Don't expect her to start showing love and affection immediately after you have said sorry. If she has already moved on and she is not willing to come back, you should move on, without a second thought. One of the biggest festivals celebrated wildly across the countries in India is the festival of lights, the Diwali.
Another part of them tells the story of the mighty Lord Rama coming back to his house after 14 years of life spent in the forest. This is a classic artwork humble yet beautiful where on a checkered four square base a beautiful brightly colored floral design has been drawn.
This is a beautiful design and as they say, Diwali is the grand festival of lights, here is another lamp show on a base of humble rangoli design.
Yet another wonderfully abstract design ready for the evening light show is this semi hearted circles where the smaller halves in reddish hue makes a flower. The design here almost is similar to a candle lit dinner rangoli pattern where the rangoli design has been over powered by the beautiful lamp light that lits up the area bright and fine. If you are looking for answers on how to win your husband back (or your wife), we are offering Christian-based help. Expectations can be a manifestation of true faith in the Lord (Hebrews 11:1) or they can grow out of a selfish desire to see problems eradicated as quick as possible.
There will be some that are reading this book that are desperately trying to win back their spouse. At this point, your perception is probably that the other person is unthankful, hurt beyond repair, or hard-hearted because of their unwillingness to reciprocate your love to them.
It seems that few people see that their expectations have a way of pressurizing their marriage. You may be going through the day hoping that this is the day your spouse comes around and owns the marriage.
I can buy the best gardening seeds that money can buy, but if I never bury them in the ground, they are worth but little. If your spouse feels there is an ulterior motive behind everything you do and say, you will almost always be met with some form of resistance.
My husband moved out two years ago after a very long year of what I know now was constant lies and infidelity. I’m in a situation that my husband filed for divorce but the papers were rejected 3x by the court.
To be frank, I would encourage you to stop allowing his inconsistencies to dictate your spirit and do not wait around with the children under a cloud of depression until he comes back into the picture.
This may sound cold and usually takes about an hour of coaching to develop, but this is my advice.
Though you do not want to desperately pursue your husband, it is important to keep a calm and confident presence when speaking to him. Also, it is important not to wait around in a discouraged state until he comes back around. Making the path to divorce easier may keep the abandoning spouse calmer, but keeping him or her calm shouldn’t be the goal. Before sharing with you the steps I guided Sally through, I’ll give you the good news; it worked. For the last dozen years I’ve been teaching the same principles to couples who come to my intensive workshop for marriages in crisis.
Never accept the sinful actions of another, but try to understand and accept what is behind the sin.
I regularly see people who work hard to save their marriage and as soon as the spouse turns, the anger overwhelms the spouse trying to save the marriage. Such a plan is outlined in my article, “How to Confess An Affair without Losing Your Spouse.” It’s written more for the straying spouse, but it will likely help you understand that this type of conversation needs the right mindset, environment and forethought (maybe even professional help). There are steps that the other person will need to take in order for you to be able to do this to the level necessary to save your marriage long term. If you beg, whine, cling, or try to manipulate your mate into staying, you push them away faster. One final thing to keep in mind on this strategy step is that if you’re having fun, you’re probably doing the other things right too. If your marriage is in danger of separation or divorce, call us at (866) 903-0990 to speak with someone or use the form below to request more information about our Marriage Helper 911 workshop for troubled marriages. If you and your spouse cannot attend a Marriage Helper 911 weekend or your spouse refuses to get any marriage help, there is still hope.
My spouse is back for a year now,everything seems to be normal, but sometimes when we pray before going to bed he will thank God, our family mentioning names including his lover as his wife also.this hurts me but i dont re act.
Do these strategies work even if he is very angry and threatens to “play hardball” if you do not let him handle everything in a divorce?
About a year ago I found out that my wife had a affair with a guy who was her first love years ago. After about nine months my wife finally cracked up one morning and said that she and her lover had a fight and broke up. We are still together, although we are still sleeping in separate rooms, but we have now become friends and she started opened up to me. I am still seeking God daily and I keep on praying for my wife.I am trying my best to win her back and although it is taking painstakingly slow I can see that we are slowly moving forward.
