Married 15 years and mother to four children, Dana Matas is a published writer with a professional background in marketing communications, copywriting and community organizing. You have a relationship with a client because your services ultimately serve to increase revenue or reduce costs. It’s not enough to ask for a meeting, you need to ask for a meeting that is specific, purposeful and timely. Every single meeting you have with your client should remind your client why your services are valuable and that you are the best person to provide them. Select a meeting technology product that will help you achieve your meeting objective, while making the best use of your client’s time. The key is to select a meeting service that will allow you to meet easily without sacrificing the more important goal of achieving your meeting objective.
For more tips and insights to help you have successful meetings, sign up for our newsletter. Our technology and planning affiliations allow us to accomplish all this at competitive prices. I learned first hand about the wonderful experiences that each child encounters at Busy Bees when my own two children attended. I've had experience in many early years settings which began when my own children were small and attended the pre-school I worked at, this is when I qualified.
I began working for Busy Bees in 2002 when I was offered a training position so I could gain the qualification I needed to do a job I love. I started working at Busy Bees in September 2010 upon completing my degree in Early Childhood Studies. I joined the Busy Bees in February 2011, after working for many years performing different roles in working with children since qualifying in 2006. I loved the Fraggles, even though I have very few memories of actual stories or adventures they went on.
I don’t have a favorite fraggle, but I love that show – they look like deadheads! Her desire to contribute to society has driven her to hold positions of influence and leadership in her community as well as serve as a spokesperson on television, in print and online for various organizations she supports. This can be problematic for both you and your client because the effectiveness of your services depends on successful collaboration and information sharing. Your goal then is to remind your client that meeting with you will help with either – or both- of these main priories. Let them know exactly what will happen at your meeting, why attending the meeting is in their best interest and when they can expect to see results. To do this, you’ll want to make sure every meeting leaves your client feeling productive. Beyond sharpening your objective, invest your time in selecting the right participants and get everyone prepared by sending out a well thought out agenda.

Face-to-face meetings are always the best way to achieve an important meeting objective, but other meeting technologies can help if your client is too busy or too geographically removed to meet in person. Planning an effective meeting in a quality environment will go a long way to ensure your client makes time to meet with you. We do this by planning your meeting to fulfill its objective, regardless of the kind of meeting. We also offer preferred and volume pricing, with cost analyses, as well as pre-negotiated, risk-mitigated contracts.
It is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication but I wouldn't change a single thing, it's been worth every minute of it. That was many years ago now, with my eldest daughter choosing a career in early years teaching herself.
I was supported throughout my training by the strong, established staff team and I feel the friendly and inviting atmosphere is evident to all who come to Busy Bees.
The children made me feel at home and I quickly settled in with my own Key Group of busy little bees! I have to say that working at Busy Bees since September 2010 in the babyroom is my favourite so far. I work in all the rooms covering for holidays, sickness, training events, paperwork time etc, if any of the little ones need a bit of extra input this is my role too.
And I wish some candy company had hooked up with Henson and HBO to put some clear sugar building candy, just like the Doozers use! And actually, as a kid, the one part I never really liked so much was the Traveling Uncle Matt scenes in the real world. Time has a great article on 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fraggle Rock, and even Ben Folds Five got in on the Fraggle fun in one of their videos.
You'll find reviews, giveaways, and lots of fun, geek talk about Star Wars, Disney, Nintendo and superheroes! That’s why you do your best to make them more successful and show them that your services are valuable.
I have also completed Special Educational Needs training in which I gained new skills and valuable knowledge in this important area.
I came to work for Busy Bees in April 2010 finding it a very nurturing environment which sees children grow and flourish - the most satisfying part of my job.
My confidence has grown so much that I now feel very secure in my practice and really enjoy my job. I am fortunate in that my work pattern allows me to spend time with the older children too as we gather together for our tea, which gives this time of day a very family feel. We have our own outdoor play area for the babies so they are safe and not intimidated by the older children's more boisterous play. The disc includes the pilot episode, along with five hand-picked episodes, each one featuring one of the five main Fraggles in the spotlight.

I imagine it was always full of bright, colorful, playful, friendly, innocent puppets running around joking and laughing with each other. We take regular trips out to the park, shopping and walks on the TPT which ensures the children get plenty of fresh air and exercise, and they aren't stuck inside the same four walls everyday. Busy Bees has so many great things to offer the children that attend; regular Mobile Mini Zoo visits to the nursery and unusual pets in each classroom for the children to help care for and handle. I enjoy the time we all spend outdoors every day because the children get so much out of it. Because I am employed soley as an extra pair of hands the children receive continuity in the absence of their usual key person, this is something that the children are very happy with and our parents like this too because they all know and trust me - something you don't get with perhaps agency staff.
My role now is to help and advise the team regarding SEN and inclusion matters having so many years experience to be able to draw upon.
I was shown around each room in turn and found every child was busy, settled and having fun. The outdoor areas are kitted up with every activity imaginable, coupled with lots of physical equipment and fresh air - wonderful for enquiring minds and busy bodies.
If a couple of little ones need to have a push out in a pram to go to sleep then off we go, or if a child really enjoyed the pasta tray activity and wants it out again then out it comes. When babies start in our room I enjoy finding out what their preferred routines are, and working with our parents to ensure their little one settles quickly and the transition from home is as smooth as possible, this in turn helps the parents return to work is as stress free as it can be. My role also ensures that the other staff aren't asked to do lots of cover work which could spread them a little thin.
A good partnership with parents is very important to me, I enjoy taking photographs to go in each child's home to school book so our mums and dads can see just how happy, settled and busy their children have been each day.
As a mum myself I knew this was exactly what I should be seeing, and that it is only possible if the staff team create the right environment.
I am always proud when a baby grows into a toddler and I can take them into the next room for their upward transition, they are well prepared and settle in quickly. As long as Ryan keeps wanting to watch more, I”m willing to keep diving down into that music-filled Fraggle Rock.
I felt like the cat that got the cream when I was offered a position at Busy Bees - I still do. I miss each and every one but when I see how ready they are I feel a warm glow inside knowing I've helped them achieve this.
I thoroughly enjoy reading with the children so I was honoured when I was asked to record a story to be aired on the radio as part of National Book Start Week!

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