Virgo is most compatible with other earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn) and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Year-End Musings from Jeff, the Publisher Sasstrology on iPhone and Android: Your Feedback Welcome Are You Following Us on Facebook and Twitter? December 4, 2006 by Jeffrey Kishner 191 Comments Advertisement: Live Astrology readings – Compatibility horoscopes and reports available NOW!Have you lost a Virgo?
The first thing you need to do is take a fearless inventory of yourself, and identify all of your human flaws.
I think I posted a couple months ago telling about my story with my Virgo guy but I’ll just make a quick summary.
Then after 2 days, he told me he wanted to stop everything and go back to where we were before, take our time. Then, 2 weeks later, he suddenly told me that he wanted to be friends with me cuz he had seen that girl again and they had started dating… Although she lives 200 miles away, he wanted to give it a try. Part of me feels like I have to go and tell him he has to make a choice or he’ll never see me again.
Okay I have posted several times about me and my Virgo man, I hate that it seems to always be on again off again, I have learned that he seems to always come back to me, and if I wait him out he is always back, trying to pick things up where they left off, but the last time he seemed much different, he seemed to be more caring and gentle with me, and then since saturday I have only heard a very few words from him, so I don’t know if he is trying to brake it of with me completely or if it is just another of his needing time to think things over, He is so frustrating sometimes, I care for him deeply, and have such a physical attraction to him, and I know he is very attracted to me physically but not sure he is emotionally attached, IDK what to think of him, He lives about a 3 hr. He specifically told me he didn’t want to talk to me anymore and for me to please leave him alone.
Hello Everyone – I wanted a little bit of advise in regards to my current issue with my Virgo male.
After playing the typical push and pull virgo style, three weeks ago things accelerated on his side. Two weeks ago we had an exchange of opinions on women and men, equality or machist style, etc. Oh wow, I have the same problem… I am glad to hear I am not the only one here.I thought scorpios were the evil sign (which is my sign) until I read about virgos , met one and met my match here!! But a few months ago I just finally blew up and lost it and asked what it was he wanted here and explained that a man does not show interest by constantly ditching a woman…eventually he gave in and he was doing very good at pulling through for me. He did ignore some texts when we were dating here and there its true but when I called he would answer 99% of the time.and when he was there he would make you feel like the best and most beautiful important woman in the world.
I just wish I knew how long I should hold out hope and I just hope to god my feelings arent gone if he ends up talking to me again…I am so impatient and quite clueless here on whether I should try to hold onto my feelings somehow for him even if I just were to move on and tuck them away for now ? Also I asked when we broke up if he wanted me still though despite the distance and problems? I have learned a lot from him though…and I am realizing I have to start thinking with my brain and not let e emotions take control so much. Virgos definately care more once you ignore them…I have tested this I have played games many times on him because it has felt like he was on me. I replied saying thats fine we can be friends and see what happens then got into banter about spooning etc and he was like thats a deal we can still spoon i had been drinking at this point.
He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001.
He also admitted he had met a girl a couple weeks before he met me (she lives 200 miles away).
Especially that, although he pretends he wants to be friends, he always has a very ambiguous attitude.
We overanalyze everything before we leave a relationship so by the time we cut the cord we have made an emotional shutdown as well.
I followed along, still taking care of not showing too much but spending a lot of time together. I grew apart from him and broke up with him for I thought it was for good but every time I think that I would leave him alone ,go see other guys,spend time with family etc. And he seemed to like me then because when work called about him goin a couple provinces away I could tell he was worried but I sorta acted like it was no big deal but you could tell it was affecting him on some level. Until we had a silly arguement before labour day and we ended up talking in the morning on the phone he said stuff like ‘ well do you think I wanna lose you? And you should look up both you guys Venus sign , Because if his Venus is in Leo and your Venus in Scorpio , its not going to work , stop looking at sun sign to help solve everything because they only influence a person ego, and has nothing to do with love . Please feel free to interpret the “Women” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.

