Almost Nerdy covers everything from movies, comic books, webcomics, sci-fi, TV shows, cosplay, video games, conventions, collectibles, nerd humor, zombies, general nerd news, and anything else considered to be nerdy. The Renaissance Phoenix Downtown is conveniently located two blocks east from the Phoenix Convention Center North Building. This event will features dancers from BurlEscapades, Provacatease, students from Miss Lucy's School of Wayward girls, and more. All performances will be geekily themed in the most fabulous of fashions inspired by your favourite games, and movies. A former member The burlesque event is currently scheduled on the Friday of Comicon so we don't want to change it to Saturday.

We do a number of things like watch anime, play card and board games, play D&D , play video games, potlucks, and have movie nights. The second San Diego Nerd Girl Meet Up this Saturday was another successful hangout {read about #1 HERE!}! We plan to continue to make this at least a monthly meet up, so if you are a nerd girl here in San Diego, please leave your email address in the comments below so I can add you to the invite list!
Also, feel free to send any pics, videos, or nerdy things from around the web that you think we need to know about. The overall goal is for other nerdy girls in the DFW area to meet up and be their nerdy selves.

We're just a few geeks trying to have a bit of fun, so come the Anchorage Nerdy Moose Club! I learned a lot and heard so many different fun stories, cool ideas and new fandoms to check out - just soaking it all in!

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