Once a hot chocolate fudge, your marriage is now like a vanilla ice-cream, nice and steady but boring at the end of the day.
You think he is no longer interested in you the way he was when the two of you were ‘just married’. How did it feel when the two of you held hands in public and roamed around freely when you were newly married? In the humdrum of affairs, to get better and better off and stock up the house with every kind of material benefit that the world has in display, the personal life goes for a toss. To make your husband fall in love with you again, it is very important to get out of sight for sometime. Allah has made a beautiful relationship of wife and husband to maintain, establish social life in this world and continuation for generation. Adopt the habit of attractive by dressing clean and beautiful cloths because man likes to his wife looking beautiful and attracted. Put a picture of you and yours husband together in a frame of some favourite moment because picture is a great way to show your love towards your husband. If you want that your husband loves you more than special cooking is another great way to win the love of your husband. It is suggested that you should get up early in the morning and help your husband to get ready for going to office or working point. Get ready wearing nice and clean dress and as soon as your husband comes to home from office welcome him with smile as it will be great pleasure for your hubby.
Whenever he gets angry, quickly say him “I’m sorry dear” or do something else to make him happy. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. After some time self-analyzing and talking to God about my role as wife, here's the conclusion I've come to. Being a good wife and loving my husband well is more than just saying the words "I love you." The truth is I show him my love every day.
As women, we tend to pray over our husbands a lot, perhaps not even realizing just how much. Even if a part of you hates to clean and organize, you still do it because your husband works hard for your family and deserves to come home to a clean house. I make sure my husband has a comfortable and clean home life, a refuge where he can escape from a stressful day at the office for much needed rest and renewal. Making sure my husband always has something clean and fresh to wear, as well as dropping off and picking up his dry cleaning (he has to wear suit and tie to the office) each week may seem like a mundane task in the grand scheme of things, but it is an act of love toward my husband.
I realize this isn't an easy feat in every marriage, but certainly you put forth an honest effort to get along with your husbands relatives, particularly his parents.
I'm blessed to have in-laws that make our life more enjoyable, but they are human and have their moments, as we all do. It may not seem like a direct act of love to my husband when I pour my love onto our children, but it is very much an act of love to him.
Even though you're super busy and it's so easy for the day to get away from you, you make an effort to fix your hair, put on a little makeup, and wear something figure flattering, yet comfortable. Taking a shower, putting on makeup, fixing my hair, and dressing in something other than sweats, shows my husband I care about how I look when he's around. I have a difficult time being an active listener when the kids are awake and there are constant interruptions to our conversations. It's not easy to switch gears from focused mom to flirtatious wife, but when I do, I'm showing my husband I love and desire him.
Sure, watching football or going to the yearly car show may not be your idea of fun, but you know your husband loves those things, so you sit down next to him to cheer on his favorite team, or ride along to the car show with him and ask which are his favorites.
You step back and give him room to be the man God created him to be - the leader of your home. I often refer to my husband as our CFO (chief financial officer) and won't spend money without first running it by him. Be encouraged fellow wives, you are doing a great job and your husband is feeling the love. Fawn Weaver, the founder of the Happy Wives Club wrote a book about the best marriage secrets the world has to offer. Rosann is wife to the man of her dreams and stay-at-home mom to two delightful little girls.

