Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. I always thought Chris was just being annoying about the whole thing but it makes sense the other way. I promise you're gonna miss me being there, putting up with you, refusing to give up on you. I am sure he was on to my friend who is a prime target for the alien invasion that is happening all over the world and not just here in Kansas City.
Agent T of the MIB has been following him and keeping track of how he fits in with the human race.
It was just a few days ago, Friday in fact, when Chris mentioned that him and Agent T were going to meet at The Flying Saucer for drinks and to catch up. While he is very eccentric with people, he does have a hard time fitting in and acting normal. Chris never explained how he got Agent T to come out for drinks but it at least gave us some hope that he still wants to communicate with us and keep ties with us. Chris called us Saturday morning explaining how he wouldn’t be in that night due to personal reasons.

Agent T, fully aware of what Chris is, would invite him out to the bar for drinks and conversation. Each time we call him, it’s like he picks up but there is nothing but a weird, high-pitched static. Will Agent T and his group of secret military scientist perform freaky experiments on his alien corpse? But when your different ways start to become weird and illegal, that is when we can draw the line.
Not much time to really adapt to our way of life but has gained some knowledge of how we do things.
I am sure Chris got a kick out of it, thinking that Agent T had no idea how funny and ironic it is that they are at a bar that goes hand in hand with aliens.
Not missing like we need to put his face on a milk carton but missing like he hasn’t shown up to work for two weeks.
When you start to examine the facts and put them in a row, the jumbled mess of theories and all else unbelievable become sane and reasonable facts. I am sure we’ll be forced to make mammoth structures and monuments to our new, alien overlords.

A place with a name like that would put the alien in a comfort zone and his ways and secrets would be more prone to being blurted out.
It’s only a matter of time before he gets the internet police to shut down this site and protect the name of the government. I got a response that really got me thinking that he wasn’t the person we all thought he was.
Agent T was trying to get information from me about my friend and then after years of trying to contain him and keep him quiet about the government’s knowledge about alien life, they would have silenced another voice of reason. My friend is still safe and still voicing the government’s involvement in the upcoming alien invasion. Now that he went AWOL and were not communicating with him, those secrets and his hidden agenda is coming to light. His advanced (advanced for him) brain logs what he sees and learns and when the time comes to do the same project over, he can it verbatim.

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