The usually bubbly Khloe was spotted on Tuesday, leaving the gym looking all sad and gloomy. Related How To QuestionsHow to text your girlfriend or boyfriend in a long distance relationship? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The strain of a heartbreaking divorce plus a messy split from a man who was just using her for fame; are dark clouds starting to gather in on Khloe Kardashian? And with a recent break-up from rapper French Montana this summer, Khloe has probably hit rock bottom and has a lot to reflect on. Pop Culture, Celebrity News, Gossip, Hot Topics, Fashion, Red Carpet, Glitz & Glamour, Real Life Issues, and Political Satire. I picked up this stripe tank in Best & Less the other day because neon is so EVERYWHERE right now and I felt a little left out. Comfortable, really cute with cuffed boyfriend jeans for that whole laid back, got stuff to do vibe and easy to wear.

I knew it would be perfect teamed with my light wash jeans that I’ve recently rediscovered in my wardrobe. I am putting my hand in the air as THE WORST when it comes to teasing people {cough, Liv} about loving and wearing their Crocs. Until I noticed another girl in the US who’s blog I follow is a Crocs ambassador really! Now they just need an online store so I can buy online to avoid mummy guilt dragging my toddlers around to go boring mummy shopping lol.
It wasn’t until I was looking for shoes heading out the door that I looked over and thought the Crocs sneakers would be a perfect match for not only the outfit but the running around I needed to do.
I wore these without socks {I’m a grub I know} and the soft plasticy base made fart noises as I walked. I?m really struggling to find local factories that make cool plus size clothes for my customers.
Last week I actually got into an argument with a factory owner ?cause they had a great selection of normal size clothes but their plus line was incredible dull.

And now seeing that they also do sneakers, I may just have to pay the Crocs outlet a lil visit!!! But that didn’t stop the team who do the PR for Crocs from sending me the press releases for new stock.
I really can?t understand their bussiness sense -don?t they realise that if they make cool plus size clothes, we?d pay for it?? Together, were strong enough to overcome the worst of the worst; Alone, we struggle to find meaning.

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