As Resident Evil 5 comes ever nearer to release, we continue to reflect on the past entires in the series and what makes us love them so much, even after all these years. Plus, Joshca’s feelings for Deniz grow on All That Matters, Wyatt and Jeffery bond on The Haves and the Have Nots, the return of Aussie drama Winners and Losers and Will tries to rescue a kidnapped child on River City. I’m glad to watch this show again, just so I can get my fill of the character Ben, or rather the totally hot actor who plays him. It was great to have Deniz refer to Roman as his one great love and that they’d still be together if Roman hadn’t died.
I’ll just have to accept that this show has a serious problem with pacing they are not going to fix. But back to Candace, I am curious that Amanda did say she’d heard Candace crying herself to sleep at times over her alleged past. I did think it was funny how Veronica tried to get Kathryn to tell her what everybody knows about Jeffery—that he’s gay, but Kathryn refused to be the one to break the very obvious information to her. It was interesting to find out that Celine and Jim had an affair to the point that he was in love with her and wanted her to leave her husband.
However, I can’t believe Seth would leave all that information on a flash drive and then ‘hide’ it in his unlocked office where anyone could walk in. I admit that Seth’s scheming has been fun to watch and the actor is clearly having fun playing the bitchy villain.
I wonder though if it will be the wrong victim in that someone will die, but we’ll later find out that they weren’t the intended target, but they grabbed the wrong parachute or they were switched or something and the real target is out there and so is the person who wants them dead. But please show, PLEASE, stop having Lucas just barge into Menno’s office unannounced with silly presents and cakes and pies.
Finally, I think that Greg Vaughn is doing a terrific job as Eric deals with the aftermath of being sexually assaulted by Kristen.
I wonder when we’ll find out that Kristen is pregnant as a result of her sexytimes with Eric. I’ve been complaining for weeks about Hollyoaks and their lack of plot logic and continuity, but this past week they finally did something that made sense.
I’m loving the twisted story of Paul being stalked and taunted by someone who knows he killed Lynsey and his misguided belief that it’s Myra behind it.
Well, if I didn’t know it before, and I think I did, Neighbours has confirmed to me that they’ll never give Chris a fully fleshed out romantic life like they do every other character. The show just had this big story arc about Josh and Amber where Don didn’t want Josh and Amber dating. It’s also nice that they cast a person of color as Chris’ boyfriend and neither that or his sexuality isn’t factor in the storyline. EastEnders — Danny Pennant is back in town and Michael is jealous of the time he’s spending with Janine. Neighbours — Chris finds out that Hudson is taking performance enhancing drugs, being forced to do so by Don. Days of Our Lives — After Sonny spends the night partying with Brent, Will worries even more if Sonny regrets the life choices he’s made.
People of the Valley — As Gethin is haunted by memories, Iolo looks for a way to help him…. Have and The Have Nots — Wyatt and Jeffrey wonder what to do with the dirt they have on Candace…. Ben is a jerk, always has been and I hate that he’s treated Bea so badly after he cheated on her with Katja. Of course, we’ll have to forget that Roman had broken up with Deniz and was sleeping with someone else not too long before Roman’s demise, shall we?
They’ll just drop a story for an episode or two and fill it with pretty much dead air so they don’t have to move forward with anything.
Jeffery is clearly in love with Wyatt, but I’m not sure if it’ll be a real romance or something Wyatt uses to his own advantage.
This week is the show’s final week before the season finale next week so I’d say 3 or 4 at the most. He’s a smart guy, too smart to come up with such a devious plan and leave the evidence out so openly. I loved the line where Harper told Seth he can’t blackmail her forever and Seth replied ‘Then I better make the most of it’.
It was set up very well, with plenty of suspects with different motives for wanting to kill someone. To whit, if Will and Sonny were straight, Brent would be an ex of Sonny’s out to get him back and lure him back to his old life.
But it’s a reminder of how rarely the show has shirtless men when they used to do it every episode, even when it made no sense. It’s so funny that people still hate Doug for the ‘crime’ of coming between Ste and Brendan, when it was Brendan’s abuse keeping them apart. Vincent and George care about each other and are falling in love, even though it makes no sense whatsoever. And when we did see them for their first date, they spent the entire time moving forward the straight folks’ stories. Don felt that dating was a distraction for his swimmers and it ultimately broke Josh and Amber up.
But despite all that, the characters are still treated like second class citizens and their story is merely a backdrop for the bigger story-lines involving the straight characters and their relationships.
When Roxy tells Michael about his affair with Syed last year, Michael is quick to tell Janine that Danny is gay. He insists Hudson stop, but Hudson is fearful that Don will drop him from the swim team if he does, even though Hudson’s health is suffering.
After a long hiatus, the show is finally returning for its second season this September, including hot gay couple Conor and Justin. The day began with the moat race (photos from that in the previous post.) Afterwards, Anthony Schultz had the first heat in the semi-finals.
