BUT if sometimes you're an idiot like me and break them by doing something stupid, OR you just can't seem to grow your nails past the nub point to save your life, then I have an equation for you!! Time is a common concept to most people, as in yes, it's going to take TIME to grow your nails from nub to long enough to scratch someone's eyeball out. So, this means that you need time to let your nails grow out naturally, but you also need to STOP BREAKING THEM! Day 15: After I was done grieving the loss of my middle nail, I evened the nubbin' out and reluctantly filed down the the rest of my nails. At my shortest I failed to take pics of all my nubbins, but you can see my ultra-shorties in some past posts here, here and here. Much of my insight on this is derived from My Bliss Kiss' website, which is full of tips, tricks and the science behind our nails.
Make sure your nails are getting the care they need while in this time of turmoil and frustration. Yes, please still shower and wash your hands when they are dirty, but dry them off immediately, restore the good kind of hydrating moisture by applying nail oil, and avoid water when you can by using gloves to wash the dishes or whatever other water-related chores you dread doing.
Image credits to I have no idea who invented the yelling guy, emojis, or this random calendar. If you're a normal person and don't like re-doing your nails more than once a week (we can't be friends tho), make sure you use the Fab Five polish wrap technique for long-lasting nail polish that ISN'T GEL!
Most nail strengtheners (OPI Nail Envy, Duri Rejuvacote, Nailtiques, etc.) advertise that they also help promote 'nail growth'. Nail strengtheners can actually be counter-productive to growing your nails because they make your nails harder. It doesn't even make sense that you could start taking some 'nail growth' vitamins or supplements and start seeing nail growth soon after.
For most people who don't have any underlying diseases or immunodeficiencies (again, I'm not a doctor), nail vitamins are largely just targeted marketing. For the odd person who's going to get really mad at me for this, again I remind you that this is my opinion based on nothing except reading information off the internet and personal experience (isn't your opinion based on the same?), and probably a general skepticism towards any magic-anything.
Obviously you can't just quit living, but if you care that much about growing your nails and have had trouble doing so, then you need to stop breaking them, be patient, and let them grow.
It can be terrible trying to get your nails to grow, especially when you get to a certain point and they keep breaking.  There are ways we will be talking about later on how to make your nails grow faster so that you can finally show your hands and nails off rather than having to hide them away when people get too close.
While growing your nails, using varnish can actually weaken the tip which causes them to break off easily.  Nail varnish remover also weakens them so if you want natural long nails you should avoid using the varnish until you get to the required length. There are health reasons that can also cause nails to break off easily so I have created a table for you to see the cause and why they affect nail growth. Even if you are drinking plenty you need to make sure all or at least a majority of what you drink is plain water.  Caffeine, high sugar and fizzy drinks may seem refreshing at the time but do not hydrate the body anywhere near as well as water can. Unfortunately with many people reaching for foods on the go, it is easy to become deficient in necessary vitamins and minerals. Because the nails are made from Keratin which is a protein fibre you need to take in protein to get your nails as strong as possible.
We all have tasks we need to undertake but jobs such as washing up and using chemicals to clean surfaces put you at a higher risk of your nails breaking.
If you eat a lot of carbs and processed sugars including alcohol the acid level in your body will increase. If you feel you may have an intolerance to foods containing gluten, this could be the reason behind your weak nails that just don’t seem to grow. If you feel that you cannot make changes to your diet to include everything necessary in the diet you can purchase supplements in many different forms. Find yourself a good moisturiser that contains vitamin E, or is made especially for hands and nails and ensure you use it after your hands are in contact with water and even more importantly after using chemicals for work or cleaning purposes. Certain oils have been proven to give you stronger healthier nails enabling you to grow them to the length you want without breakage through weakness. When it is cold outside the nails are affected just like the wood you have to varnish to protect each year.  The people who have the strongest nails that grow faster are those in warmer climates.

