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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This is one thing that features as you move further into the relationship with a Virgo man. The break-up of a marriage is an exceedingly traumatic experience, more so if it has been forced on you. Use the time away from your ex-husband to consider what led to the breakup of your marriage. As women settle down into a marriage, most of them become less careful about their appearance. After some time spent apart, let drop small hints to your ex-husband that you have been thinking of him. You already have the advantage of sharing a life together and so use it to the hilt to attracting your ex-husband.
Getting your ex-husband to fall in love with you again is a very delicate matter and will require seemingly inhuman levels of tact and patience. Perfectionist by compulsion—a Virgo man may not be tagged as unapproachable, but is definitely difficult to date, if you know nothing about him. But when it comes to the Virgo man, this trait becomes all the more important, because of his love for stability. He would want to control and despite being in a relationship the idea of relinquishing control would not naturally occur to him. This fact may dawn on you one day as you realize that the man you married and then broke up with is still in your thoughts and that you want him back after all.
Accept that there has been a break-up, which may be a separation of a divorce and no matter whose fault it was. If the break-up is fairly recent, say a week, make it a point not to have any contact with him for a month or so.
Was it because of personality differences or because one of you had been unfaithful to the other.
Is it because you are afraid of spending a life alone or do you miss out on the material comforts that marriage catered for you? They feel now that they have married the man they loved, they need not work at looking like a supermodel all the time.

While you want him to know that you have got your life back, at the same time you don’t want him to believe that you have moved on romantically.
This is the time to tread very carefully as one wrong step might lead your ex-husband to wonder if all of this is a good idea. At the same time it is not something impossible since couples separate and then get back together every other day. Here you will learn some of the most common questions and answers to how & why some men are turned away and what you can do about it.
On the other hand, if you are too unfocused and immature, then you might as well give up on this one. Do not expect your Virgo to die for you just because you look good and have a perfect balance of seriousness and humor. You cannot fight it out of him, but you shouldn’t just handover all of your life to him as well. This is trickier than getting back with an ex-boyfriend and thus you must tread cautiously.
If you keep struggling against reality and refuse to accept it, you are losing out even before you have begun. If you keep calling him up, you will only make yourself come across as desperate and needy and nothing turns off a man as quickly as a woman who is clingy and emotionally weak. Admittedly making a new life all alone is difficult, more so if you have kids from the marriage.
For instance if he was attracted to your bright outgoing personality, be cheerful and positive when he is around. After attaining a level of comfort in conversations, suggest a meeting with common friends or in a group.
The important thing is to be clear as to why you want him back and if you are certain he is the person for you, go ahead with faith and love. And what better way than a subtle hint to win the heart of a man who, in all probability, is subtlety personified! Though that might get him interested at first, know for sure that isn’t enough to get him hooked on, for good, forever.
Virgo men are generally wonderful and caring people, but once in a while it wouldn’t harm if you put your foot down.
Here are a few tips which will help you attract your ex-husband’s attention and make him fall in love with you all over again.
On the other hand, if you can successfully stay away for some time, he will not only be secretly impressed by your sense of independence and self-confidence but is likelier to miss you. Say for instance, you were too busy looking after kids and working at a job, to give the required attention to your husband.
But at the same time getting back together for the wrong reasons is unlikely to guarantee the success of your renewed relationship. Have a full-fledged social life and he will want to be again with the fun-loving, popular person he had married.

On the other hand, if the break-up has been your fault, apologize quickly and let him have his say.
Even if your ex calls you up or asks to meet you, play hard-to-get for a while until you are certain he really means to get back with you. Now if you want to get your ex back, agree to simplify your life so that your partner feels needed and loved.
However if you believe that this is the man for you and you love him, for good or bad, then go ahead and do what you can to make him fall for you again. For instance send him a short mail saying how you reread a book that used to his favorite and then thought of him. Also ask about common acquaintances or casually reminisce about happy times spent together. If your ex does seem willing to talk about your marriage, say you’re sorry that things did not work out instead of blaming him for the break-up.
Virgo men would want their woman to be neat, presentable and still interesting in a wild way—talk about paradoxes!
Again if the breach had been caused by your ex-husband’s infidelity, consider if you are ready to trust him and give him another chance. However make sure to keep these correspondences light and casual and don’t go into detailed flashbacks or he might get wary at the thought of coming back together.
These will make him aware that you had a lovely thing going in the past and maybe he will be attracted to renew the relationship. If and when he is willing to follow your lead, discuss if things can be worked out between you two and how. Talk to other men around you and humor their flirtations to an extent that it does not make you look like you are a disloyal person.
Exercise regularly and it will not only help you to get a new well-toned look but also be good for your health in the long run. Join up for a new course if you have the time or at least get involved in an interesting hobby.
Learning newer things will raise your confidence and help you widen your intellectual horizons. Though their extremely neat & tidy attitude differentiates them from the rowdiness that we have come to associate boys with, in the end, what matters is what they look for in a woman. So when you do meet your ex-husband, you can be sure that he will be knocked out by the newer, smarter and more attractive you.

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