Just like their living counterparts, the ghost Sims that EA recently added to The Sims 4 are a little different than their predecessors.
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See, the SimsVIP article wasn't offering players a full-fledged mod like some of the appropriately wacky, occasionally morbid, and always amazing ones that have already started to appear for The Sims 4.
Alexis, the player who started SimsVIP back in 2011 and has run it ever since, explained to me in an email that she'd collaborated with an influential Sims modder who goes by the handle TwistedMexican and is currently best known for maintaining a massive list of cheats for The Sims 4.

For me, as a storyteller in my game, that was just enough." From Alexis's perspective, the cheat is a useful way for the "storyteller" type of Sims player—such as those in the Machinima community. She acknowledged that it's not as robust as a proper mod which will undoubtedly come to The Sims 4 sometime soon, and told me that TwistedMexican is already toying around with additional tweaks and cheats related to it.
But when I first asked if she considered the cheat a half-measure to tide over people who felt nostalgic for ghost babies until a full mod arrives, she was firm on one key point: ghost Sims definitely become pregnant, in some sense of the term,when using this cheat. I pressed her on this point a bit, and she ultimately conceded that what actually matters, from her perspective, is "how players want a ghost to look pregnant, even if they're really not." "It's the illusion that's helps storytellers and 'normal' players get a little extra out if it," Alexis concluded.
I got a response from Jovan Jovic, a player who runs another popular Sims blog Sims Community, that helped me understand the import of the matter.
Lyndsay Pearson, a senior producer on The Sims 4, had this to say when I asked why they'd chosen to omit pregnancy and childbirth from the new ghost Sims' feature set: The decision for our ghosts not to become pregnant was based on the fact that we wanted them to be captured at the moment of death, just like we imagine they would be in real life.
We love that our players are trying to challenge the boundaries of our game and are creating content that surprises and delights the studio team. If Alexis and TwistedMexican have anything to say about it, I'm sure pregnancy—full pregnancy—will make its way to ghost Sims sooner rather than later.

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