Ephemeral messaging service Snapchat has released a major update for its iOS app that brings some interesting new features such as Replay, photo filters, smart filters and more.
If the app hasn’t been automatically updated, you can download the update via the Updates tab in the App Store app or use this iTunes link. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. By default, Snapchat features small letters which you can overlay on your images, but you can change to a larger size. To get the big white letters you first need to find your settings page, which can be harder to locate than you might think. All you have to do now is turn on Special Text which enables the use of larger white text in your snaps.
Snapchat es un programa de mensajeria instantanea a traves de telefonos moviles que permite el envio de fotos y videos. De este modo, estos archivos no pueden recuperarse a traves de la aplicacion, con lo que cualquier mensaje enviado a traves de Snapchat es, en principio, efimero. Puedes enviar una imagen o un video que ya tengas en tu telefono movil o puedes capturarlo a traves de la propia aplicacion. La principal ventaja es que pueden enviarse a contactos de confianza imagenes que, por algun motivo, no queremos que se conserven. En todo caso, la aplicacion advierte de que, si el receptor toma una captura de la imagen, el remitente sera notificado. El principal peligro es que el receptor realice una captura de pantalla de la imagen enviada o utilice alguna aplicacion de terceros –prohibidas por Snapchat- que si almacenan los mensajes enviados.
Queda totalmente prohibida la reproduccion total o parcial del contenido sin previa autorizacion. Last night an anonymous hacker claimed to be in possession of 7 million passwords to Dropbox accounts. The hacker posted around 400 usernames and passwords on anonymous note site Pastebin in a series of "teasers" for the main list.
But Dropbox was quick to cast doubt on the claims, denying that it had been hacked and claiming that many of the usernames and passwords were not even related to Dropbox accounts. The recent Snapchat hack, which saw nearly 100,000 private photos and videos posted online, happened because an amateur developer hadn't securely set up his website.
In September, Russian hackers published a list of 5 million passwords to a variety of different email providers, including Gmail. We can use the public nature of Bitcoin addresses to see just how much hackers gain for posting passwords online.
And, just in case it isn't clear, this is your fault, too: If you're using the same passwords over and over with different apps then hackers don't need to get into Apple or Facebook's servers to find them. And then we have the Snapchat score system, a useless feature by all accounts, but a big mystery to us all. According to Snapchat’s support page, Snapchat score is the total number of snaps sent and received. As you can see in the screenshot above, the number (386) on the left side indicates the number of snaps you have sent, and the number (677) on the right side is the number of snaps you have received.
Add up these two numbers and you have your Snapchat score, which is displayed on your profile. There is a theory doing the rounds in forums and discussion boards that you get 12 points for each snap you send out to the first 3 people and 20 points for each snap thereafter. This seems like a plausible explanation given that some users reportedly have Snapchat scores of 90,000 and more, some as high as 700,000. Another theory, and the most widely accepted one, is that you receive 1 point for each snap you send out and another 1 point for each snap you open. If this was the case however, it’s highly unlikely that someone could ever get a Snapchat score of 700,000. And some people who have only recently joined Snapchat manage to maintain scores much higher than others who have been around for ages. From all the observations that we’ve seen, we can only conclude that Snapchat scores do indeed indicate the number of snaps sent and received. If you want to increase your Snapchat score, and I know many of you do, the only plausible solution from everything that we’ve so far outlined is to snapchat more. I don’t completely agree with the part where you say the score only goes up 1 point if you send a snap to multiple people.