He was always so attentive, careful, polite, always complimenting me, buying me everything, etc. Then last night I get a text out of the blue asking me if I left a note on his door a week and a half ago.
I think he truly was just asking but I wish I hadn’t heard from him at all if it was just going to be the one text because then I got my hopes up only to be crushed again.
I thought it was just and exchange of points o view, but I believe he took it literal and he completely changed his behavior.
I mean I love him but the things us ladies have to put up with seem so impossible…especially for a emotional scorpio. A couple weeks ago, we went out and had too much to drink so I crashed at his place and ended up sharing his bed.
He is the one who has initiated the contact the last time, not me, he flirts so bad with me, but I know that is part of his charm, so what should I do?
Here’s the deal Virgo is back in own, Virgo tells me he wants me all to himself not to keep my options open. Of course he just avoids to respond with I will miss you too although I know he wants to say it. We’re like that because in a relationship we forgive and overlook so many things that it builds up because we have trouble standing up for ourselves or communicating our needs. Having been put down for years by my ex husband, I didn’t think the real me was good enough to capture attention and so I used a friends pics with her consent. He was always very tactile, holding me in his arms, hugging me, always paying for everything, etc. He woke me up a couple times cuz he was spooning or stroking my hair and kissing my forehead while I was sleeping. People have a hard time reading us, yet for some reason we expect our significant others to know exactly how we feel. I finally decided to come clean and meet him after 9 months and he was pissed at me for lying about so much. All I think about is what I should have done but the fact is that gets me nowhere because I can’t change the past and the stupid mistakes I made. I said differences on opinions shouldn’t be related to chemistry, how can he tell me there was nothing after so long.
He said because your so extra at times and he doesn’t want that awkward feeling, between his family and I .
The next day he was perfect: called me, came by my place with a bag full of groceries cuz I had told him my fridge was empty. If I were on the outside looking in, I would be thinking why would she do that, how stupid and I knew it was but my self esteem etc was so low it was like an escape from reality for a lil bit. I’m 36, was married and can say now I have never loved anyone before and to finally feel that and have it go like this is gut wrenching. I was getting upset He started acting a ass and kept talking about if I left him he wouldn’t care nor would he trip so I changed my number While having a conversation with him about rather he wanted to talk to me or not.
On the other hand, since he started dating her, he travels the 200 miles every 2 weekends to see her and has introduced her to his brother. We generally have low self esteem but we have enough back bone for self preservation and knowing when to walk away.
I don’t know why if he thought it was me he waited a week and a half to ask or why he even bothered.
He ended up inviting me and the party turned out great, he said he like how I was changing and how we were getting along none of the females he invited showed up or I’m just assuming he told them not to come because I came. I really want this man in my life, I really care for him, and lets face it he is SEXY as hell!!…. I never met any of them in person and didn’t feel bad about it because I knew they were jerks. But I changed my behavior that week, I was absent and cocky wating for him to notice he had messed up. I gave him a few days space at a time a couple times and kept pesterin him cuz I was worried what this so called break included I wanted a time frame and just general idea of where everything was at…our final talk on wednesday I asked what was goin on and he said move on without me and he thought it was for the best etc. Then I just expressed ok , fair enough since we never discussed about the past, but that HE was the one that confused me and put me in that situation, and that it was not fair (all of this very calm, I was notably sad).

For his birthday I hired chef to cook for us and tried to make his bday special But as the chef was cooking for us he was texting a women asking if she was gonna give him birthday sex, I didn’t trip I continue making sure he had a great bday. That guy that would look askance at you just to check where you are, funny and at your service: GONE! After a couple of awkward silents, I just expressed my disbelief on the fact that he said that there was nothing, then he said sorry repeatedly, that was only an excuse, that he wanted to stay friends.
I recently moved to where he lives and he knew I was coming and had asked me if I had a place yet etc. I thought ok, maybe if we find each other in the party environment a bit more relaxed we will see again what was there. He finished drinking and wanted to use my car to go to the casino So he went in my purse and found a condom and went nuts I still didn’t fight back I just cried after being annoyed with his name calling and crazy ways When he calmed down I told him where it came from He expressed how it made him feel and how he understand where I come from now. The next day I called the women he texted to see if they were using protection because I was having surgery the following day.
Ask their opinion on things because we like to feel helpful and give us lots of compliments. He said he had moved on and I should do the same and that he knew I was a sweetheart and he was attracted physically but because I lied and then when given an undeserving chance to make it right didn’t, he wanted nothing to do with me.
He was beyond excited about me and even started to make future plans about having me go on a cruise with his family. Now, if you know anything about Virgo males they’re all about their family so at that point, I knew he was serious about me. Told him it was not cool and told him basically to figure out what he really wants from me cause he asked me to be all in. After weeks of planning it out, I was able to transfer my job to New York and took the leap and moved. CHeck to see if I was fine so I called him, we were arguing about me calling the girl and me wanting him to feel sorry for being in pain, I got upset and said that’s why I slept with some men in your bed while you were out doing you!
He even told me once that he could never get over how alike we were and how perfect we were for each other. It was stupid but if he would give me a chance, he would never find someone more devoted to making him happy.
I have become overwhelmingly close to his mother, sisters, brother and law, neices and nephews, everyone.
We recently took the leap after 6 months of dating and he moved in (which might I add was HIS idea.) Very quickly after that, things changed quickly.
He is not financially responsible, blows thru his money, always having to help him catch up on all of his bills, always paying for everything, constantly buying him things and I get nothing, ever. BUT he treats me emotionally so well and everything until like I said, up until recently when he started to pull away. He said he thinks him moving in was a bad idea and doesnt think he wants to be with me anymore. He mentioned I was trying to make him something he wasnt and wasnt sure what he wanted anymore. We tried to work it out, i did all he asked me to do and we seemed perfect again – then again he sat down and told me he was going to move back in with his mother and that he wanted time. He says he’s rethinking everything and its not me, that its him and hes sorry hes putting me thru this.
He just 5 weeks ago told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me but now this? To top it all off, when we were having our break up convo and he came to pick up his things, he was crying his eyes out. Then he also said that whatever is bothering him, he wants to shake it off and hopes he can because he wants to be back to how we were.
We havent spoken since last night but we did agree to talk on Wednesday to figure out what our holiday plans were going to be.

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