Decide where you want to do this, whether at a romantic place or a place where you both have spent a lot of time together or a place that has an emotional value to the both of you.
NFL Baller Tony Steward Pens Emotional Tribute To His Late Fiancee Brittany Burns After She Dies From Cancer! Holly Robinson Peete Dishes On How She First Met Husband Rodney Peete And How She Wasn’t Initially Interested. New York Woman Discovers Her Biological Mom Actually Worked Side-By-Side With Her For 2 Years! Kloe Kardashian Opens Up About Her Marriage To Estranged Hubby Lamar Odom And Why He Cheated The ‘Majority’ of Their Marriage! Jerry Rice And Girlfriend Latisha Pelayo Attend The 26th Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner. Former NFL Baller Jerramy Stevens Arrested And Released In Domestic Violence Case Involving Girlfriend Hope Solo. NFL Star Greg Hardy Arrested For Domestic Violence After Allegedly Assaulting His Girlfriend Nicole Holder! Social Experiment: Would You Recognize Your Own Relatives If They Were Disguised As Homeless On The Street? Inspiring: Homeless Veteran Alicia Watkins Turns Her Life Around And Gets Engaged + Accepted To Harvard University. True Love: Husband And Wife Rekindle Their Love After Bouncing Back From Multiple Tragedies! She will not forgive you for the smallest of mistakes and enjoys watching you squirm in your chair, embarrassed. When you marry him, you will bid farewell to the thought of drinking your favourite tea forever because when she dies, your husband will tell you that the tea brand she brought reminds him of her and so will be the only one brought into the house despite her not being there anymore! As a mother-in-law in Pakistan, she also holds the divine right of telling you exactly what she thinks of your relationship with your husband (her son first) and will offer all kinds of unsolicited advice, whether you want it or not. Not only do you live with his parents, you share space with his three other brothers and their families.
What did you just say? Privacy? I am sorry, I do not believe he has ever heard of it or knows the meaning of that word.
It really is very sweet that you thought that the little bundle of joy is your baby too, but don’t worry, it will be your baby when it comes to bathing, cooking, cleaning, teaching and putting it to sleep; at all other times, the father is the ‘big daddy’. Still if you really, really have to marry a Pakistani man, then it would be best to think of yourself as his puppet. A financial analyst by profession, who is passionate about his coffee and loves traveling and reading, Zain is a self proclaimed globe trotter who is posted by his company in China these days. The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune. Yes, Pakistani men have their peculiar pros and cons…and the situation is not that much deplorable in fact! I am sorry for whoever in your circle went through an experience bad enough to trigger this exaggerated and childish take on our society. Nothing wrong with the article even the same is coming from a man, since it is true for both India and Pakistan. So i go down reading this thinking a housewife isn’t having a nice marriage, feeling sympathetic towards her wondering about the plight of so many women who have to face it everyday and then whoah !
I feel the author just tried to stay away from the facts in order to just make this a funny post published by The ET.
If this a hilarious (comical) article, then its fine, otherwise, I have never read such a pathetic article in my life, I didn’t had the capacity to read the whole of it.
Has the thought crossed your mind that maybe, the guy wrote the article out of sheer jealousy? Almost all my best friends are happily married with their wives and kids in Pakistan – they all live in a joint family system, the wives are all educated, smart, career women who go out with their friends (male and female) freely, and the most important thing they support each other. This is a fact, accept it or not but somehow and somewhere in the life of a Lady, one experiences such crap. To find out that 1% you must go through at least from rest of 50% bad ones if not the total of 99%..
Am I the only genius here seeing that the author has deliberately exaggerated these cultural quirks, to make the piece funnier?
Better marry some American or British guy so he can leave you for one of his girl friend when you have kids and you take care of the kids and yourself. The phrase “go make me a sandwich” was first introduced in a Saturday Night Live skit[6] that aired on December 16th, 1995. John-John Mackey: When I see a storm front coming, I’m all, “What’s up, bitch?!” And the storm is all, “Not, much, Sir.” And I’m all, “That’s right, bitch!
Throughout the late 1990s and 2000s, the expression was used in a number of other TV shows and stand-up comedy specials, including an episode of X-Files (shown below, left) that aired in March 1999, an episode of That 70s Show in July 2000, as well as Dave Chappelle’s stand-up special For What It’s Worth (shown below, right) and an episode of Rescue Me, both of which aired in September 2004.
