All eyes may be on the Royal Wedding, but we here at DH have set our gaze on the royal wedding ring, handed down from the late Princess Diana to Prince William's bride Kate Middleton. Since stones (and everything else, but especially stones) absorb the energy of those who wear them I'd definitely smudge the ring with intention of clearing it completely from the energy of the previous owner.
Mercury traditionally rules trade and commerce, so when Mercury is retrograde you could also notice a backward turn in your finances.
An otherwise incredibly positive week is bookended by two disharmonious lunar configurations in the Mutable signs.

But, if you know the rules for success during the three-week retrograde influence, you can avoid financial stress, and even lay the groundwork for future prosperity. A T-square on Monday and Grand Cross on Sunday can cause much unnecessary worry and suspicion.
Find out where the planet of good fortune is right now and how to use Jupiter's positivity in your own life! Most of us are familiar with Princess Diana's brilliant blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

And remember the happy times associated with sentimental jewelry.Of course, how to proceed is ultimately up to you. But as charming and charitable a woman as Diana was, her life was filled with much sadness and ended tragically.Now that Prince William has given Kate his mother’s engagement ring, let’s be honest -- if energy can attach itself to an object, would you want 18 carats worth of negativity on your finger?

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