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If your former partner has unhelpfully taken back their clothing from your possession so you can't get busy with the scissors, you have the option of getting your doll made from a range of fabrics, including demin, paisley, gingham or floral material.
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I realize it's April Fools Day but I just started up the Rafflecopter giveaway yesterday and it doesn't launch them until midnight unless you pay money for it.
My First Impressions of Titanfall had me really excited for the game within my first couple of hours of playing. Continuing to play since I wanted to get the most out of the Beta that I could led to my Second Impressions I had a much better idea of how to wall run and I was doing pretty good at it. Finally, I hacked a Spectre for the first time in the Beta and immediately fell in love with bots. The newest addition that was very special to me is the Case File System which adds extra depth to detective mode when scanning crime scenes. Someone has been shot for example.
The boss fights were epic because of the scene, and the combat itself was different than your regular fights, stepping things up by a lot. There are very cool scripted side missions you can do related to the assassin's hunting you, but what I really like are the random crime sprees being reported on Batmans police scanner.
One down-side to the open world is the voices for the criminals and the police are exactly the same from group to group. Tomb Raider 2013 introduced me to the strongest and most heroic character I've ever played as so far.
Lara is out on her first expedition when a storm leaves her and her team shipwrecked on an island.
I got to see why and how Lara became not only a lone adventurer, but the truest survivor I have ever known.
With a beautiful and mood setting soundtrack, great voice acting, stunning visuals, and some of the bloodiest combat I've seen, Tomb Raider is a truly exceptional experience.
The gameplay is very similar to Diablo style games but offers you control with the W, A, S, and D keys. I want to tell you how mana works because I think it's pretty cool and is the reason that it's necessary to switch between your combat styles. There are multiple paths to take while traversing the world and dungeons but it is pretty linear.
Dusty Revenge was released today on the OnLive (<— click to demo in your browser) service. Just in case you still haven't found the time to watch this awesome video, I wrote an article detailing all the cool new gameplay elements and highlights of it. Once you go "Strike Mode", you can lock onto multitudes of targets to launch missiles, which is required on the very first mission you acquire the suit. Once I started getting into the game I couldn't help but think it could have been named "Heavy Snow", being the predecessor of Heavy Rain and it's always snowing. During the QTE's I have the arrow keys taking the place of the right analog stick of a controller. For the dialogue scenes you hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse left, right, up, and down for your different choices.
If you've played and enjoyed Heavy Rain but, like me, you never experienced Indigo Prophecy, pick it up. With all of OnLive's new releases, I just throw myself into it and see what the newest game on the platform is like. It's definitely not a racing game I've been used to, since I haven't played a real sim in so long.
One of my first steps back into the game had me killing three dudes at once with one shot from each of my duel-wielded shotguns. She's full of tricks and knowledge because she read a lot of books while trapped in a tower. Beauty & the Beast anyone? Everywhere I walked in the game had me gaping and saying aloud, "Wow!" To me it was magical to see all the different buildings floating in the sky. Another cool thing is that while Elizabeth travels with you everywhere, she stays out of your way.
Another thing I was annoyed by were parts in the game where you open a tear in the fabric of time and space or whatever. With how much hype there is over the game I was definitely expecting more and I think that kind of ruined my overall experience.
Much like Halo, by the time I played it I couldn't believe people were acting like it was the best game ever. Apparently you can still be a part of the game while on your tablet by playing in Commander Mode.
There was a pretty epic scene of soldiers jumping out of a building that was about to explode and pulled the string for their parachute at the last second! Apparently you can even join in on a tablet as a police officer giving commands to a helicopter in a chase.
They emphasized over and over about the small details they've worked on to make the games more realistic.
I haven't played sports games in quite a long time so I'm just reporting on this for you readers. Bruce Buffer gave a beautiful performance of announcing the head of EA sports, the president of the UFC and a couple UFC champs to talk about the game. They also showed off quite a bit of Titanfall, that game looks incredible and I'm going to see if I can make a dedicated post on that alone, that's how impressed I was.
I am a "graphics whore." I think that may be partly due to the fact that I spent many years as an artist. A problem I run into because of my love for the finer details is that I simply cannot afford a PC to get the best out of it, dangit!
If you're curious about why I'm talking about PC and not consoles, it's simply due to playing more often on my PC lately than my consoles, that is all. The main reason to being a graphics whore, I believe, is just simply due to the evolution of video games. I enjoy games like Hotline Miami and They Bleed Pixels and those graphics look old to me, I do consider them "bad" compared to today's standards of course, I think it's silly not to. When gamers say "graphics don't matter," not only can I not help and think to myself "a real gamer would not say that" (while I know some people think the opposite) but it's also an insult to the game designers and artists. Here's a list of Indie games that show me these designers and developers really put their heart and soul into the games and obviously far more time and effort than someone that put together a game that looks like it belongs on the Atari. That's not counting the one's I probably forgot (these are off the top of my head) or haven't discovered, and also ignoring Free2Play games.