How do I practice the PIES when she is out of the house for 16 hours at a time ( on purpose) what do I do to win her back and get her to check back into the marriage?. But if everybody deserves a second chance, why not with the same person you loved so much at one point?
No matter what the celebration is for, the countries are beautifully decorated as this 4 day festival continues with merrymaking.
The pictures painted are with bright colors of smooth grass green, midnight black and shades of orange and red. The base has been set by the twisted rope shows while forming the triangle and the hearts while the rangoli colors fill them. This is one of the stretched rangoli designs covering the entire yard where a simple flower without complication has been created through rangoli colors.
The lamps resemble heart shape while the circle in the center of the patterns is further accentuated by subsidiary designs on the outlines and sides. Mark it down, however, a spirit of desperation will do little to help you to win your spouse back. More times than nought, they are weeds that grow out of the roots of fear, greed, and impatience.
These individuals usually do not err in what they are doing as much as how and when they expect their spouse to come around.
Fearing divorce or separation you may be saying and doing all the right things with a great amount of intensity, but to no avail.
They cause an air of tension in a home that is so thick that, at times, one could almost cut it with a knife.

Behind every kind word and loving deed is a spirit of anxiousness that is awaiting that tv moment when the other person falls into your arms and verbalizes their lifelong committment to the marriage. This is a crucial step for those of you that want to learn how to win your husband back (or your wife).
If they perceive that your primary objective is to remedy yourself of a problem rather than to love them unconditionally, they will resent even the most sacrificial forms of love.
Often the abandoning spouse tries to convince the other that he will be nicer in the divorce – and they each could save a lot of money – if she would agree to let his lawyer handle everything. In my work with marriages over nearly twenty years, I’ve learned that rather than making divorce easier, anyone who wishes to salvage a marriage should make it harder.
It wasn’t easy and didn’t happen overnight, but by doing the right things she created a climate that ultimately led to the saving of her marriage. I’ve seen it work with just about any situation you can imagine, not just adultery but also marriages plagued with anger problems, a controlling spouse, disrespect, disinterest, and more.
But in the short term, while your spouse still wants to leave, you need to find a way to forgive them using a broad stroke. If you mope around and sound like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, your spouse is not going to want to come back to you. If you do the things mentioned above to stay on the path, you’ll likely pull your spouse back to walking the path with you. Do your best to stay cool, calm and collected so that you can focus on what you need to do to apply the strategies mentioned in this article. Our success rate over the last decade is saving three out of four marriages, even when adultery, porn, anger, or other things have deeply hurt the relationship!
However, it could be that your husband believes that he can manipulate you into getting what he wants. Seeking God first is the only thing that helped me through my crises apart from having support from my family and friends.
I knew that they were texting but she assured me that she just wanted closure as their relationship had ended abruptly years ago due to circumstances and that they were just friends now. Then I decided to change my approach I started seeking God first and spent my alone time praying for our marriage and my wife and children and seeking comfort in His Word. She said that she knew that what she did was wrong and will not blame me if I chased her away.
One Sunday while at church I was crying my heart out to God when a elderly lady who was a total stranger to me suddenly kneeled beside me and asked if she could pray for me. She told me that she is suffering from depression after the loss of her Mother and baby sister to cancer only days apart two years ago and that she has recently realized that she is going through a pre-menopause phase.
She started holding my hand again in public and allows me to kiss and hug her now and then. He left me last month because we fought a lot and he couldn’t handle the stress any more and never talked to me since then. He asked me to become a nurse just like him so we can work and travel together and I worked hard on it. I was caught by surprise that my wife was emailing another man behind my back and talking to him on her work phone so I couldn’t find any phone records of her doing so. So if you feel that you have made a huge mistake by divorcing your wife and are absolutely determined to make her a part of life again, you should take a look at the several pointers discussed in this article.
