Hello, My name is Max Edwin Wahyudi, and here I will tell you about the making of 'Song Hye Kyo' the Korean actress in 3dsmax. First of all, I started by collecting her pictures for reference, but because the lack of good images of her in the internet I decided to grab the images from one of her movies.
And as I expected, the face likeness was lost in the transition between Zbrush and 3D max. The scene 1 camera was located that far away because I realized that they're zooming into the face at the time.
A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Marco de Bartoli winery in Marsala, Western Sicily. Even though it had been raining when we left Siena only thirty minutes ago, the strong heat in Montalcino burned away all the water until very quickly there was steam rising from the road. Often my friend from Rome, perhaps while we are walking down the street to the supermarket on a grey Saturday morning, will abruptly stop, hold his hand over his heart, grab my elbow to jolt me back and say with eyes wide open in shock, “Did you see THAT?
There are many buildings from the 1970s that I would want knocked down, but one called la Maison de la Celle Saint-Cloud is not one of them. One of the most exciting things I saw in Marsala at the government’s nursery vineyards were the experiments that crossed native Sicilian varieties with ancient Georgian Saperavi. With 2008 and 2009 in the market now, I dug up my 45 notes tasted in Serralunga d’Alba in 2011 and have included notes where re-tasted since then. Just a little note from Sicily as I was determined to have a holiday – visit friends, eat and drink without analyzing, and climb Mount Etna.
A wine from a 2100-bottle production of red Ciro from Sergio Arcuri in Calabria is a revelation. This summer, one of my favourite nights was a pop-up dinner by Burnt Enz in London Fields with Alex Whyte and Damiano Fiamma of Tutto Wines.
After paying for a ticket to see the Palace in Caserta I asked, why is the main entrance in darkness? When one of the oldest Barolo house changes guard, it is worth sitting up and taking notice. 16% of Sicily’s total vines are devoted to Nero d’Avola and it is considered Sicily’s most important red grape.
Who didn’t want to be writing her own column in New York City while looking out the window of her rent-controlled apartment with that walk-in wardrobe full of fabulous shoes?
It was my first time at this event, and as far as locations go, you could not do better than tasting wines on the sunny coast of France in February.
Opened in 1974 in Paris and designed by Jean Pierre Raynaud, the place is completely tiled, an endless black and white grid. Anticipating environmental change in the next 10 years, it is a forward thinking approach by the oenologists (then again, wineries take at least a generation to develop). There was an idea floating about a few years ago that mobile phones would develop an intelligence to predict your next purchase while walking down the street. I had always learned Nebbiolo derived from the word, “Nebbia”, meaning “fog”, alluding to the fog that sets in on the hills in Piemonte during harvest. Umore also happens to mean the juice from the grapes but there is nothing too funny here about the winemaking, it is fairly straight up: grown on limestone marl in Oltrepo Pavese at an altitude of 200-250 metres, this is a region in south-west Lombardy (just south of Milan), where when on the right soils, produces light mouth-watering reds but with a serious depth of macerated cherries and wild strawberries. To give you an idea of the opulence and amount of marble of this entrance, this is the same place that is used as stand-in for the Vatican in films and also used as a set for Star Wars. This is one of the most disciplined DOCG regions in the North of Italy, between Milan and Venice, and has a super-commitment to quality that is almost frightening if you expect Italy to be a fun babyshambles. If I had met him, I had a lot to ask, especially about some of the ideas his father had about style and also some facts that seem to be different everywhere I search.

