We covered this in the past showing how to get free sms text messages on the iPhone but it’s certainly not just limited to the iPhone. Another option is called GizmoSMS, accessible through this website, which is pretty straightforward and worked like a charm for every number that I tried it with.
Zipwhip’s cloud texting lets you send and receive text messages from your computer using your existing mobile number. Most of the entrepreneurs I know realize they have some bad habits, like maybe procrastination or not listening well, so they focus on dropping these. When using any of these methods, keep in mind the SMS messages may be free for you to send, but they are not necessarily free text messages for the other person to receive!

Basically just send an instant message to a new screen name, but enter a phone number instead in the format +18885551212, send your instant message as usual but AIM will deliver the message through SMS and then you can talk as if it’s a normal instant message!
When the person responds to the text, it’s just like any other GTalk conversation within Gmail. Basically just enter the phone number, the message, and the captcha code and away the message is sent. Finally, don’t forget that though sending the messages is free for YOU, it may cost the recipient something, so be mindful of messaging charges!
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The downside to this method is that there is no way to specify where the message came from, so this is best for a last resort really.

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