The phrase “make me a sandwich” was further popularized by an xkcd comic titled “Sandwich”[7] (shown below, left), posted on August 28th, 2006.[8] In the comic, one of the characters uses the phrase paired with the word “sudo,”[9] which is the Unix command that allows selected users to execute a command as an administrator. In June 2012, New York Post’s senior reporter Stephanie Smith launched the food photography blog 300 Sandwiches[19] to document a variety of homemade sandwiches she makes for her boyfriend Eric Schulte. In September 2013, after creating 176 sandwiches, Smith wrote about her blog and the story behind it in a New York Post column article titled “‘I’m 124 sandwiches away from an engagement ring’,”[20] revealing that she decided to start the project after her boyfriend joked that he will propose to her one day if she makes him 300 sandwiches.
I went to a great workshop the other night called Putting the Fun & Romance Back into your Marriage. My dad has always told us that the best way to show love to your children, is to love their mother. As a mom, it is really easy to focus on my kids (who are very demanding of my time and attention), but at the end of a long day sometimes the last thing I want to do is then shift gears to talk to anyone else- even if that other person is my spouse. The workshop was a great reminder of things that I can (and should) be doing daily to make my marriage thrive. Spending time with your spouse doesn't mean you have to go out or spend money, but it does mean that you plan specific things to do together that allow you to build on your relationship as a couple. I want my kids to have amazing marriages and I want them to be successful in their relationships with friends. PS- Do you think my husband is going to kill me for posting this photo of us at the top of this post? It is not the first time that I have come across the attitude that career women deserve to be alone if they don’t want to date men without any education, or men a generation older, or the obese. Just like KC’s email a few weeks ago about how she receives emails from disappointing men she meets online, you’re illustrating an amusing concern with men’s preferences in women.
If you don’t go out with him because you intimate that you’re “above” him on the dating food chain, it’s predictable that he might lash out at you. You may be technically correct that he’s not of your social station, but that’s of no concern to the man you’ve just insulted to his face. Literally, the ONLY thing he can do when you tell him that you have nothing in common (without getting to know him) is tell you that you’re wrong for judging people and that this attitude may come back to haunt you.
Women tend to adhere more to their checklists, which usually call for a man who is just like you, but better.
So, to be crystal clear: no one (besides the fat, stupid and elderly) is saying that you have to date the fat, stupid, or elderly. What I am saying – and what these men are inartfully suggesting as well – is that you don’t marry a list of traits.
The reason that I call this a blind spot for women is because women tend to adhere more to their checklists, which usually call for a man who is just like you, but better.
Which is why men can date ANYONE – regardless of education, income, and height – while many women can only date 1 in 1000 men who are 6 feet tall, with a masters degree and a $200,000 income.
Are they also correct in pointing out that they are open to a lot more women than you are open to men, and this may hinder your ability to find lasting love?
To your original question, no one is saying (apart from the jilted men) that you deserve to be alone. I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. Reading between the lines of your post I got the impression that you are a decent just trying to make your way through the world like everyone else.
I suppose what I’m trying to say is that although its true a lot of the guys you meet at events will not be suitable for you, it is important to be at least open to the possibility that the laundry guy may be your ideal mate.
Without repeating too much, I agree with the need to be open and to find a partner who compliments one, such as Helene has described. I disagree!  Men are likely more willing to date a larger range of women because they are not as marriage oriented – they will date for sex, or short-term reasons more often than women will – 2)  They are fussy in different ways! Men are attracted to women they are psychically attracted to, not women they feel will provide for them.
Steve, you are right that men support themselves but i had seen plenty of guys who are looking for women to support them.
Perhaps a smart man would date a women that is successful just like he is to both be even more successful and powerful as a team? I understand that this what you want to happen, but as you are aware, it does not always happen.

But, the fact remains that most men with degrees, do not have that as a requirement for a wife. Plus, she assumes that just because a man does not insist that a woman have a degree similar to his, that he is shallow, and that the woman with the high school education, or something less than a bachelor’s degree is also shallow. SchadenFreudianslipper your last sentence made me giggle… I am surrounded by some of the people you mentioned. Feel confident that you are breaking all the clichés and this will make your man fall in love with you all over again.