But if it was your mistake, that includes but is not limited to infidelity, lack of love, extramarital affairs, jealousy, unmet needs, wants or other traits of bad relationships, then seeking a sincere apology is the only way out. Since chasing her again is a double edged sword, where the probability of success and failure is equal, don't expect too much.
While some celebrate Diwali to congratulate Lord Lakshmi on her marriage to Lord Vishnu, the other part, the Jains celebrate them to celebrate the auspicious moment when Buddha finally attained nirvana. The rangoli rice, or the colored rice of green color is in the middle and the red ones surround the hemisphere. Behind their random acts of kindness and words of encouragement is a heat that is burning with expectation.
As long as this tension exists, even the most dramatic changes will be met with resistance as no one likes to feel pressured into changing, nor do they want to be sold on the marriage.
The only problem is that this typically only exists in the movies as people normally change here a little and there a little. I believe we have things to work on I don’t want to go back to the way things were he still talking to this woman possibly still seeing her. I kept asking for us just to stay loving and caring and not argue until u could move out my thought us I’ll never get to hold his hand, kiss him, or make love to him and none of this obviously can occur with anyone else as there is no infidelity on my part. It’s a way to manipulate the outcome and many spouses fall for it, thinking that keeping him (or her) calm provides better opportunities to potentially salvage the marriage.
Her husband abandoned his lover, returned home, and worked on falling in love with his wife again. I’m warning you, don’t try to save your marriage unless you intend to follow through by learning to forgive. But you must be confident that they’ll work so that you’ll stick with them even if you feel the urge to do the things you shouldn’t. You probably need to take a step back in order to create a vacuum that the other person will see and feel. There are other strategies that I might be able to provide in future articles but because of their complexity, I don’t have the space or time at the moment. It sounds like he may be trying to control the situation if he is demanding that he handle everything without you being able to have any input.
He said he fell out of love with me and that we were no good for each other since all we did was argue and fight. She is now using medication and she has managed to get a job recently which has really given her a positive boost. I daily ask God to help me as I am an affectionate and emotional person and I find it hard and miss not having a sexual relationship with my wife. I found he had booked his trips traveling for a month in next January and he is working in remote places most of this year. She has had men friends before some I have know about as just acquaintances others she has text and talked to but didn’t let me know twice before this guy.
With the lamps lit well in a darkened area this glittering flowers and daisies would glisten creating a heavenly look.
This is always a grave error for those looking for answer in how to win their husband back as well as their wife for a number of reasons. My husband has become so selfish and says such hurtful things to me i literally have anhard time looking at him. He has told me many times to leave, and that it’s his house etc even kicking me out of our bedroom. We did months of counseling but he was already one foot out the door and was t really cooperative. One evening he told her he was in love with his assistant, that he already had a lawyer, and suggested she procure one for herself.

Not only will those things help make you more attractive physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, but they’ll give you things to do and new friends to enjoy to help you resist the urge to pursue or be clingy toward the straying spouse.
Our motivation is to help you determine if this workshop is right for your particular situation.
He then changed his story before he left saying he would come back for us after 2 weeks of working and saving up and move us all down to flordia to live so we could raise our daughter without my family’s meddling in our business. We had some bad fights causing my 17 year old son to move out of the house to stay with his grandparents and leaving my 8 year old daughter traumatized. She asked met to give her some time to get over everything and give her some space to work things out with herself and with God. Basically we haven’t had communications since he left and will not have much chance to see each other.
This one was a little more upsetting to me because I actually saw some of the emails her calling him baby and him calling her angel and her saying she was becoming attached to him and her sending him a racy pic is what hurt too not sure it her talking to him hurt more than the picture she sent.
It is forcing you to focus on her mistakes, her wrongdoings, her behavior whereas at this juncture, when it is now or never, you got to shift your focus from 'her' to 'you'.
Melting your ego in the warmth of her love will make you feel more loved, accepted, and appreciated. Rangoli is an artwork form done by the women folk mainly that incorporate colors or flowers to make designs and decors. You are the hound that is chasing the fox in that as you up the chase, the other person runs away with even more vigour than before. The lies, the stuff he does behind my back, the lack of love and attention is heartbreaking emotionally and physically.
