Clinton Kelly is back on TLC joined by Devyn Simone to provide the modern world of online daters with helpful advice! Jenny can lift the block all on her own, but she really needs some help with her dating profile. Samantha projects a "sex pot" image on her dating profiles, Clinton & Devyn are here to fix that! Amanda is looking for love, but she needs some help with her dating profile, and some cloths that fit.
Tania is a sassy, fun woman who loves to show off her curves in revealing clothes and photos. Ever since the scandalous revelation of Josh Duggar's molestation case, opinions have been circulating from various celebs and advertisers.

People have taken to Twitter and Facebook to slam the Duggars' hypocrisy, and advertisers have been cutting ties with 19 Kids and Counting. But possibly the most p!ssed - or at least the most vocal - about the stunning scandal enveloping the Duggar family is Mama June Shannon. The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo mother is not shy about her feelings, making it clear she will sue TLC if they don’t cancel the Duggars’ show.
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was axed last October after reports surfaced that June was dating a convicted child molester, Mark McDaniel. The show - TLC's highest rated program - has been pulled from the schedule indefinitely, but 19 Kids has not been officially canceled.
The Duggars are supportive of their 27-year-old son (the first of the 19 Kids) who recently admitted to molesting five girls when he was a teenager.

Bryony is here to help us get those plates of meat pedicured to perfection with some home hacks to help along the way. June said she's heard “some great things” about the Duggar family from her bodyguards who also worked for the Duggars. Dancing On Ice pro Matt Evers will be Bryony's guinea pig, as she gives his hardworking feet some much need TLC.

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