A cheating husband has vowed to win back his ex-wife after a Facebook sign about his one-night stand got more than 15,000 'likes'.Ivan Lewis needed more than a box of chocolates and some flowers to say sorry to his former partner Sonya Gore after his constant cheating.He was forced to pose with an embarrassing homemade sign on the social network that read 'I cheated on my wife!!! In a humongous city like Mumbai which is bursting apart at the seams, and where men and women are spending more time at work than at home, marriages are crumbling at an unheard of pace and infidelity has broken through the roof. But keeping into account the enormous amount of heartburn and sadness that infidelity causes to the aggrieved party, I have set out to write a weekly column on Tips to Understand Your Partner and to prevent a breakdown of your marriage.Right from the start of my business, I have made it a point to help my clients understand that the evidence that we provide of infidelity need not break down their marriages. Day time is the best time because neighbours will not be woken up from sleep as both of you accuse and counter accuse at the top of your lungs. You might have met for the first time at Cafe Coffee Day but it is no place to sort out a cheating affair! Kids or aged parents should not be around at the time and a time of three to four hours must be taken for the accused to explain themselves.
You must understand that your partner is now feeling cornered and we all know what happens when an animal or human being is cornered – they lash out!
An argument can indeed flare up and lead to physical abuse which one may have to repent later. Most times this is the point when couples decide to split and go for a divorce or decide to separate and oftentimes this is the best option because if the love and trust does not exist anymore then it does not make any more sense to remain in that relationship any longer.

However I am writing below some points on how to win back your spouse after your doubts are confirmed.Building Blocks For Restoring a MarriageI would like to share with you one of the building blocks for restoring a marriage. Probably because I have seen so many marriages break up that a part of me is compelled to make up for my line of work by helping my friends and family reconcile their relationship problems. Efficiency works with machines, business, and finances – not with relationships.Renewing a Marriage Takes TIMEThere are no short-cuts! He told me about a book he read which recommended thatA he date other women in order to make his wife jealous.
The only relevant question is: What can you fix?You had a role in the deterioration of your marriage. Look at your parent’s marriage.Are you recreating the model you saw when you were a child?
Have you explored the childhood roots ofA your relationship habits and how they contributed to your marital circumstances?
It is no job of mine to advise my clients who come to me seeking evidence of their partner’s cheating.
One too many times and your partner will consider you as paranoidal or delusional and this may break down your marriage even though your partner may actually be innocent all the while.

We have handled thousands of cases of infidelity and we have probably the best crack team in the country to conductA surveillanceA and furnish evidence and proof of your partner’s alleged affair or innocence. Most of them are highly unprofessional and do not follow standard training and procedures andA neitherA do they have the requisite experience to conduct such a discreet and specialised task. And Reconciliation like I mentioned does not start with pointing fingers at the other person but starts with you! Co-founder of Alliance One Detectives a€“ which is the bestA cheating spouse investigation agency in Mumbai.
These cases have all involved both offline and online investigations.Article edited and co-written by Atin Dasgupta who is the co-founder and marketing head of Alliance One.
Most premarital investigations are ordered by parents, although sometimes spouses-to-be want a little snooping done, including women keen to size up their prospective mothers-in-law.An article in Washington Post on the phenomenon of wedding sleuths operating in the lucrative wedding industry.

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