Every massage can be a sensual experience in that it stimulates all of your senses simultaneously, according to Vance. This entry was posted in Entertaining, Health, Hot Tubs, Relaxation and tagged aspen spas, foot reflexology, hot tub, hot tub health, hot tubs, hot tubs st. Make sure your hand is warmed up and you have lotion in your hands, start by stroking from the ankle toward the toes, fold the whole foot while your hand is gliding over the surfaces of the foot towards the toes. Want to give your girl a sexy foot massage, but got no idea how to start?   Put the Sexy Love Sox over her feet and learn to push all the right buttons. Based on the ancient Chinese practice of reflexology, the specially-designed hosiery is designed to guide beginners in the art of massaging your lover's foot to affect other parts of their physiology.  It comes with a guide that lists instructions and special techniques you can use that, based on the description, sounds like it could work to spice up the bedroom better than a sweet bottle of wine. Hey I’m a reflexologist and could have really done with these when I was training, great fun idea but also another undiscovered opening there for someone!
A really nice thing to do in your Hot Spring Spa is give your partner (and receive!) a hand reflexology massage.
Hand reflexology is not as well known as foot reflexology, but the principles are the same. HOW TO GIVE A HAND REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE: Gently massage each point in turn starting at the head (around the thumb area) and working down across the neck, throat, and chest down to the feet. If you have a headache, try stimulating the top of the thumb and the part below which represents the neck area to find relief. The point where the center of your hand joins your wrist can be stimulated to give relief from lower back pain.

Recent CommentsAlice on How To Get Insurance to Pay For Your Hot Tub TherapyAlice on What’s Hot in Hot Tubs? Vance suggests to use massage oil -- not body lotion when giving a massage to your partner. What is necessary for a great massage are the same things that are required for a great relationship, says Vance.
The communication will not only make the massage feel great, but will strengthen your bond. Give your partner a Foot Reflexology Massage. Reflexology could provide quick relief from the headaches and backaches we all suffer with from time to time. It’s principles surround specific zones and reflex areas that correspond with sections of the body on the hands and feet.
Firm, precise pressure held on your feet (areas that are often generally untouched and sensitive) serves to stimulate healing in a different part of the body. Massage is considered relaxing and hypnotic because of the long, lengthy strokes that avoid sharp, focused pressure on any area. The relaxing sounds of tranquil streams help you escape to a place of wellbeing, comfort and happiness. These showed great results and infused in a lot more happiness and intimacy in my love life. We all suffer from things like headaches and backaches from time to time and hand reflexology just might provide quick relief. Hand reflexology has an advantage over foot reflexology because it can be performed anywhere.

If there is pain, stop immediately because this may indicate something deeper that requires medical treatment. It can’t hurt, feels good and who doesn’t like to hold hands with your partner?? Sure it's enjoyable for him (why else would he keep on asking?), but I bet I could do a better job.
Reflexology can be much more challenging because pain tolerance levels are unique to each person. Excellent product and i recommend this to all those who want to explore tremendous pleasure. To promote the healing of reflexology, offer 10 minutes of foot work and follow it with 30 minutes of hyrdomassage in your hot tub. The built-in soothing qualities of your hot tub can balance the pressure of reflexology and help your partner relax.

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