If you’re girlfriend has decided not to dress you for the occasion, you need to begin by asking a few imperative questions about the upcoming event. If you’re usually sporting crazy spikes or Mohawks, it might be best to lay loose on your wild side for one side.
If you’re dealing with a more prim and proper family that spends their nights tasting the finest wines and riding horses, the stakes are a bit higher. Don’t even think about doing anything with your hair other than slicking it back or to the sides. After all, you spent so much time looking for a girl and finally found the perfect woman; how bad could her parents be? While this may seem like an easy way out of a potentially hard attire decision, proper outfit choices are still important.
If it’s a real casual night on the couch for you and the family, it is still OK to bring the mother some flowers.

If the evening calls for a stop at the higher end of the city, you need to make sure you pump up your look as much as possible- without overdoing it. Shirt in darker colors like black and blue typically work best, especially paired up with a stunner tie. A pair of black slacks will do miracles for your outfit and will also have your girlfriend fanning herself at how impressing you look. By following these simple ideas and taking note of the tips on what to wear to meet your girlfriend’s parents, you will capture their hearts with ease. A simple short sleeved top with a neutral color is fine, and if it has a few buttons or a pocket, that’s OK too. And that crazy, wild hair you’ve been sporting for years needs to take the back seat for the night. If the weather is cold outside, bring a neutral colored sweater or jacket that compliments the rest of your outfit.

You’d hate to wear all black to an outdoor event during the hottest part of the day, right?
You probably want to stray from wearing anything too tight or too baggy, as these can appear unappealing to parental figures. It may be in your best interest to remove piercings and cover your tattoos, especially if they are offensive. It is also best to try and cover all tattoos and bring along a matching black coat in case you become chilled. Asking your significant other these two simple questions will save you a lot of hassle and possible embarrassment in the long run.

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