Maintain yourself – Men are visual, which means if you let yourself go, he will lose interest. She will not allow you to change anything in the house, even though the ‘you’re just like my daughter’ line has been thrown at you; not even the brand of tea that she uses, so don’t try it!
Everyone wants to know whats the latest with your relationship, and you will have to tell everyone what, why, when and how because, after all, they are family and you must not hide anything from them.
You must kill the child inside you and remember you cannot be seen roaming about the house in your pyjamas or just relaxing, even if the house is empty; it is disrespectful to the ghosts living in the house. Let him do whatever he wants, do not speak without his permission, do not react without his permission, in fact, do not breathe without his permission – and you will be fine. I think. For example, i didnt give a single thing for dowry to my pakistani husband instead he paid me mehr, so did others in my family. Another feeble attempt by a newbie writer to make some impression (read: get attention) by provoking a discussion based full on stereotypes and unfounded prejudices. This may be the case in more than a few households but dude to generalize it to an entire society is just absurd.
Apart from the 5th point which is also very terribly described, all the other 9 points are just horrible. That thought never crossed my mind, who knew the person we all assumed to be an immature writer actually wrote the piece out of sheer jealousy.
Probably Make sure you should have enough earning at that time so that you may live in a separate house with your lady, to save your boys from that horrible situations you mentioned above!!!
The author in China is really lacking a sense of positivity the culture provides, which he will search for in the whole world. All ten reasons may not be true for every married girl but most certainly she will face few.
Maybe not as severe as you have described but I can agree with a milder extract of your assessments of the Pakistani man. In the skit, actor Tim Meadows appears as John-John Mackey, a weatherman who tries too hard to be hip by using confrontational language during the delivery of his forecasts.
An explanation of the word was submitted to the writers’ community Everything2[3] in October 2000, which defined “sammich” as a food item made with care and lots of ingredients, making it better than a normal sandwich.
Shortly after it was featured on xkcd, the comic was subsequently linked to a thread in Ubuntu forums[12], a BoingBoing article[10] and actor Wil Wheaton’s blog[11] in September 2006. I also think that many of these reminders allow us as parents to help teach our children so many important things- such an unselfishness, kindness, and dedication.
As a couple I think it is awesome if you can start over with a clean slate each day and recommit yourself to making your marriage fabulous. Sit down with your spouse and ask, "What can I do for you to make you feel loved?" Have your spouse ask you the same question. Be a role model for your children of the type of partner they have the potential to become. If everyone tries to give 50% in marriage, but someone fails on that again and again, then you're never at 100%. Just like the first time, it was full of smart, pretty, successful women in their thirties and forties and men of similar ages with manual labor jobs (and a few running their own manual labor businesses) but no men of equivalent professional or educational status except for one doctor. But I would be remiss if I didn’t pull out the nugget of wisdom from the flawed logic of the laundry operator.
Your choice of words, however, makes you come like a stiff snob.   Being viewed (judged) like that is the reason why many men will not even go near a woman who earns even a little bit more than he does. He is manly, confident, has intelligent and interesting things to say about all aspects of life, is the same age as me (48)sexy, good looking, has no ex wife and kids complicating the picture, has money in the bank….
He pursued me, he saw the potential in the relationship before I did, is not the least bit intimidated by my income or letters after my name and is very much the man in the relationship, which is important to me. Its hard to get your head round this, and in no way changes the fact that most of these guys (most guys, period!) will not be right for you, but it is possible that one of them might be. Comments like yours make all the hate mail, criticism, and arguments with anonymous strangers worth it.
I too, fall into the professional university educated category of woman and would like to think I am reasonably emotionally mature. I care deeply (there is quite an attachment), but I have been unable to feel that I could love this man completely.
That does NOT mean if you are attractive as a man look for an equally attractive woman.  Many men think this. Those dreamy eyes, creamy complexion, serenading talks… He makes perfect sense in your life. Do you truly believe in the concept of a woman taking the lead or are you still a believer of the conventions? Getting a proposal for marriage is a big thing in any woman’s life and proposing your man is all the more special. Well,  author Scarlet Hall suggest 50 things you can do to make your man want to marry you. If you have to ask him why, it sounds like you need him to CONVINCE you to do it.If he has to convince you to do things, do you really understand him? We all need our personal space, and it’s better if you can give that to him without him having to ask for it or beg you. Let him open up if he wants to, but if he doesn’t show him you are really there for him by being behind him regardless of whether or not he opens up to you. Thus, you can show him that you aren’t after his money by becoming financially dependent.
