This is an inclusive and family-friendly blog dedicated to the beautiful love between two ladies. My girlfriend and I meeting for the first time in Los Angeles January 3rd, 2013 =) We went to Anime Los Angeles and it was the greatest time! Whether you meet another expat or a Vietnamese person you like, and you start to become close, there is always that question looming in the shadows: When are you leaving? Of course there are foreigners who’ve lived here for many years, and plan to stay for many more.
But one thing that I’ve learned is that, no matter what, a foreigner can never become Vietnamese. Some new and unexpected Government regulation, for example, might make it impossible to stay. I wish I had some better pictures of us but all my photos are everywhere and I’m not a big one for being in pics as it is.

When you look in someone’s eyes and you can see their soul, their ambition, and their love for you and life, you know you are looking into the eyes of your soul mate. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but it has honestly made our relationship stronger. It went by SO fast but we’ve had the luck to be able to meet up 2 more times after this visit.
I’m asleep in my bed in my apartment at the end of Ly Van Phuc Street - the tiny road famous for late night chicken. I answer and immediately recognize the voice - it’s my girlfriend, calling from halfway around the world. They run businesses, learn to speak Vietnamese, marry into Vietnamese families, have children. This means that, even if someone from another country considers this home, Vietnam will never be truly theirs.

I’ve had some crappy times with relationship, but she is my everything and I learned to love love again. This girl has changed my life in the time I’ve known her and has given me so much confidence to be me.
When I’m with her, she makes me feel like there are no worries or anything in the world, that I can be calm and just be happy. But I love her more than anything in the world and she makes me smile, and laugh all the time. Im so happy that we got back together♥ I need her in my life to keep my head on straight, and to make me feel better when im sad.

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