Basically good graphics to me is this, "ooh shiny!" But I definitely notice the details, the small intricate details that show off the beauty of these illusions and dreams, these creations. Battlefield 3: I'm not a huge fan of shooting games, I love them just like I love others but they're not on the top of my list of favorites as far as genres go. I completed this game around at least four months ago if not longer and I can still picture my first time on the aircraft carrier in the game.
And as I've said before, if I have a choice between a game that has worse graphics or better graphics but offers the same experience, there's no competition, graphics win. I'm not a super major fan and follower of the series or anything but I enjoy all video games. I can't even tell you how many times I've been accused of being a "fanboy" just for saying how much I enjoy a game, a console, or a service. I enjoy puzzle games and social games but those are the last types of games I will ever play, and I mean dead last. Every time I see gamers making ridiculous demands, they almost never offer up suggestions and if they do, they're usually absolutely terrible and the developer might as well make a completely different game. After finally deciding to follow many of my friends advice over many years, I've already started writing what I think about my experiences while having played particular video games. The Take Downs are good for both melee combat and shooting combat so as long as you have charges you will see a cool cinematic for either form of combat. A major problem with the melee combat was also that if you're under gunfire and you get close to an enemy, you automatically enter melee combat. The shooting was ok, you have to take your time with it, enemies shoot you down quickly and when you shoot them it doesn't pause them for a second. They charge up during combat and when you activate them you can punch through riot shields, and pummel enemies with knives head on. I was disappointed that the boss phases barely changed at all. The whole rinse-and-repeat thing brought the epic feeling down a notch, a very small notch but it mattered. So much so that I can shrug off the games bugs as easily as Batman can shrug off a life-threatening pummeling. Most campaign bugs that I encountered were fixed by a checkpoint restart. The island is haunted by the spirit of the "Sun Queen" that has been trapped on it for hundreds of years. By the end of the story I got the impression that she would never want to put her friends in danger and that is why she seeks the truth of all things on her own. Please enjoy tons of screenshots from my first (High settings) and second (Ultra settings, new PC) playthrough. You gain mana just by using your basic attack on enemies, so you're never really limited to one type of attack.
Fortunately I really liked the story and the gameplay so I didn't get bored by its linearity. Of course I can share it. I think the game is pretty fun so I definitely want people to have a read if they're interested in it.
When I started playing the game after watching the gameplay trailer, I was kind of disappointed. On top of the awesome new multiple-missile-lock capability, you have a close-quarters auto-lock system. I expected a decent game from what I had read about it and had seen, but I definitely wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is. The game won't recognize the right analog stick of my controller so I broke down and modified a few keybinds for the keyboard and I was good to go.
It probably sounds awkward, and it is a little, but it works out okay because during the QTE's you don't need the mouse or regular buttons. I read plenty of reviews that practically sold me on the game, but then I'd look at it and I would think it does look cool, but it also looks like just another shooter. Not because I don't have interest in it, but because I don't have as much interest in this type of game as I used to.
I hadn't played the game in a month or two and I wasn't in any particular mood, I just wanted to play a game. She resents you for being a murderer, but she also understands that you're a protector, that this is what you have to do, maybe just not so violently. Floating waterfalls where the water rolls over the air and just drops down through the clouds. Some are dressed up as minotaur looking creatures, others are dressed as a cupid mixed with a centaur. Elizabeth would keep saying "If we go through this, I don't think we can come back" as if you had a choice.
I was expecting the game to be amazing throughout its entirety, but instead it was pretty generic.
I probably would have been even more bored if she wasn't at my side adding in her thoughts on what was happening, and her self discovery as you learn her story. You'll have a birds eye view to give your team-mates orders and call in support and air strikes from the look of it.
A crew of soldiers were underground with a tank above them, they shot down a support beam with a rocket and the tank came crashing down through the roof.
There were some really cool helicopter chase scenes shown, not from the point of view of the player though.
With "bounceTek" they separate the ball from the hand with every single dribbling animation. I loved to draw, rarely still do, but for years now I spend more time playing video games than I do drawing. But I will push my PC to get everything I can out of it even if I have to run at lower frame-rates, which is actually pretty normal for me.

