I love my boyfriend of 11 months, but my ex has come back and I just remember the times we had together.
Dont go back with the ex if he was stupid then he is stupid now if your happy with the other kid stay with him i just had the same thing happen to me and i went back to my ex he was a total jerk so stay happy dont leave him good luck! I don't mean to rain on your parade, but it seems to me that your old boyfriend has you jumping how, when and where he wants you to and you seem to enjoy it.Think about how you felt when he dumped you back then, so what if he was young and what he said, because it may be a lie. Now all of us try to control our partners subtly, especially when we feel like they’re drifting or moving in a different direction. But unknowingly, this subtle urge to help our partner lead a better life could turn into a dangerous obsession for all the wrong reasons. You may think your boyfriend loves you, but when you really think about it, you may realize that you’re being controlled by an unintentional deceptive schemer. There’s the violent physically abusive boyfriend, and then there’s the caring, sensitive boyfriend who controls you emotionally. On the other hand, there’s the emotionally controlling boyfriend who never dominates over you, but still finds a way to cut out your legs from under you.
And somewhere along the way, you’ll begin to see a few of these signs of a controlling boyfriend.

And at the end of the day, it’s in your own hands to fall for his ploy or change him for the better.
Watch out for these 15 subtle signs, and if you do find your boyfriend’s behavior bordering on any of these signs, tell him about it and ask him to change.
He puts you down when you do something by yourself and makes it look like you can’t do anything without his help. Thanks for every thing i was so confused to send what to my boyfriend now i know to send what…. He knows you are happy and he's just now realizing how bad he misses you and regrets breaking up with you. How did you feel when he dumped you?Your new boyfriend does not deserve to betreated like someone who was there when your old boyfriend dumped you and now that he's back you go running into his arms.It seems to me you are doing the same thing to your new boyfriend that you old boyfriend did to you back then, so think about your new boyfriends feelings and not your feelings for your old boyfriend.You can't have your cake and eat it too!
If he’s ever raised his hand on you for the smallest of reasons or uses force to tell you what to do, it’s obvious he belongs to this type. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i’m already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! He may love you a lot, but his urge to dominate your life could end up hurting you forever.

He disrespects you and anything you do, and makes it seem like you need him to become a better person. Simply click here to return to Relationship Advice - Ask Laura Love (aka LauraLuvv) a question.
Eventually, you’ll find yourself feeling more protective about him, and will start to fall more in love with him. My ex tells me he only dumped me then because he was young and I was too and he was stupid or so he says. We were together for a summer, the best one of my life, then we broke up and a year later I met my new boyfriend and we have been together for almost a year.
I feel like my life is like "The Notebook," like I'm Ally in the movie because I'm with Lon and I still love Noah, but I can't imagine leaving Lon.What should I do?

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