Relationship break ups are never easy and someone is always going to get hurt in the process.
When guys get hurt after being dumped by a girlfriend they love, it can be a real blow to their confidence. If you were in the type of relationship where your entire world revolved around your girlfriend and you had no important interests outside of the relationship, it’s understandable that not having her in your life anymore will make you feel that you need her back. However, your neediness may well be the reason why your girlfriend chose to end the relationship in the first place. She senses that she is responsible for his emotional security and sense of identity, rather than him being a real man who has big goals in life and is going after them with passion, confidence and determination, rather than hiding behind her and the relationship. When a girlfriend begins to pull back her interest in a boyfriend who has no real purpose in life, he will usually react by feeling needy, insecure or getting to the point where he is unable to control his jealousy. Acting in a needy, jealous or overly-protective manner is a complete turn off for women. Some guys make the mistake of thinking that if they show their girlfriend how concerned they are about losing her, it will get her to realize how strong his love is for her. Women don’t want to get caught up in a relationship that is based on needy, insecure love. If you’re saying, “I need my ex-girlfriend back,” you may be one of the guys who have made the mistake of making your girlfriend your purpose in life.
Saying, “I need my ex-girlfriend back” is one thing, but doing something about it to get her back is another. Neediness very often results in desperate acts, but desperation is another trait that is not attractive in a man.
It’s not unusual for a guy who is desperate to get an ex to change her mind to resort to begging and pleading with her to be given a second chance. Another mistake guys make is thinking that they can recruit the help of her friends to get her to change her mind. They try to accidently-on-purpose bump into their ex’s friends and then they make sure the message gets across about how devastated he is by the break up and how desperate he is to be given a second chance … if she would only just talk to him … if she would just reconsider, etc. If you really “need” your ex-girlfriend back, you need to show her through your thinking and actions that you’ve taken steps to become a better man than the man she dumped. When some guys feel that their life is not worth living without their ex-girlfriend in it, they’ll very often choose to hide away from the world and wallow in self-pity for a while. If any of this resonates with you, you need to ask yourself, “Which part of wallowing in self-pity and threatening self-harm is showing my ex-girlfriend that I’m a guy she should want to have back in her life?” The answer is none of it – exactly!

If you’re making or have already made any of the above mistakes, you’re making it extremely unlikely that your ex-girlfriend will even consider the idea of taking you back. You need to show her that you’ve figured out the mistakes you made that led to her losing attraction for you and falling out of love with you and you’ve learned from them. You need to show her through your attitude and behavior that you’ve taken action to make improvements and you’ve become a better, much more sexually attractive man as a result – a man she feels she needs to have back in her life. Only when you make your ex-girlfriend feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you, will she then become interested in you again.
From there, you need to make sure that you make her feel like her life would be so much better off with you in it.
View customer success stories, browse our products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man). In addition to simply avoiding him, you have to continue to move your life in a forward direction. Once a man senses that his ex has moved on, he will automatically question whether or not he really wants it to be over. Almost all exes keep an eye on their former partners, either via mutual friends or social media. It's never a good sign if your ex only called one time, possibly to stop by and get his things. Over time the awkwardness will pass for the both of you, and you'll eventually start missing each other.
Although it might seem pretty strange, some guys will feel the need to call and tell you when they've moved on. Last by not least, if your exboyfriend called for your opinion on something it means he still holds you in high regard.
Feeling down and out, a guy may end up thinking that he’ll never manage to attract another quality woman into his life or that no other woman will ever be able to take the place of his ex-girlfriend.
Women are naturally attracted to confident men who have purpose in life, meaning they have lots going on other than their relationship and they pursue their own interests as well as doing things together as a couple. They want a guy who loves them and wants them, but who doesn’t need them for his emotional security.
Begging and pleading is not attractive and will only convince her that her decision to dump him was the right one.

Not only is it embarrassing for her and for her friends, it shows you to be a guy who doesn’t have what it takes to stand on his own two feet and work things out for himself. They’ll stop going out or meeting up with friends and they’ll sit alone at home licking their wounds, and probably not taking very good care of themselves in general. If you also approach things correctly and cause her to feel jealous that you’re so happy and confident without her, she will then begin to feel like she is losing you. We've already helped 1,000s of guys to achieve amazing success with women and we would love to help you too. Most of us can admit to at least one occurrence, if not a hundred, in which we talked and talked when we should have been quiet.
The only way to get him to the point of missing you and also the point where he wonders whether he wants you with anyone else is to live your life to the fullest, as separate and apart from him as possible. Showing him that you can live without him will push a psychological trigger within your ex boyfriend that will make him question not only the break up but a future without you too. If you spend time each day plotting a way to get your ex boyfriend to talk with you, you’re never going to get the man to miss you. Keep the details to a minimum but share enough that your ex’s mind will start to wander into places that include you moving on and leaving him behind.
The fact of the matter is that men and women just don’t process a break up the same way. While you may spend your days missing your ex boyfriend like mad, he may only think of you occasionally.
In other words, you drop out of his sight, and his world, without a word and without a trace. Even close friends have a habit of sharing secret information if they’re presented with an opportunity to confess all to a mutual acquaintance.
Or is there still a way to get the guy to finally see that you are the one and only perfect partner for him?
Before you give up on your desire to get your ex to miss you, it’s worth noting that many broken relationships, regardless of how painful the split was, can be brought back to life.

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