I started with Atari, moved to nintendo, genesis, super nintendo, sega cd, skipped over a few consoles that my mom couldn't afford to keep up with. Since I've played all these old games and been through all the advancements of video games through the years, I care about graphics. These people are artists, they whip up these incredible gorgeous looking games and then you want to say "graphics don't matter?" lol I'll be honest here, every single time I see anybody with an opinion of that, they're opinion is meaningless to me and I simply don't care what else they have to say. It's along the same lines if someone doesn't like a game that I really, truly enjoy, then their opinion means nothing to me. I didn't realize I was on one cuz I think I was distracted by something else in real life at that point in the game. Maybe, as long as the music and sound effects were just as good and the way the game took me through all these actions still happened, but the graphics sure do help make it an even more incredible experience. Nothing new with the whole bursting through window action but it was definitely pretty and still totally cool. I really liked the campaign for Black Ops, and Modern Warfare 3 had some pretty epic scenes but the story wasn't as good as Black Ops to me. Mostly over whether or not they "suck." This is something I find myself getting into more often than I'd like. After years and years of this kind of interaction with fellow gamers I think I've finally come to a small understanding, I hope so anyways.
What makes me laugh every time is that often it's coming from the same people who know that I say "I love this game" to almost every game they mention. I won't play those unless I'm incredibly bored, have absolutely no way to access a different type of game or possibly see one that looks a little bit more interesting and I'll give it a chance. That's why I like them, new story, almost always improved graphics, some new elements, upgraded UI's and controls, I mean that's what it's all about. There was far too much shooting through the game, I think the game should have been more stealth and melee based. I thought the controls were pretty decent for both which works out well because the gameplay is pretty bland.
You press your take down button and you instantly defeat your opponent with a cinematic of badassery. Square to light attack, Triangle to strong attack, X to block and circle to use your Take Down. So here you are entering melee combat with one dude while five others are shooting at you and you die and have to restart.
They run around as if they don't even know a bullet hit them, it's actually kind of funny but also super annoying.
They weren't perfect, it's no racing game, but they were smooth and worked great for what you needed. These impressions are of course only from just under twenty hours of game time during the Beta. Being temporary I had to get in the habit of using them because I tend to die quickly while being a run-and-gunner.
Originally I had thought they were just for fun, for easy casual gamer kills, and of course to help decrease the cooldown of the Titans. When I punched my enemies I wanted them to fear repercussions for their crimes, and they did. The first piece of evidence leads you to deduct what the final action in the crime scene was. Small riots between Black Mask's thugs and other criminals break out, or a small gang is attempting to rob a jewelry store or bank. As powerful as each assassin is, and as much damage as they do to Batman, he shrugs it off like it's nothing.
Then she's kidnapped by an islander and dragged into a bloody cave filled with bodies and skeletons and is hung upside down to wait for death.
She has cursed the island so that anybody who comes near it ends up getting stuck on it just like Lara and her team did. Her sister is also on the trip and even becomes the focus of attention for quite a bit, although not so much on a personal level as a, "Save me" one. I haven't so I don't know what the controls are like on that.) Better still is the fact that you can remap the keys! You can use magic as much as you want but you do need to use your basic attack just as often. As an artist I can see the intricate details that went into the design of the buildings, characters, even the armor, and it really impresses me.
While playing through the game you meet up with each of the different characters you can play as, and they will join you as a companion and fight alongside you. The game is not quite the farm machine as the Diablo games but it offers similar fun combat with a rewarding feeling.
I wasn't interested in ACIV because of my disappointment with 3, but then I watched this video and wholly crap it looks amazing!
Also, I haven't gotten very far in the game still, so the main story hasn't fleshed out much yet. You have an energy-type bar for the Strike Suit mode that drains while you are in mech form.
It's been explained in the game already but I have a terrible memory and I just don't care about the abilities names and such. I haven't had to use it too much in my first few steps in the game, but I think it's pretty neat so far.
While you can tell the graphics are dated, some of the in-game scenes I've seen early on are pretty dang amazing.
I have enough racing games to play already and if I'm gonna buy a new one, I'd prefer one with more impressive graphics.
I wanted to protect her, but instead, she protected me by supplying me with ammo, health, and salts (mana); all of this while mid-combat.
The game eventually explains how the city floats in the air, it's pretty neat and I won't spoil that; just letting you know that it is explained. My preference was to summon crows on the enemies, watching them peck out their eyes and swarming their bodies, stunning them as I finish them off with my shotgun. When you select the power, a green colored clone of yourself appears in front of you and allows you to place it wherever you want. She would call out to me, I'd hit the command prompt to collect from her, the game automatically turned my character in her direction to collect the item, then it automatically turned back to exactly where I was previously facing. If she does end up in front of you at some point, as soon as you think "get the f*** out of my way" she's already moving.
While I do appreciate being able to experience the glory of these beautiful levels, I just don't like running back and forth for tedious tasks that don't really add anything to the gameplay or the story. Expecting it to be as amazing as everyone says it is, then finding out the only thing that sets it apart from other games like it is the scenery. Not that the game isn't super cool or anything, I just didn't have anything to care about for a very long time besides Elizabeth.
