I still remember how fear gripped me when I thought that I might have to confront someone publicly. Fortunately, I outgrew much of my shyness by junior high, but even now I still feel slightly uncomfortable when I realize that I will have to contact a new individual face-to-face, or even by telephone. Shyness is painful for anyone, but if you are a freelancer, being too shy can be a serious problem. It’s actually natural to be a little bit nervous about meeting new people, making cold calls, or giving a presentation. FreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers. I remember that once, when I was in first or second grade, my mother attended a conference at the school. Shyness can damage your freelancing business — because being a freelancer requires a certain amount of customer contact and self-promotion if you want to succeed.

The excitement of excelling at something that you love can help you forget your nervousness about appearing publicly. If making a telephone cold call for your freelance business seems too daunting, try something easier first. Whether it is making a successful business presentation or successfully completing a cold call, remembering past successes can help inspire you to future success. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
The teacher felt that I was too timid and that some kids were taking advantage of me by getting me to watch their coats during recess while they played. My muscles tightened up, my stomach was in knots, and sometimes I even felt like I couldn’t breath. In particular I’ve seen this happen with children who “forget themselves” as they get immersed in music, theater, or sports.

There’s the possibility that you might be laughed at or humiliated, but the truth is that it’s equally likely that others won’t even notice your mistake. Maybe you could make a customer service phone call to an established client who is satisfied with your work. If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, then don’t be afraid to find professional help. There are speaking programs, such as Toastmasters International, to help adults address the fear of public speaking. Our imagination about what could happen is usually worse than the reality of what does happen.

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