When Bruno Mars won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal, he told his girlfriend Jessica Caban that he loved her. Here’s all you need to know about 30-year-old dancer, model and actress who caused a Grammy stir.
In a nationwide search, JLo chose Jessica to represent New York in a competition to model her clothing line. PHOTOS: Jessica Caban, Bruno Mars’ GirlfriendBruno Mars' girlfriend caused a stir at the Grammys when she frowned during a dedication to Mars' late mother.

Jessica doesn’t deserve bruno after that reaction when he was dedicate an award to his mother!!! But when Mars dedicated the award to his late mother, the camera caught Jessica’s expression, which was a frown.
Hopefully she doesn’t make any waves at the Super Bowl, where her boyfriend is headlining the halftime show.
The prize included $10,000, a modeling contract with Q Management, and a feature in Latina magazine.

There’s a scene where Mars brings Jessica roses and then defends her against a gunman.
Click here to read morePHOTOS: Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl Halftime Show PerformanceSee the best pictures of Mars' big-time performance at the big game.

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