Zombies are one thing, but once you start tossing Tyrants, giant snakes, and chainsaw-wielding maniacs into the mix, you hit upon something truly magical. I was glad that Bea finally got clued into what Ben did by seeing that picture of his tryst. But it was funny how Joscha looked at Deniz totally different after learning Deniz was bisexual, like checking him out in the shower.
They didn’t need for Jeffery and Wyatt to stumble across Candace’s escort website to figure her out.
Jeffery can’t deal with the truth either and it’s clear his friends know but won’t say anything as well. After all, he’s made a point of not having anything that could be traced back to him, so I don’t buy he’d be so sloppy.
But with Seth’s downfall right about the corner, I can only wonder if he’ll drag Henry down with him.
And I liked that the show ended with us not knowing who the victim was so we’ll have plenty of story to play out next season. Menno is a grown man and his putting up with such nonsense is not cute or funny, but diminishes his character by having him indulge Lucas. Besides, we know how it will play out, Sonny will end up, as usual, doing all the work in the relationship to convince Will to believe in them, rather than have Will do any self-reflection on why he continues to mistrust what he has.
I still wonder why the show is putting the whole thing on the backburner though, along with Nick’s plans with Vargas.
But when I saw that shower set all I could think was that was the same shower Will and Sonny were in awhile back. Doug finally faced that he was still in love with Ste and he couldn’t pretend anymore, even though he knew Ste didn’t want him.

I just hope he realizes that Myra isn’t stalking him (let’s face it, Myra is not bright enough to pull this off) before his plan to kill her is implemented. The show is running a storyline where they are discussing the kids using protection during sex, something Chris needn’t worry about apparently. Chris later told his friends that he and Hudson had a nice time and would keep dating (and they had other off-screen dates), but it would have been nice if we had of seen some of it so we can actually care about and invest in this relationship. I think the show should start with fixing that before patting themselves on the back in regards to having gay characters on their show. Still, Janine hires Danny to do some work for her based on his past business successes he’s told her about.
Later, when a suspicious Josh asks about what is going on, Chris tells Josh Hudson’s secret.
When we last saw them, Conor was still hiding his sexuality, but had agreed to spend Christmas in London with his Justin. Congrats to active pro, Trevor Colden for getting 4th place, & also congrats to Luan Oliveira for winning it all! We sorted through many of the infected to come up with a collection of ten of our favorite bosses from the wwhole franchise, from its humble beginnings in the original Resident Evil, all the way to the copious amounts of fearsome foes in Resident Evil 4. Speaking of that picture, or rather the person who planted it, I could do without the excessive smarm of Can’s character.
And like rushing into joining that broken-down soccer club, he’ll get involved with Melanie to run from those feelings, I bet.
Candace’s way of handling the situation with Jeffery wasn’t exactly subtle (but that’s something Candace is not), but I did like Candace telling Jeffery that you only get one life and he needs to live it for himself. Of course, he wouldn’t have been found out otherwise, so I guess that only reason for that plot contrivance.
Then again, after Seth is caught and probably jailed for insider trading, there won’t be much use for Henry, I guess.
Already there’s clearly going to be conflict because Menno will no doubt be heading the investigation and Lucas already has information that could prove important because of that damning phone call made by Ludo. Maybe he could worry about being so consumed with Will and the baby that he fears losing himself, but eventually he realizes he’s exactly where he wants to be, sacrifices and all. I mean why would the decision to go forward be totally based on the word of someone who has every reason to lie? And a priest expecting a baby is explosive drama to be sure, especially since Kristen is supposedly barren and it would tie Kristen to Marlena and John forever. After all Doug was totally in love with Ste and they were married (I nearly fell over when the show finally addressed that fact that Ste and Doug were still spouses) and because Ste is still a daily part of his life, Doug never had a chance to get over him. And I loved Paul’s crazy plan to fake Jacqui’s death, though I really don’t buy that Trevor would fall for it.
But it isn’t just the sex issue or that the show avoids gay intimacy of any kind, they’re not even telling a story that includes all the beats. But since the entire coupling only serves to help other story-lines, Chris new ‘romance’ is merely a plot point. Furthermore, given how strict Don is with his athletes, he’s okay with having an openly gay swimmer on his team?
Jealous of Danny’s presence, Michael digs up more dirt and finds out that Danny is currently unemployed.
Josh tries to use the information to blackmail Don into letting him out of his contract, but Don refuses, reminding Josh who has the upper hand. He gets his answer when he and Danny kiss, but later Danny makes a secret phone call and tells the person on the line that he loves them. It really takes away from what could be a fun, charming, doofus of a guy and turns him into an unlikeable pig. I just wonder if Deniz will ever return Joscha’s feelings or will he just help him out the closet.
