Ending a relationship with your girlfriend is often a difficult decision, especially if you have shared true love and enjoyed many great times together.
Imagine if you accidentally get her pregnant and you then have to pay her child support for life, or have to live with her and raise the child, even though you’re not in love with her. Breaking up a long term relationship is where things get tricky, especially if you want her friends and family to still like you. Offering to be her friend simply leaves the door open for a clingy woman to think that there is a chance of reconciliation if she just plays her cards right. If you want the relationship to be over, you need to make a clean break and be firm that you want out of the relationship for good.
You have to be clear and tell her, “I don’t want this to become a messy break up for us both.
The last thing you want is to accidently get her pregnant and then be stuck with her for life, or to fall back in love with her and then have her break up with you as a way of gaining emotional control over you.
When a guy can’t work up the courage to break up with a woman on his own, he will sometimes begin to behave like an asshole to her.
After helping 100s guys to get their ex back, I have come across many cases where a guy really wanted to break up with a girl, but then drove her away by being an asshole or rejecting her desire for him to commit to marriage or to move in together.
Then, when the woman had enough and broke up with him, he struggled to pick up new women and then began to miss her. Tell her that she will probably hate you for a while for breaking up with her, but she will most-likely end up thanking you for breaking up a relationship that needed to end. On the other hand, if she is normally composed, then choose a more private space to end it, but preferably not in your apartment because if she doesn’t want the break up it will probably take hours to get her out.
Just don’t take what she is saying seriously because she will be in a highly-emotional state and will probably say many horrible things to you in the heat of the moment.
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The conversation lasted only a minute just small talk but ever since she rang IM left wondering as to why now she choose to get in contact with me, Im hoping she rings again so I can ask her. Then you have your answer and you will either be moving on or getting back with her by the sound of it. Some time back I left my laptop and phone in my place, and she came over while I was out and went through my texts and facebook messages.

OK I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM, I WAS DATING A GIRL FOR ALMOST 8 MONTHS, 5 OF THOSE MONTHS WE WERE BF AND GF.. Whenever I spoke to an attractive women, I would always doubt myself and starting feeling insecure or nervous.
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I want us to stop seeing each other because I don’t want to lead you on or for us to get more involved in a relationship that is most-likely going to end soon anyway.
If she really likes you, she’s most-likely going to offer to give you some space for a while or to remain your friend.
When you are in a relationship with a woman that you truly want to be with, you will not be thinking about breaking up with her. She then had all the power and he started begging, pleading and offering the world to come back to him. Tell her that you love her, respect her and think she is beautiful, but you just don’t want to be in a relationship with her.
She may not be able to see that now because it hurts to get broken up with, but she will eventually see it.
If she has her own apartment, go there and do it so you can make a fairly easy exit after all is said and done. As long as she isn’t getting violent or overly crazed, let her get what she wants to say off her chest and hear her out. I understand if you want to see me as an asshole right now, but I really do love you and care about you.
I tried to use that invasion of privacy as an excuse to break up with her, but then she got all crying and apologetic and I couldn’t. Hopefully your child grows up to change the world in a positive way and if it weren’t for getting this woman pregnant, none of it would have happened. Just tell her that you think it’s best that you stop seeing each other and if your feelings change in future, you will call her.

Let her know that you have realized that you and her are not a perfect match and you want to break the relationship up now, rather than living a lie. Breaking up will seem like the silliest, most irrelevant, unnecessary thing to ever do in the relationship. I’m going to go now, so if you want to scream at me some more over the phone, I will answer your call and let you vent. I've already helped thousands of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. As a consolation, maybe you can feel happy for being generous enough to share your panicked comment here, because it might now prevent another guy (who reads this) from impregnating a girl he’s not truly compatible with either. Lately though I feel like I need to move away from the big city and seek a simpler, quieter life. Despite you and her breaking up, the Earth kept spinning and everyone else kept getting on with their life. View customer success stories, browse my products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women. She does not want this and prefers to stay here in the city where her aging parents and sons live. She will need to deal with her pain on her own, but you need to move on, get a job and go after that better life you seek. I wanna go on parties every day, wanna bang someone different every weekend, like my single friends. The problem is we belong to several social groups, biking, sailing, and other singles clubs.
Should I continue going to these functions, many around the Christmas holiday where I would see her or not.

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