Every guy wants to feel like he is great, desired, helpful, amazing etc… Let him know that you STILL believe this, and show him that you will be a positive partner for the long run by complimenting him. This is why you should learn how to take criticism, because if you freak out every time he criticizes you, you tell him that you won’t be able to improve in the future.
A woman, who doesn’t clearly define her boundaries, is a woman who may let other men do whatever they want to her. Letting them sit to collect dust tells him that you really don’t care about his input or the things he has to offer.
This is why you should always DO things for him, before you ask him to do things for you…so that he will feel 100% thrilled to do whatever it is you are asking, even if you are asking him to marry you.
But, if you disagree without feeling disappointed, you show him that you can respect his opinion, even if you don’t think its right for you. The reason will probably be as simple as, ‘well that has been the tea brand in the house for years’! No, not with your good looks, charm or personality, this pauper… erm… prince will give you a long list of wants!
Besides that, they are in your face all the time anyway, so if you don’t tell them, they will find out! He will decide everything; starting from when you will have babies to how many you will have. Don’t expect him to wake up in the middle of the night and change diapers — that is a lowly job meant only for wives to do. Do not ever suspect him of extramarital affairs; do not let him know that he has bad breath and that he snores.
Maybe this is how marriages work in your family and that is the norm of mindset in your household Syed Zain Raza but rest assured there are thousands and thousands of women happily married to Pakistani men with more progressive views and accepting families.
I find it very annoying when young kids like you fashionably demean your own country and society for God knows what gains. These 9 facts can only be found in families which dont respect the Islamic and Ethical values..
Plus a driver at hand who take to you hospital in emergency,a Noble collection of literature to kill your long-free-hours and a puppy or a cat to give you comforts OF fun!!!! The blog serves no good except for the fact that it can best be used as an example to define what “Stereotyping” actually is!
The first Urban Dictionary[4] definition for “sammich” was submitted on January 3rd, 2003, also nothing that the word is reserved for sandwiches “with connotations of extra goodness.” The Oxford English Dictionary[5] officially recognized “sammich” as a word in May 2011. The phrase became so pervasive in American colloquialism that a panel discussion on its hindrance of women’s participation in online spaces was held at the 2012 GeekGirlCon[18] in Seattle, Washington (shown below, right). I would love to hear your tips regarding how you work to make your marriage thrive in the comments below, so definitely share them! This requires letting go of grudges and forgiving and forgetting (and not bringing up sore subjects over and over again). I think there are definitely seasons of life when we are busier or more tired as parents, so scheduling a date is hard.

Everyone has a different love language, so talking with your spouse about this can't help but yield positive results. I notice that when I focus on the positive things my spouse does, I am happier, and then my kids are happier too.
On Saturday night we went on an amazing date that my friend created and it was such a fun change from the norm. My husband knows this and so we usually spend time together doing dishes on Sunday nights (when kids are occupied or asleep). Sometimes as a spouse I am selfish of my "alone" time or even silly things (like my treats), because I get tired of sharing with just one more person. One thing that our workshop mentioned is that marital problems are sometimes signals that a couple needs to learn new skills to create a happy relationship.
Why he was there, I do not know, as he made it clear that he was not really looking to date anyone.
For me, it seems plain common sense that, while professional women with masters degrees may be compatible with men in less successful professions, the guy that left school with no qualifications to work in the launderette is highly unlikely to be a good fit. And if you never think outside the box, you may well find yourself standing alone at the end of the dance. If he wants to take the lead and ask you to marry him, then you certainly do not want to spoil it for him.
We should break the conventions and should be able to express ourselves in our relationships. Maintain yourself physically and health wise, to prove you are willing to be the best you can be for him. Show him that you trust him and give him the benefit of the doubt FIRST, before you assume anything or blame him for something.
All of these things tell him that you are not comfortable around him, make him feel insecure, and make him QUESTION the point of marrying you. It is your absolute duty to make sure the house is well looked after and that his mother does not have to move an inch! This is NOT a feeble attempt by a writer but a Healthy presentation of society’s True Picture right before its very face, and yes reality bites. I actually love routine, but I also think the idea of trying new things together helps keep things fun.
