The scenario behind the email goes something like this: I am looking to hire someone to work with me on a long-term growing project that will be one of my priorities this year and going forward. Maybe this is a sign of everything that sucks about this project and, well, me, and everything I have ever done and anything I may ever do in the future. Maybe I need to do a better job of showing my excitement when presenting something with so much potential to a second person who knows nothing about it. Maybe not everything that I think needs to happen at a certain time and in a certain way will in fact happen at that certain time and in that certain way. Maybe I need to not check email first thing in the morning and wait, as I know is best for me, until I am sitting down at my desk in my office. Maybe I am trying to force and control and make things happen instead of allowing them to happen. And maybe, just maybe, when life sticks its tongue out at me, I don’t have to stick mine out back in response, nor do I have to cower in the corner and lick my wounds. Where are you crowding out possibilities by insisting something has to be one way or no way? Or maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason that the distribution of the normal curve has 50% below the mean?

When Vulture asked the 18-year-old actress what it was like to get fake married, she said, "Really weird.
I pushed to find the person who could work with me on this, despite being presented with the wrong one over and over. I have another option and it is time that I make that one my go-to: I can let it go before it becomes anything more and I can carry on with my important business. I know it’s not simple to do so, but it the long run, it will turn out much better for ya! I am a writer, a teacher, an author, a mom, a seeker of information and answers, and, like you, a lot more. She definitely has trust issues, so someone who's even remotely close to her, she really clings to.
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Without exception, each one has dropped the ball before we could even get to the part where I sign on the dotted line and pay them for their services.

I work primarily as a writer and teacher for corporations who have a lot to say but no one to help write it.
I think that if she and Tyrion became good friends, she'd probably wind up convincing herself she was in love with him. This morning’s email came from someone who twice failed to follow-up and now, according to the story, has too many new clients to pursue this project with me.
That person will make room, and you’ll wonder why you ever thought you had to do it yourself.
Sorry–had two cents burning a hole in my pocket.  Search on, Diogenes, but by all means, yes, wait til you get to your desk to read your email!

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