As ornate Persian tiles hint at the wonders of the universe beyond, this is a monument to the modern world. The vineyards are part of a desire to return to the local grapes, to understand their natural expression, rather look at others for a style. The utopian marketers did not see it as 1984-style surveillance, nor as an over-enthusiastic vision from an IT consultant, but as a new form of enlightened self-interest moving at warp speed. The true meaning I am told, by every winemaker I met from Piedmont, is that Nebbiolo was named after the Piemontese word “Nebieu” meaning Noble. It keeps developing in the bottle, and in the glass, making it more than a vinous one-liner.
It also made me think about wines on holidays in general. Why does a wine often not taste as spectacular at home as it does on holidays? It had the same sensation of holiding a baby sparrow in the hand and feeling its beating heart in your grip.
Yet when we arrived, we had to climb the marble stairs in darkness, reducing the grandest staircase I have ever seen to a hollow echo-chamber. I had a fabulous chat about his love of Italian bubbles at a lunch with Ca’ del Bosco from Franciacortia.
I like the dissonant images that come to mind of thick, black gooey tar joining with delicate, velvet, pastel roses. With the passing away of the formidable Giovanni Conterno in 2004, his son Roberto took the helm. Donnafugata Mille e una Notte is a red wine from Contessa Entellina DOC that has a tight grip on its joyous Nero d’Avola fruit like a short, sharp slap from a woman in mourning. The Ambassador team was a social media powerhouse, becoming a sounding board for the producers and presentations. Like most of this renaissance landscape, for the vineyards on the hillside it is about light and shade. To be honest, I often never see what all the fuss is about, but for a moment, at least, the day seems just a little brighter for it. Giovanni was quite demanding from all accounts – many vintages, which were good enough for most, were not deemed good enough to carry the label of Conterno and sold sfuso.
Take Burgundy-level vineyard complexity plus Italian labels multiply by long cellaring time to the power of Italian wine laws. This may be the case, but these great wines made from Nebbiolo grape in Piemonte seem to be shrouded in fog – the fog of Italian classification laws. “We are very complicated in Piemonte,” said Pietro Ratti at the Symposium after the Nebbiolo Nobile tasting, almost as an apology.
It was not the normal natural wine tasting (if there is such a thing as a normal natural wine tasting).
The fabulous silk curtains were almost threadbare and sun-damaged, the walls cracked and scuffed.
Unashamed Italian austerity, with deep balsamic herbs and black-lace tannins with round Nero d’Avola berries saved from complete voluptuousness by cool harvesting the grapes in the middle of the night. In a single day, the TweetReach broke new records via the official #VINISUD2016 hashtag with nearly 1,500 twitter posts recorded.
The vineyards follow down from the top of the hill from all sides, each face the sun from sunrise to sunset in their own way.
The aromas produced by these wines, especially Monfortino, are understated and robust and the younger vintages flicker with seduction. Deliciousness is a state of ease, along with companionship (with wine and others) and most importantly (I agree with Thierry Thiese) charm. My phone would melt walking past my local delicatessen – where I have found some amazing wines recently.

Most know Barolo and Barbaresco, some may even know they are made from Nebbiolo, but there are also other wines: Nebbiolo d’Alba, Nebbiolo from Roero and Nebbiolo Langhe.
The grapes are the same (although where there would be Pinot Meunier you will find Pinot Bianco) but the sparkling wines of Franciacorta have the same assertive acidity as in Champagne and more defined than most Prosecco, other than very best. What a real treat, I just want to share this moment with you X More about fantastic Ca’ del Bosco sparkles from Italy in next post. This also holds true for the people making the great Barolos of today, or anyone who decides to go against the grain. According to Sylvain Dade of specialist agency SOWINE, which hosted the Vinisud Digital Hub, over the last two days of the show, 533,000 accounts were reached with 4.8 million prints. Just from the change in weather from drenched to heat, it is easy to see how the grapes love this weather. They draw the taster in with elegant and classic flavours only to hint at darkness and depth underneath. It is an island where the conquerors have left their mark, even in the wines – for example, Zibibbo is Arabic for grape.
But Curb Your Enthusiasm, the only funny thing is it is almost impossible to find Oltrepo Pavese in the UK and most of it is drunk locally. On Tuesday, we found #Vinisud2016 was trending on twitter alongside that other little event going on at the time, The Grammys (!).
When there is an exceptional vintage pronounced by the Consorzio it is worth taking notice. This was not just some Under the Tuscan Sun schtick. All my life and work has been about taste and smell. That’s why, to tone down his enthusiasm about the good wine we tried from the Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOC in Campania, I started to talk about rocks and soil types in vineyards. A wine wrapped in more of a disorientating fog for customers than a drive in a minibus around hairpin bends in the Italian Alps in winter.
The conquerers have been Greeks, Spanish, Arabs, Italian, and in the case of Marsala, the British.
The recent release of the 2010 vintage is one of these exceptional vintages where perfect conditions were met across most of the vineyards – north, south, east and west. For the wine lover, the market forces of the supermarket and EU have too often conquered Sicilian wines. Altare makes single-vineyard Barolo; Mascarello makes Barolo the traditional Piedmontese way from three to four cru vineyards. Sicily Tasted at London International Wine Fair, 18 May at Nero d’Avola Qualita masterclass. On the road to Tuscany, avoiding the main roads, we stopped off at a worker’s bar for lunch and a carafe of wine. Re-tasting Cascina Fontana Barolo 2010 – the last time I tasted this it was in the barrel in his winery in Piedmont. On the first day, the taste of the simple pasta with tomato sauce had tears well up in my eyes.

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