The title of your post got my attention as I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday on loving our husbands well. Nurture Your Marriage in the Middle of the Storm Hormones, Midlife, or Thyroid Got You Down?
Before you give a big nod which says yes, think, are you now, the way you were, when love was blooming between the two of you?
And just the two of you, not accompanied by friends, children, extended families, colleagues and so on. If you have been around for 24X7, it is understandable that your husband has taken you for granted. Give respect and care of his family as possible as you can because if you do this you will make your place in the heart of your husband so he will start liking you and will be a proud man for having such kind of wife. Give respect to his parents and ask to respect your parents and family and this only is possible when you have good relations with your partner, good relationship needs nice friendly environment. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. As a mother, you watch over them, love them with everything you have, teach them, fuel them, stimulate their minds, play with them, bathe and clothe them, and so much more. So you make sure to prepare meals that are pleasing and satisfying, while healthy at the same time.
They say the book is like “Eat, Pray, Love meets The 5 Love Languages.” I say the book is inspiring. Her heart's greatest passions are loving her family well, long-distance running, writing, and pretty much anything dark chocolate peanut butter. The thing is, we are trying to love our husbands well from afar since they are currently deployed. I know that's hard to be apart for so long, as I was once many moons ago married to a man in the Navy.
This book offers 10 healthy, productive ways to cope through your husband's season of unemployment. In the coping we can easily lose our motivation or become lazy in the ideals we've set for ourselves as women. He puts me down on a regular basis, makes me feel unworthy of his presence especially when other people are around. Sorry for being metaphysical, but that seemed to be a refined way of comparing the once blooming marriage to a now, boring one. If your situation seems to be a mirror effect of what has been aforementioned, all that your husband needs is some spare moments and a vacation to restore his nerves and love.
Getting out of sight for sometime can make him realise your potential and worth and make him long for you. The relation of Husband and wife is being made to take care and remain together in every situation. So it is most important thing to attract your husband towards you, therefore it is strongly recommended to wear nice and clean dress in front of your husband. If you don’t know cooking it is recommended to learn the cooking either from your mother or mother in law. Give him all necessary things before going to duty such as keys, wallet, mobile phone and important documents.
I pray for his safety, for his health, for his work, for his spirit, for his relationships with family, friends, and co-workers, and for our marriage. Because you respect your man too much to put him in a no-win position of having to choose sides. You know when times are tough, your marriage will thrive best when a positive outlook is maintained by both of you.
Her writing inspiration comes from a strong desire to glorify God while sharing the heart of her journey through a life of faith.
So the second half of your points stood out most as they are things I can be working on even though we are not together.
I try every day extremely hard just to get his attention and to make him happy any way I can.
But hey, don’t lose hope for love is still there, just carefully wrapped inside and overshadowed by crazy schedules, daily meetings, and monthly targets. In a rush to meet up with the demands of life and family, you gave yourself little or no attention.

Agreed, the spark of love was at its peak when the two of you were dating, but have you ever wondered why? Book for the two of you a second honeymoon and fly off to a quaint hill-station or an exotic island!
In the age to get tech-friendly and in sync with the latest gadgets and gizmos, the thrill of holding a pen has been restricted to signing check books and credit card statements. You can either go off to your parents’ place or to your relative’s place or even for a weekend getaway with friends. Give him prayers as he left home for office and in the absence of him try to make you house clean including taking care of his family. If you have been just complaining about the loveless attitude of your husband, then understand you’ll go no where with this grumbling.
It is generally because the effort was there to impress the other, to show the feelings of love to the other and to make the other fall in love. The stress-free days would give him a chance to relax and reignite the love and affection that he intently feels for you. This Valentine’s Day or his birthday (whichever is the closest), pen him a personalized love letter, writing about everything that you feel for him.
Your absence would make him realise what you mean to him and who knows, when you come back, there might be a surprise waiting for you — with him standing with a bouquet of fresh roses, a voucher of a restaurant for a candle-lit dinner and a gift of your liking!
The relationship of wife and husband starts with marriage which is strongest in the world but at same time it can be unsecure as well. If you want the excitement, passion and romance back in your life, you have to make your husband fall in love with you again rather than wait for him to do so. Even if it seems to be a simple gesture, it goes a long way in bringing back the intimacy and building up the bond of closeness in a relationship. The mission is to get the butterflies fluttering in his stomach yet again and making him get weak in the knees and all lovey-dovey and misty-eyed like he was when the two of you were honeymooning. Surprise your husband with a nice gooey translucent nightwear at night or a sexy one-piece for a dinner.
You can write to him the things that you like about him, things that made you fall in love with him, days you enjoyed the most and so on. I don’t want to tear her family apart but I don’t feel like I deserve a life of constant hurt! With these tips and ideas, turn the clock anticlockwise and bring out the love phase of your life. Love will definitely bloom back like the old-times and marital blissfullness shall be experienced!
Go back to those old joints where you first kissed, held each other’s hands, proposed and so on. So, the next time the two of you are together in a mall, parking lot or a garden, just hold his hand. Both wife and husband are equally responsible to make their relation good but the scenario has now been changed because husband expected that this is responsibility of wife only. This simple gesture would reaffirm your love to him and make him fall back for you all over again! Once you are done, roll the love letter like a graduation day certificate and tie it with a ribbon or roll it and insert it in a bottle. I love him with all of my heart and it’s just not enough.”One of the most important and TRUE things she said is, “no matter how much you love your husband, you can’t make him love you back.”If you can’t make your husband love you, why am I writing this article?
The time spent with you amidst a romantic setting is sure to ignite in your hubby the love that he so profoundly feels but does not articulate. It has been seen after the marriage the things such as romantic, fun, love and passionate are on peak but with the passage of time it gets dim little bit. Because I want to encourage you to learn how to love yourself, put yourself first, take care of your needs, and focus on your future. I want you to be happy, healthy, and whole.These aren’t tips on how to make your husband love you. We have brought instructions and some valuable tips for how to make you husband love you more?

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