It’s that time again to give you a glimpse of some Sexy Hump Day Babes from all the country. This image refers specifically to that middle of the week, where a worker reaches the crest of the uphill journey and begins to pace downward toward the end of the week. There is some dispute about whether Wednesday is truly “hump day.” When the expression emerged, many people worked a six-day week, and had only Sunday as a day of rest.
Looking at the course of a seven-day week that starts on Monday, Thursday is the fourth day of the week and in the direct middle. Though many may view hump day as a very positive thing, Wednesday has had a bad reputation at times. Whatever anybody says, all I care about is these beautiful and sexy ladies enjoying the Hump Day! It may be growing up in California, it might be culture in general, but I've always assumed that only skinny women with big boobs have value.

The term represents the idea that a week can be visualized as a mound or hill that a person climbs, with Wednesday typically being the middle or peak of the week. Monday and Tuesday are days when a person “climbs” up, since they are the beginning or start of a traditional work week. Someone with a tedious job or who works especially hard can find it comforting to reach “hump day.” At that point, the weekend does not seem so far off as when he or she started work on Monday. Yet, many people count the beginning of the week as Sunday, and that makes Wednesday the true middle, regardless of the use of “hump day” in reference to working.
An old rhyme that describes children born on each day portrays children born on Wednesday as “full of woe.” Wednesday may be thought of as gray days, unhappy days, or unlucky days according to folk literature. There is some disagreement over which day of the week should be the “hump,” since it varies depending on when a person works and how a week begins.
At the end of Wednesday, the worker has reached the pinnacle of the week, and work on Thursday and Friday represents climbing back down toward the weekend.

For people working a schedule other than Monday through Friday, there may be a different middle day that is appropriate for them. Nevertheless, for many working people, the arrival of hump day is cause for cheering, and whether that day is windy or gray, it still means that the weekend is close at hand. There are other sources for negative associations with Wednesdays, and few holidays are regularly celebrated on this day.

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