But David wasn’t even in this week’s show, nor was there any mention made or suspense drawn from this major plot point. Interesting that his master plan was to always get control of the hospitals, sell them and reap the profits and retire with Henry, especially since he’s always treated Henry like an afterthought.
I have no idea who the victim could be, but I hope it’s Wiet, who’s the most annoying, pointless character on the show. I guess more annoying is that we’re not seeing a whit of growth or maturity in Lucas’ character and I thought we might finally get that in his relationship with Menno. I think though that Kristen will reunite with Brady and at first try and pass it off as his. I mean, did anyone really believe that Doug was over Ste when he popped up back in town shortly after they split in the airport? With Chris and Aidan, as much as they didn’t see any serious action (except for a couple of kisses), at least we saw some of their love story play out on screen. I can’t even get into things like chemistry and what not because the show isn’t giving us enough time together with Chris and Hudson as a couple for me to judge. Then again, there are world famous openly gay swimmers, such as Matthew Mitchum, who is Australian, so perhaps the show not making an issue of it is simply a reflection of that. When Hudson finds out what Chris has done, he breaks up with him and tells him to butt out of his life.
And be sure to let us know who your favorite bosses are by posting in the comments section. Instead the show spent most of the hour showing Wyatt, Jeffery and Amanda trying to lure Candace out of the bathroom while she giggled at them. I also loved that talk between Adrienne and JJ about Jack, which was so real and warm and well acted.
After all, it’s not like Days hasn’t played that same beat several times in the past few years, right? That’s different from Ste, who actually did use and manipulate Doug all during their time together (something he still has never copped to) and he’s still using and manipulating Doug’s emotions in order to get Doug away from John Paul because he’s feeling lonely. Pleased about the work he’s done for her, Janine decides to keep Danny around, infuriating Michael. Meanwhile as part of his plot to kill Myra, Paul asks Trevor to do the job, but Trevor wants $100,000 for the hit. We'll be putting together a Reader's Choice feature next week, so now's your chance to make your vote heard. I didn’t like Doug hurting John Paul like that, and I wish the show had given them a shot at working out, but it wasn’t meant to be. Paul agrees to sell drugs in the club to come up with the money and uses Ste as his dealer. In other news, Ste’s estranged mother Pauline shows up in town and Tony sees her at the hospital.
Oh and T making that comment about Gabi going after gay men ignores that Gabi didn’t know Will was gay when she slept with him. Lisa is the daughter of George Trevor, the man who designed the mansion for Ozwell Spencer. Sonny is only on Sami’s side because she’s Will’s mom, not out of any real feeling for Sami. After eliminating George, Lisa and her mother were subjected to a series of horrific medical experiments. For her part, Lisa developed a pathological desire to be reunited with her mother, who she had inadvertently killed. As Lisa became increasingly insane, she murdered other Umbrella employees and added to her growing mask collection.
He was inexperienced, having gone through 38 simulated drops, but only one previous combat drop.

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine encountered Lisa several times during their exploration, but found her all but impossible to wound.
It wasn't until they exhumed the corpse of Jessica Trevor that the crazed Lisa was finally satiated and seemingly killed herself. Subverted ironically when he does much better when personally faced with danger and others to make the decisions.
Better to Die Than Be Killed: Surrounded by Aliens, he and Vasquez blow themselves up instead. As Wesker fled the mansion's self destruct sequence, he was forced to fend off Lisa at every turn. While he is panicky and quick to freeze when acting as Mission Control, he shows no cowardice in actual combat which makes his fear having responsibility for others than his own self. Ultimately, Lisa was trapped under debris and left to die in the massive explosion that wiped Spencer Mansion off the map. The Ditherer: Gorman is indecisive and panicky, often freezing in difficult situations that call for leadership.
Establishing Character Moment: One of Gorman's earliest scenes establish his poor commanding skill, when he confuses Hudson with Hicks, allows Apone to discipline the marines and tries to compensate by being needlessly harsh with his orders.
Heroic BSOD: Has one briefly when it seems the most of the squad has been killed and no one left is listening to his orders.
Heroic Sacrifice: He and Vasquez detonate a grenade, killing themselves with a score of aliens. The Peter Principle: Implied to be the case for Gorman, who is competent and brave when in personal danger like an ordinary soldier, yet can't handle the responsibility of being in a command position. Tap on the Head: He's knocked out by some overhead boxes, taking him out of the fight until they return to Hadley's Hope.
