Do you have a woman in your inner circle who always seems to have guys fall over themselves to do things for her? Men would buy her drinks at bars, paint her living room, pick her up at 2am, fix her broken sink, give her spontaneous gifts and shower her in a multitude of ways with attention. Every book I read and man I spoke with affirmed how important it was to men to feel useful and needed by a woman. I was brought up to believe men would be more attracted to me the more I demonstrated how self sufficient I was. Running to open my own door, paying for half the bill on first dates, meeting men at restaurants and, in relationships, never asking for help, support or what I wanted.
If this describes you, I want you to know this mindset is having a serious impact on your love life. Starting today, make the decision to graciously accept every compliment you receive now and going forward. The great thing about this is once men feel appreciation from you, they want to do MORE for you – so great, yes?!

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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It was fascinating to watch how men melted and morphed into knights in shining armor in her presence.
Even though I was fun, confident and attractive, I would never receive the same level of attention Kelly inspired. I mean, how could men respect a woman who always needed to be taken care of???It wasn’t until I went on my own personal quest and spent 3 years listening to feedback from hundreds of men (and creating a worn out path in the self help section of my local book store) for me to finally crack this code for myself. Like “oh don’t worry guys, it’ll be no hassle going out with me because I can do everything myself”. It makes me cringe to think of all the little and big ways I reminded men they weren’t needed.

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This kind of woman is so deliciously attractive to men because she’s learned how to maintain a balance between her independence yet remain in tune to her needs, expresses what she wants and – most importantly – graciously receives and appreciates all that is provided for her.

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