Exercise of any sort that gets your blood circulating around your body has many benefits, with optimum nail growth and strength being just one of them!
In light pink shade with a subtle pearlescent finish, Nailtrition makes nails look natural and healthy without adding any polish-like gloss. It delivers nutrients straight to the nail plate and gradually makes your nails stronger while protecting them. Almost half of ingredients are natural extracts know for their nutritious qualities, for instance, calcium ferment, safflower seed oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein and collagen.
Extra Notes: We strongly recommend to try Orly Nailtrition for at least 2 months to feel and see the difference.
Hi Kim, Yes, I did try OPI Nail Envy, Essie Grow Stronger, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails and some indie brands (and a few of various nail strengtheners before I found Nailtrition), but I always come back to Nailtrition. There is something about well groomed, beautifully maintained finger nails, be it long or short. Using body butter for your skin is a great way to provide nourishment to the dry and tired skin. There is no miracle pill or treatment that will make your nail grow a centimetre in a week, sorry but nope, it just ain't gonna happen, no matter what crappy advertisements for gimmicky products tell you. Could be a little bit longer, but after all the positive feedback I got from you guys on my shorter nails, I decided to file them down a bit by CHOICE!
I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones whose nails do not grow at lightning speed (some girls tell me they get this growth in half the time), but let's hate them for a second and remember that this is probably not the speed at which the average girl's nails grow. A good quality nail oil like this one (aka cuticle oil) contains 'jojoba oil', which is most similar in composition to natural oils made by our bodies.
If you're an average healthy person and you claim that since taking whatever vitamin your nails have never been better, then I'd probably slip you a placebo vitamin and then laugh at you while you keep on bragging. There's so many things you can do and change in a matter of weeks that will drastically change the condition of your nails that doesn't involve any kind of ingestion of random magic pills. Apply nail oil regularly, avoid water, always wear nail polish, and be careful and watch what you're doing with your hands - or make someone else do whatever it is for you! This can be easily resolved with special pastes that taste horrid, breaking that habit of putting your hands to your mouth when you feel stressed. B,C,D and E should all be present in your daily diet.  The nail shows such deficiencies by the nail beds being blue and constantly breaking or being thin. When you do need to use chemicals or have your hands in water for long periods of time make sure you invest in a good pair of gloves to protect both your hands and nails. Healthy nails come from having a healthy body which can only be achieved if the levels of the body are alkaline. You would also have other effects though such as dry skin, constipation and extreme tiredness.
There are even specific ones for nails and hair (both made from Keratin) giving your body what it needs in order to give you the healthy long nails you have always wanted. These will help to rid your body of free radicals which not only have been shown to cause premature aging, but also nail weakness and those unsightly spots you get on them. No one is saying that you need to emigrate for optimum nail growth but do wear gloves when out in the cold.
Do not let your nails become rough and if you do have a breakage file to a smooth semi-circle as soon as possible so that you do not catch them on anything. Collagen, Wheat Protein, Keratin and Bamboo Extract help stimulate healthier, faster growth. Significant increase in nails elasticity and strength just after 2 weeks of continuous application. Moreover, if we were to give any nail care product 10 out of 10, that would be Orly Nailtrition! Subscribe to SoNailicious Newsletter here to get our weekly email updates with the latest nail news.
My go-to is OPI NNS but I also have tested some from Qtica, Essie and Nail-Tek which were all good too.

I was a complete idiot and was snapping some polish bottle shots with naked nails (no polish on) and went to catch my tripod as it was about to fall (I am NOT buying another DSL-R) and *SMACK* there died my beloved middle nail as I slammed it into the tripod. Obviously I'm no doctor, nail scientist, or otherwise 'qualified professional', so everything that follows are just my opinions. See more on why I swear by nail oil as my number one source of nail care on my Nail Care page. In order to maintain strength while our nails are growing out, we need to make sure that they are both strong AND flexible. This causes the nail layers to start separating and peeling, and then your nails get weaker, and then they BREAK!! Keep doing whatever you gotta do obviously, but you need to be AWARE of what you're doing with your hands when you do stuff with them!
I use my right hand as my 'working hand' (aka 'Cinderella hand') and use it to do risky things if I have to.
But I'm sure there's some people in your life who truly appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into your amazing nail artistry, right?!
Cause your body will take 6 months of absorbing the supplement to even show a change, if there is one. Because of the make-up of the varnish and of course being waterproof it hinders the oxygen intake so as soon as the varnish is taken off you will notice that the nails underneath are a lot weaker. This is especially important if you are dieting at the moment or have a restricted diet due to allergies, religion or if you eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. As Vitamin D has been shown to help nails grow getting into the sun (safely of course) will help you to naturally get this essential vitamin.
I keep the stupid fake tip they put on me for 2 weeks until the painful part of the break has grown out.
If your nails are too hard they are actually more likely to crack and snap the next time you smack (or even just tap) them into something. Simply because out of numerous nail strengthening products we’ve tried Orly Nailtrition is the one that solves both dilemmas quickly and efficiently.
We would not recommend doing that using a product that contains any of the Big 3 or 5 chemicals (we’ll explain why in upcoming articles).
On my left hand I have Orly and on my right I have Nail Magic and I am going to try them both for a little under 2 months and see which works better.
Longer, stronger and shinier nails are perfectly achievable at home, you do not have to depend on artificial nails and  an array of fancy nail care products which claim to strengthen your nails promoting faster growth. Nail oil restores moisture in the nail bed and allows for your nail to bend without cracking. Otherwise, simply use it as a base (2 coats) before applying nail colour for a month or longer if you wish. You can check out the first nail art post (Phillip Lim nails) on SoNailicious and then compare it with something more recent – the difference is obvious!
There are some simple remedies and nail care routine you can follow to grow faster, stronger and shinier nails. But if you're a normal person who wants both hands to have flawless long nails then just ignore me on this point. I use all zoya products and I know if I use things that are not 3-5 Free in conjunction then it might not work. Trial and error since everyone has diff body chemistry…what works for someone else might not work for another.
So you know, I’m not keen keep on trying anything else in the nearest future because it takes 4-6 weeks to get into good shape.

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