Life has been going, going, going with lots of work travel for my husband so connecting has been challenging to say the least. He did however buy me a drink in the bar afterwards and asked me what I thought of the event. I have a respect for men and have healthy communication and kindness in past relationships (a long marriage without sexual compatibility), so no complaints about men.
Dating in your league for a man means that if you have an average paying job, look for an equally average-looking woman. So if you are deciding to propose your man then, take a deep breathe, buckle up and be your charming self. Your in-laws will want air-conditioners, refrigerators, kitchen utensils, cars, motorbikes and possibly even your nightie. Please do not be under the false impression that you got married to become his wife, you are just his mother’s assistant.
What you exaggerated into this obnoxious piece is an ill in our society just like any other society. You can hate it for all you want but there’s not a one single stereotyping factor in the whole article rather shear intellectualism with lively humour. If we have a bad day, we talk about how tomorrow we're going to have a do-over and make things better the next day. We really have a good time catching up with one another and then we start off the new week with a clean kitchen. My husband has been amazingly unselfish this year and has watched our kids while I've gone on three different girls trips. There are some weeks when we just go through the motions and are like passing ships in the night with busy schedules. I said I would be unlikely to go again because I have nothing in common to talk about with the men that I have met at these events.
However, having been in a relationship with a kind and witty man for around four years, I find that I am unable to commit properly.
You will not look as confident or as sure and in the matters like these, your surety impacts your partner’s surety.
You, dear ladies, will be his property and he will not ‘allow’ you to hang out with male friends (only immodest girls do that). I have to resist the urge to bring up past events and instead focus on the positive things ahead! My favorite thing to do with my husband is to sit at the kitchen table while he makes us a late night treat- carmelitas or peanut butter bars. Working together as a couple also reminds me how important it is for us to work together with our kids. Leaving nice notes in shoes, buying each other special treats, or even just sending a sweet text during the day are simple ways to still be nurturing your relationship during those times that are crazy or tough!
One thing I try to do is to always kiss my husband before we go to sleep, when we wake up and when one of us is leaving the house. The more status you have and better provider you are, the more desirable you are to women.  For a woman, it means if you are an average looking woman, look for a man who makes an average salary. But don’t take this lightly at all, there can, and have been, huge fights over dowry; sometimes, in a rage of greed they burn you or even kill you for not bringing that last toothpick left in your house! I am always amazed at how much better of a parenting team we are when we have 1:1 time together to just have fun together (and eat our treats). Help can come from a therapist, another couple you trust, supportive parents, or other resources like marriage classes and books.
We always hug, especially in front of the children, which is important especially when there might not be a lot of energy and time for much more than that gesture!
I think this teaches our kids that each member of our family is important and deserves special attention. Recognizing that you need help and being willing to ask for it is a great skill to demonstrate to your kids.
If you are sure about this and nothing can change your mind, then you ask for what you want. If he is the right guy for you then he would find all of this adorable and would understand how much guts it took you to step into a different role altogether. The conventional days are gone, when a man bore the sole responsibility of taking the relationship to next level, by asking a woman to marry him. When in today’s time and era, a woman is walking shoulder to shoulder to a man in everything, then why not in emotional and personal matters as well. My partner does have many good qualities (the reason we have lasted this long, along with his determination).
A woman is as much capable to take the charge in a relationship and asking for what she wants, as a man.
These days, men are also quite comfortable with women taking on the conventional role, in a relationship. In fact, most men prefer their partners to take the lead and be the initiator and a decision maker, in the relationship. My dilemma is despite the good parts of the relationship, and despite my being open minded about differences in education etc, I still feel I cannot commit in the long-term. I have struggled from the start with what I believe to be a deep-seated incompatibility in the long-term ( but have also found it hard to move-on, due to the good things).
But you don’t have to be a manly-woman to do that or go against your usual poise and charm.
The important thing is to understand, whether you are the kind of woman who would naturally enjoy doing that or not.
No matter what the trend is, you do not have to push yourself into something that does not suit your ideology. If you are the kind of girl, who would like your man to ask you to marry him, then nothing is worth in the world to deprive yourself of that pleasure, that precious moment. But if you are our girl, then remember to not lose your innate feminine charm and womanly grace, while asking the question. Let us guide you through the whole process of asking a man to marry you, because we understand that, no matter how confident you are, it can be an un-nerving experience and a little preparation will not hurt anyone.

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