Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. When a co-worker invited me to an online Facebook party with Jamberry Nails, I was excited to learn about the product.
The Facebook party was fun, and I learned a lot about the Jamberry product and different styles that were available. The Facebook party is a great way to learn about the product and have fun, without having to leave your house or find a babysitter!
I know several Jamberry Independent Consultants, and all of them are friendly and great to work with! Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant Erin Kapsar put together a GREAT package for this giveaway!
This entry was posted in Giveaways, Reviews and tagged giveaway, Jamberry, Moms, nails, review. I like the snow and ice… and I think my daughter would love it since it’s kind of Elsa-like!
Of all the tattoo designs available today, the heart tattoo is one of the most widely used. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
I have a hard enough time finding a window of time at home to paint my own nails and allow them to dry. There were some fun games and activities to participate in over the two weeks while we learned about the product.
However, when I thought about what you get and how long it lasts, I realized it is a great price!

There are several methods to applying them, and there are great YouTube video tutorials out there to show you how! I usually end up switching mine out sooner than that though, not because they need to be, but because I want to try another design!
When I placed my first order with Jamberry, there was a mix-up in what was shipped to me from the company.
The Jamberry Nails Package includes the Legacy Mini Heater, An Application Kit, 1 set of Sweet Citrus wraps (retired), and 1 set of Feeling Festive wraps (not retired).
You might want to use it as a universal symbol of love, to express reverence for someone you’ve lost, or to communicate hundreds of other ideas. Since the heart can be easily integrated into many other designs, it’s easy to find one that resonates with you. This is a fairly popular design, particularly among those who have experienced a bad relationship. I have never been very good at maintaining my own nails and was that person always walking around with chipped scraps of nail polish left on my nails.
If you don’t find the perfect tattoo, though, you can always ask your tattoo artist to help you create a custom design.
Experimenting with color and texture is also a great way to create a custom heart tattoo design – your tattoo artist can make a heart look like it is made out of steel, rusted metal, glass, or just about anything else you could think of. They come in over 300 fun designs, plus have a nail art studio where you can design your own!
I applied the sample to one finger on each hand, and finished my manicure with nail polish on the rest. No matter the method you choose, your nails are left undamaged and ready for their next Jamicure right away!

They are regarded as low-class (whatever your economic background, even that of a TV star). I left my nails alone for one week, and compared the Jamberry wraps to my nail polish at the end.
Compared to a salon manicure or pedicure that usually costs at least $30 each visit, that is only a fraction of the cost.
She quickly contacted the Jamberry headquarters, and they quickly fixed my order by sending me the correct wraps, and letting me keep the ones they sent by mistake!
After a week, my nail polishing was shipping and ready to be removed, but my “Jams” still looked great! As a customer, I was happy that they fixed the problem quickly, and it didn’t require any additional work on my part!
And if they look awful now, in five years they will regret having had it done, and in 50, even more so. What a silly thing for Felicity Kendal to say, conflating two very different procedures that have only one thing in common – skin.
When she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, her mouth looked like a deep-sea creature gasping for food, so at least it’s good to hear she has given up on messing about with Botox.

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