That also doesn’t mean that you aren’t entitled to know who, what, when and where but that is a delicate matter for each of you that we’ve found often needs a third party or at least a constructive plan. It has only been maybe a month since this has happened and she did say she was sorry and that she didn’t know why she did it and that it was stupid of her to do this. That doesn’t make you the “bad guy” or the other person the “good guy.” It simply makes each of you human beings.
Or maybe they’ll call about something and you’re too busy having fun to talk (that’s a good thing because it shows them that you have a life and a world that doesn’t revolve around them). He told me it was over and that he wanted to sign his rights away to our daughter and he wants to divorce. She claims I pushed her into doing it because I kept making accusations and because I am controlling and obsessed and jealous.
There is not much angry but I believe she is very abgry and has made up her mind, calm and calculated. Which I have never really been like this until I found out about her texting and talking to other men behind my back about only God knows what it was only eight months from the last incident we had about talking and texting another man at her job but she claims it was purely just a friend thing.
Explain to her the problem and how everything was misunderstood and miscalculated by both of you.
I actually liked myself but he makes me feel so stupid and weak and undeserving of his love and understanding.
One week he will own up to what he has done and act remorseful and be the husband i want and then the next week he gets distance and ignores me and says he thinks we cant live together or that he only needs me for sex. I really wish he was able to extend some grace being that we are in such a difficult year of life and I hate to give up now. Turns out I found from one of his friends that he had no intention of coming back and he said that stuff so I wouldn’t over react and cause a scene.
Packed up the car with clothes and left and she left everything behind including our 14 year son. I was so filled with anger that her had kicked me out, I refused to come home, and said the meanest things to him…ones that I intended to cut him deeply.
I’m just starting to feel human again since having the twins and I just needed his support and understanding. I don’t want to show him my weakness but I want to ask him to try with me because I realized how important to just have each other. When I tell him how the lack of his attention, love and understanding makes me feel he says he has nothing to do with that. I dont want to be a doormat anymore and feel like i have to keep my mouth shut and take the emotional abuse because we as wives are to be submissive but it is so hard when the husband isnt loving his wife as God lived the church. I feel like he is being so selfish at this point making his happiness the priority over all of our happiness and promise to me. I feel like he is torturing me mentally… Criticizing nonstop, pushing me and provoking me just so he can accuse me of fighting when I react and defend myself. I feel like God wants me to always take these hits and be a punching bag and im tired of waiting for my husband to grow up. I have tried to remain compassionate and loving but he has been in victim mode and has taken advantage of that this year. I want to save my marriage I want to get the emails and image out of my head I want to move forward but I am scared and angry that she is just pretending or playing the good wife as she calls it. Wishing the first year of marriage he started threatening divorce every time we had a big fight. I love him and dont want a divorce i just want him to be the man he has been before and just love me.
Now that he is moving out, he is willing to spend time with the kids, pay for things that we didn’t have money for before and speak kindly to me. Which I don’t understand that if she is just playing the good wife what is the bad wife or when is the bad wife going to show up again. I have turned so bitter and angry towards him and how he treats me all the while demanding I change and submit to him. He thinks we can still be good friends and still spend holidays and such together for the kids.
I have a hard time having faith that he wants only good for me because for the past three yrs it has been horrific and i dont know what to do or how mugh more i can take. Obviously I want him back, but I don’t want to feel taken advantage of or get my hopes up when we are together as a family.
And everytime i see my husband change and i get a glipse of hope it is quickly taken away and we are right back to where we started. Why does it seem like those who act so bad or are so far from God are able to glide thru life and be happy and those that try and are nice and want to have God in their life keep getting knocked down. I don’t want to feel like I have to go along with everything he wants so that he will come back. I pray for you and your family and that your husband treats you soon like the queen you deserve to be treated like.
We r to be miserable and beaten down everyday on earth but keep taking it so we can have peace and love one day in heaven??

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