menu since Windows Vista. It’s called IntelliSkins and it retrains your brain with your body and balances your muscles while you wear it to improve your posture and breathing. When we are dealing with "haters" and naysayers it is best that we don't waste any energy stressing or getting mad over there opinions, because no matter what we do somebody will always have something negative to say about it.
These problems are only temporary setbacks to help us challenge our beliefs and work ethic. Getting out of your comfort zone is very important for those who are looking to further their life journeys. There is much more in life to stress and worry about if you choose to, but try not devote your energy to that.

Over time, you would probably be less likely to use the Power 8 button for everything, since your applications would all be pinned to the taskbar for rapid access.
Power 8 also includes one click access to things like the shutdown, hibernate, and lock screen functions, which aren’t quite so accessible in the stock configuration of Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard. You could almost use Start Menu 8 as a complete fullscreen replacement for the desktop, though that is certainly not the intended purpose.
Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from using the Windows 8 Start screen and switching between the two experiences is pretty simple. With that much time comes a lot more in the way of enhanced features and stability when faced with unique situations. Start Menu 8 includes a somewhat unique feature, in that it allows the computer to boot straight to the desktop to give the whole experience a feel that is much more like “traditional” Windows experiences. Pressing the Windows key on the keyboard will still return you to the new Windows 8 Start, which neatly allows yout o contain both experiences.
It’s also translated in 35 different languages and offers a wealth of documentation for using the advanced features.
The settings for this start menu are incredibly granular and even allows for control over the animations as you move from menu to menu. For Windows 8, you can do away with the Modern UI entirely with Classic Shell and come about as close as possible to completely reverting to a Windows 7 or earlier workflow. Of course, if you still wanted to take advantage of things like Windows Store and the apps that go along with it, Classic Shell makes that easy.

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