It seems like someone gets 2 points for opening Or sending a snap to someone on your ‘best friends’ anyone else seeing this? I really hope this is true bro… my gf was sending me nudes and her score kept going up by 2!!! It’s one point per snap to a person in your contacts, 2 for a best friend and 3 for a video. You can apparently also get points by receiving snapchats, even if you haven’t opened them. Can your score go up and your bestfriends move around even if you haven’t opened any of the snap chats, nor sent any out? Is it true that snapchat scores can go up, if the person no longer uses that snapchat account. Snapchat has been updated with additional services including Smart Filters, Visual Filters, Front-Facing Flash, Replay, Special Text, and up to 7 Best Friends.Experience a totally new way to share today. How does the filters work I don't get and what do they do I've turned them on but they haven't made a difference??????
So if you are an avid Snapchatter — meaning you Snapchat at home or on campus and while you’re studying at Main Stacks, on the toilets of Dwinelle or pretty much anywhere else — we know you’ve definitely had to overcome some real obstacles. You can use this app to ensure that the hilariously hideous pictures that are only safe for the eyes of your closest friends will never see the light of day. You can use it to discreetly communicate with that hottie from your MWF lecture — especially when texting seems just a little too forward. You can use it to show your friends what a great time you are having (even if you are lying). You’ve probably gone through the internal conversation where you’re like, “I want this person I’m sending this snap to to think I’m goofy and funny and playful, so I’m going to make a funny face.” And then you do. We all have this “friend.” You’ve probably gotten random Snapchat videos of football games, crazy tailgates on Frat Row or concerts you wish you were going to with captions like “soOOoooO crazy” or “dope set!!!” from someone you rarely ever talk to.
In the middle of a lecture, you’re taking a really horrendous snap to send to your best friend, and you realize there’s someone right behind you looking straight at your camera like a deer in the headlights. The message is apparently still deleted after the first play, but after missing countless moments of missing friends’ snaps, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel says they wanted to give users a second chance.
Smart filters add info like weather supplied by the Weather Channel, speed and time to your snaps. While you’re still in the settings, you can also turn on the new image filters if you want to try them out. And, if you’re wanting to get even more pro you can get access to a wider color palette than the standard rainbow by tapping on the color selector and then dragging your finger left, up and down.
Tapscape is also a leading reviewer of the latest in apps for both iOS and Android devices, with over 2000 apps reviewed to date. Cada dia los usuarios envian mas de 400 millones de ‘snaps’, que es como se conocen a estos mensajes de foto o video de la app. Para ello hay que aportar un correo electronico y una contrasena y seleccionar un nombre de usuario que este libre. Tendras que pulsar sobre la pantalla si quieres seguir viendo la imagen durante el tiempo estipulado por el remitente.
La mayoria de imagenes enviadas tienen que ver con momentos cotidianos o fotos ‘feas’ o graciosas que queremos que nuestros amigos vean pero que no se conserven, por ser poco importantes o favorecedoras. Sin embargo si es posible realizar una captura de pantalla a traves del procedimiento previsto para cada modelo de telefono movil, aunque esta operacion es un poco mas dificil ya que para seguir viendo la foto hay que mantener un dedo sobre la pantalla del smartphone y hay que capturarla muy rapido. De este modo, el protagonista del archivo multimedia puede ser objeto de acoso a traves de internet o ‘cyberbulling’, o ver publicadas sus imagenes intimas en la red. While that claim was probably false, it demonstrates the increasingly common way that hackers are using to gain access to your passwords. Hackers know that most internet users re-use their passwords, so they often target smaller apps made by amateur developers. In a post on the Snapsaved Facebook page, the site's anonymous founder explains that a mis-configured Apache server left the files vulnerable to hackers. Why bother trying to hack into Google, Apple or Facebook's servers when you can simply take advantage of a poorly built website to get the same information?
Instead of spending months finding vulnerabilities in large sites, they re-use login information stolen from amateur third-party apps.

It wasn't a new leak, but a collection of older password leaks compiled together to seem new.
Amateur developers aren't stepping up password security, and existing leaks continue to resurface. It would mean that this particular user exchanged 639 snaps per day continuously for 3 years with her friends since Snapchat’s launch in September 2011 to January 2014, the date of the report.
Sometimes Snapchat scores are updated instantly, sometimes it may take a full day to see the new scores. Sending one snap to multiple people gives you one point per person not one point per picture. I’m going to pay closer attention to the point venue but as far as I know screenshots also give you points. I was curious about this and had my friend blow up my snapchat for a few minutes (I ended up with like 600 seconds worth of pictures from her) and before I opened any of them, my score jumped up significantly. I recently texting someone alot and I don’t snapchat much and my score didn’t go up but when I was sending actual snapchats it would go up neither did they go on my bestfriends list?
My bf claims to have lost the password to that account and created a new one, yet his score goes up on the old account every few months? If I’ve been off snapchat a while then come back on I get points quicker but if I use all the time the points tally increases slowly (if that makes sense). This usually results in you rolling your eyes and being jealous … even though you do the same thing all the time. If you’ve ever had Snapchat open accidentally, you may or may not have pressed that little circular button without even knowing and sent all of your Snapchat friends a blurry photo of the ground while you’re walking, a video of a private conversation between you and someone else during coffee or, if you’re really lucky, a video of the bathroom floor of Dwinelle with the sounds of your audible urination. Igual que ocurre con Whatsapp, en tu agenda de la aplicacion veras a los contactos que tienen Snapchat para que puedas enviarles tus archivos. Si el receptor no ha visionado la imagen o video, Snapchat la borrara de su servidor a los 30 dias.
Esta aplicacion tambien es utilizada, con claro peligro para el usuario, para enviar fotos eroticas. These easy targets have poor security a€” so usernames, passwords or files may be stored in a way that's easy for hackers to steal them. Chances are that the information works for several sites, so compiling these caches of data together can quickly create a list of millions of passwords. Sure, many of the email accounts had closed, but the information could still be downloaded and used by hackers to break into other accounts. While the information made public is often several years out of date (many of the emails posted along with the Dropbox passwords were deactivated in 2012), it's still valuable to hackers compiling large lists of email addresses and passwords to be used in attacks against other sites. And as far as multiple recipients are concerned when sending out a snap, you only get 1 point, because in actuality you’re only sending out 1 snap.
This is my third account and I have tried to work it out quite often but these are my observations. We get the weird looks from older people who just don’t understand what we’re doing on our phones. You can also apply various effects to the photos, which can also be applied by swiping left or right. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
Antes de ello, deberas elegir durante cuanto tiempo podran ver la imagen, entre uno y diez segundos.
We recognize the feeling of accomplishment that comes with pulling off the rebellious in-class snap.
As we mentioned before, hackers leak partial collection of passwords as "teasers." This is often accompanied by a request for Bitcoin donations.

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