TinyFist: Wait, trained dolphins are only like $5200 a piece?That's surprisingly inexpensive.
Maybe it’s the fact that he pushes off and leans into defenders and creates offensive foul-worthy contact every time he goes to the rim. Maybe it’s the fact that far too frequently he employs a sloppy euro-step (that more often than not should be called a travel) directly into well-positioned defenders, and not only does he avoid being called for the charge, but he usually ends up being gifted with a trip to the charity stripe.
So yeah, all of the above taken into consideration, I just can’t help but bubble over with hatred for the kid.

We hope you enjoyed it and if you want to get the pictures, simply just click right and save as to your computer. I don't know just what I'm gonna use them for, but I could put a few of those on my credit card.BRB. But these are all just supplementary justifications, because when it comes down to it, there’s just that certain indescribable something that makes me want to deliver one of these (holds up fist) right in his suckhole!
From my long ago memories the dolphins were used as spotters and as "fetch its" for the divers.

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