Weak-Willed: Contributes to his inability to effectively assert his authority over the Marines under his command. May be part of the reason why he was selected for the mission by Burke, who uses him to issue orders that further his own purposes. Cigar Chomper: He apparently keeps some in his hypersleep chamber, since he puts one in his mouth seconds after getting up. Fate Worse Than Death: APC readouts show he isn't killed in the attack, making it more likely he was cocooned by the xenomorphs. Reasonable Authority Figure: When Ripley asks if she could help them out with the Loaders, he allows her to do so and is impressed at how much of a natural she is with them. Sacrificial Lion: You'd be forgiven for thinking he was going to impact the story more than he did. Apone's demise serves to show that even lovable badasses are not immune to a horrible Fate Worse Than Death. We can't afford to let one of those bastards in here."One of the Colonial Marines who took charge when the squad's Sergeant Apone was taken alive by the Aliens and commanding officer Lt. He was later wounded after a burst of acid from an alien encounter began to burn through his armor.While not comfortable taking over the role as squad leader, his demeanor, unlike the machismo bravado of other squad members showed a thoughtful intelligence.
Sincere and impartial, he was open to any suggestions as to how to defeat the Alien invasion.Trope Namer for Stay Frosty. Let's not forget that he was the one that peered into the ceiling vents for xenomorphs, then immediately took point on top of a desk to defend the group. Bandage Boy: After getting a face full of Xenomorph blood, he spends the remainder of the movie bandaged up. Beware the Quiet Ones: Next to the other marines, he prefers not to make a show of his badassery and while he's not adverse to wisecracks, he tends to keep them to a minimum, preferring to get the job done and boy does he get it done! Nerves of Steel: After his unit gets largely wiped out, unlike Gorman, (who freezes up under pressure and then gets knocked out) Hudson, (who becomes a nervous wreck) and Vasquez, (who enters a murderous rage) Hicks never once loses his cool. Nice Guy: Promises to protect Ripley should anything happen, but respects her strength and ability to take care of herself just the same. William Hudson"We're on the express elevator to hell, going down!"Played By: Bill Paxton"That's it, man. However, he soon cracked under large amounts of stress after most of his Marine squad were taken during the Alien attack in the hive. Badass: While it may not seem like it, Hudson actually does back up his Badass Boast when push comes to shove. Badass Boast: In the Special Edition Hudson attempts one that even uses the word "badass" as often as he can. Fuck you!" Bash Brothers: Following Drake's death, he settles into a somewhat begrudging Bash Brothers relationship with Vasquez.
Defiant to the End: He may have been something of a panicky, whiny bitch up 'til then, but when his time comes to buy it on that rock, he damn sure doesn't go out like one.
Doomed Contrarian: Constantly questions the actions of his team-mates, and meets a grizzly (but brave) end.
Friend to All Children: While the others were preoccupied with stopping the facehugger from getting Ripley, he himself killed the one that was going after Newt. Hudson spits down it and then tells Vasquez, who is standing next to him, to quit fooling around Large Ham: Bill Paxton decided to play the obnoxious team jokester by swallowing the scenery whole: "I am the ultimate badass! You do NOT wanna fuck with me!" Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Hudson is obnoxious, overbearing, immensely arrogant and can come across as a coward who crumbles under pressure.
Non-Action Snarker: Though, in this case, "Non-Action" refers more to not taking action or doing anything constructive, rather than not kicking ass, which he does do later. Only a Flesh Wound: Unlike with Drake, Vasquez and Hicks, Hudson recovered quickly after taking a spray of acid blood to his left arm.
Hudson might seem like a dumb grunt, but he's responsible for the technical work in the squad, hacking open the main door on the marine's arrival, being the primary motion sensor operator (and the first to locate something with it, though it turned out to be hamsters), later tasked with pulling blueprints of the facility from the computer system (work that seemed to help him regain his composure) and is also the one seen setting up the emplaced sentry guns.
In the Special Edition, he correctly theorizes the nature of the Xenomorph's insect ecology as well. Vasquez survived the hive and helped seal off the complex from the aliens.Trope Namer for Vasquez Always Dies. Action Girl: Vasquez is a Blood Knight with a massive gun, always willing to throw herself into the action.
She's also one of the very few characters in the series to physically attack an alien, as seen when she slams a xenomorph's head into the wall of the air-duct with the heel of her boot and blasts the shit out of it with her hand-gun.
Better to Die Than Be Killed: Along with Gorman, they blow themselves up instead of facing death by Xenomorph. In real life Goldstein even went on to found a famous clothing company that makes bras in extra large cup sizes.
Establishing Character Moment: Chin-ups and a demolishing comeback against Hudson immediately establish her tomboyish martial prowess, her sharp tongue and her comradeship with Drake.
It Has Been an Honor: In her cantankerous style, her Last Words "You always were an asshole, Gorman" also carry the implication of such an acknowledgment. She also gives Gorman the "power grip", her ritual for greeting and departure she only shared with the chosen few like Drake.
Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Nice Job Shooting that Alien With Exploding Rounds and Killing Your Boyfriend, Vasquez. This leads to a minor Heroic BSOD where she wants to go back for him, but circumstances prevent her from doing so.

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