It is proven beyond doubt that some lipsticks can actually create an illusion of whiter teeth. I always start my lipstick posts with Ruby Woo, but for a change, I am start with MAC Riri Woo (well, you know they are pretty much the same :P). Sometimes we just don’t have the time to pop in those whitening strips or make an appointment with our dentist. Nars Bronzing Powder Laguna ($39)Since contouring is basically a staple in most make up routines, there’s no reason to skip this step. Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette ($49)Trying to use those colors in your eye shadow palette you’ve always avoided? Vaseline Petroleum Jelly ($5)Jessica Emery, owner of Sugar Fix Dental Loft (Chicago) and cosmetic dentist, suggests applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to ward of stains and enhance shine. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer ($28)Annie Mayo of Advanced Mineral Makeup says highlighting your lips creates a fuller appearance and contrasts your teeth to your lip color. Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor Lipstick ($25)Channel your inner makeup goddess and swipe on a red lipstick or gloss with a blue undertone.
Sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive stories, breaking news, sale alerts and much more straight to your Inbox! Each and every one of them with the kind of pimped-up, piranha-toothed, white-out dazzler of a grin that is the stuff of nightmares. The slavish pursuit of a kind of highly unnatural dental flawlessness is what everyone a€” from reality wannabe to WAG to movie star a€” seems to want. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Luckily we’ve found some tips for creating a more beautiful, whiter-looking smile that can easily fit into any routine.

Sweeping bronzer under the cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose not only helps in creating a sun kissed glow but also brightening your smile. Bring on the blues, purples, greens, and silvers, because they’ll enhance your smile by bringing attention to the eyes. The petroleum jelly acts like a barricade for our already susceptible enamel, against harmful staining foods (berries) and drinks (red wine and coffee).
Start by applying a lip liner and gloss (pale pinks and sheer berry tones work best) around your lips, and finish it off by blending a light concealer around the outside of your lips.
The blue base helps to create a whiter, more vibrant smile, unlike bright pinks or oranges that actually enhance the yellowish tint of most teeth. Out there on Planet Showbiz, on the wilder shores by the Land of Fame, something very, very weird happened to celebrity teeth. That might be a worthwhile dental aim a€” if the end results werena€™t quite so extreme and freakish.Any charming or natural little dental imperfections are bulldozed out, replaced by a barrage of crowns, caps, veneers a€” where they are literally laminated with porcelain or plastic covers a€” bleaches and holy molar bling. This liquid concealer by Urban Decay is perfect for the outside highlight, and it's easy to blend. This blue-looking lipstick by Lipstick Queen actually goes on with a slightly blue tint but slowly adjusts to a berry-toned color helping to create the perfect blue undertone for your lips while enhancing those pearly whites. Like Pinocchioa€™s nose, Jacka€™s beanstalk and the euro crisis, they kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. The darkness of the bronzer against your normal foundation will help contrast those pearly whites and give them a beautiful glow. Purple, blue and silver work great for winter; switch to green and turquoise during the spring. This helps to contour the lips making them appear more full and plump creating a gorgeous smile.

From Christine Bleakley to Coleen Rooney; from the entire cast of The Only Way Is Essex, to Desperate Scousewives and any other reality show you care to mention.
The pearlescent, day-glo delights of the average Hollywood smile have been with us for a while. They asked for a Hollywood smile a€” but they got a Goodwood smile instead,a€™ sighs dentist Harry Shiers, suggesting most of this crowd end up looking more like winners in the 3.15 handicap than elegant stars.
And he should know.Mr Shiers has run an eponymous Central London dental clinic for 15 years, where he specialises in aesthetic implant and reconstructive dentistry. However, trying to impose a totally new appearance to teeth without harming them in some way is impossible. Therea€™s also Sharon Osbourne, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Simon Cowell and Kate Beckinsale to the shiny pairs of Posh & Becks, X Factor judges Tulisa and Kelly Rowland, and reality stars Chantelle and Alex Reid and many more pictured here. Starletsa€™ gnashers were shown at their very best.Yet when did it become de rigueur, even covetable, for celebrity teeth to become so downright huge? Over time, his work has involved reconstructive dental surgery for those suffering from mouth cancer or who have, for example, been in car accidents. With his moreA  day-to-day patients he performs the kind of cosmetic procedures that have indeed become popular with celebrities a€” but with one big difference. And if you are being invasive, there might well be a price to pay later.a€™Well, try telling that to the cast of The Only Way Is Essex, who are among the worst offenders in the all-blinging tooth brigade.

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