It will seamlessly allow you to interact with other players that are online from the middle of your single player racing missions if you want to. They announced True Step which is supposed to give you the ability to foot plant, cut, and shift momentum with precise footwork. I did play every single system, if I didn't have it, my friends did, and being the little greedy gamer that I am, I played everything I could get my hands on. Do I think graphics "make a game?" Of course not, but that's far from the same thing as if they matter or not. Real simple, this is a classic style game, this is stuff we played on our Nintendo's and Genesis's. Am I going to listen to someone's recommendation of a game right after they just completely trashed a game I love and called me an idiot for loving it?
The graphics and music of Battlefield 3 had me fully immersed, and I give a lot of credit to that musical score. Walking along talking to my superior or whoever, getting my orders, getting to the door and it opening into the top deck of the carrier. Over all these years of playing video games if graphics didn't matter they wouldn't have gone through this amazing evolution over time.
Even I was like "How many times are we going to see this opening?" They're really cool but I mean come on. But then bullets started flying! Or swimming?
I do think it's silly to take control of the dog, cool gameplay aspect, but then he might as well just be a drone. I loved the part where the building is tearing apart and falling over and the Ghosts (I assume) are sliding down the inside of it and then out! I didn't realize what was happening, I never understood why I kept finding myself in this predicament, why everyone wanted to argue with me or of course vice versa. Yet the only time they insist on calling me a "fanboy" is when it's about something they don't like in particular.
Or maybe on another rare occasion if a good friend I haven't seen or talked to in a long time wants to play.
If you have two to three charges up you can use that same single button press to take down two to three enemies at one time.
The thing about the melee combat is that you basically only have four combination attacks in total.
Thankfully if you had a Take Down charged up you can waste it quickly on that guy and get your gun back out and back under cover.
I would have played a lot more if I didn't have some full time work shifts during the Beta. What I loved most about the Titanfall Beta was that I felt comfortable as a run-and-gunner. It certainly wasn't the law they feared, as every criminal in Gotham knows that if the cops aren't already corrupt, they are easily corrupted. Every second of the opening cinematic was driven not only by the presence of Batman (even when he was off-screen), but music that made me feel like this Christmas Eve was going to be the end of crime altogether. You upload the information to the Bat-computer to analyze the data and recreate the crime scene in front of your eyes in virtual reality.
The combat is so much fun though that I ended up thinking, "Screw it" and picked fights with the corrupt police anyways. There are some terrible bugs but I was able to enjoy the campaign straight through without too much frustration. She escapes by swinging from side to side until she breaks free, falls down and lands on a metal spike that stabs her all the way through the left side of her stomach from front to back. While playing the game I came across lots of tomes, scrolls, and evidence of what had happened on the island and how it all began. It may be linear but the gameplay is excellent and fun, and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous. You can burn up your mana by casting your most powerful spell repeatedly if it doesn't have a cooldown (and chain different spells of course), but you won't be able to spam spells without having to switch to basic attacks to get enough mana back to keep it up. One tree enhances your abilities with increased damage, bonus effects like damage over time, or longer durations of spell effects and such.
Don't worry, you get there, and it only takes making your way through three or four levels first.
I've been doing quite a bit of escort missions, protecting huge carriers from torpedo missiles and swarms of enemy ships. There's a lot of ships flying around, including enormous ones.
It wasn't easy at first, I had to learn a couple of new tricks when I first took flight in my new ship. The bar fills up on its own very slowly over time, not too slow, but slow enough to keep you from using the power of the Strike Suit non-stop. Every time an enemy dies, as long as you're holding the Shift key you will automatically target the next closest enemy. While the graphics are noticeably dated, it's also just easy to ignore because of the cinematic camera work, the story, and the music.
There have been a couple of quick-time-events that got me a little bit stuck but once I learned how exactly they worked, it became easy. I still prefer my arcade racers and crazy play-style in games like Pure and MX vs ATV but I'm really liking this one so far. Or you can also get my personal thoughts on it here with key notes that I jotted down about em. So I don't have enough motivation to draw my own stuff because my own stuff is quite horrible.

If I'm in the mood to "go retro" and play some of my favorite classic games, then I'm going to play my favorite classic games. I often talk to other gamers that continue to insist that they don't need those extra details and this is why "graphics don't matter." Not for me. I did think it was cool that the dogs barks will pull enemies out of hiding to investigate or distract them. Some games I have absolutely no interest in, not because it sucks, I just simply have no interest in it at the time. I can't tell you how mad I get when people say "it's more of the same." Gameplay yes, but the story is completely new and usually offers more insight into the characters, a continued story that we wanted anyways because we didn't want the game to end. Thanks to some game sites (like GameSkinny) editors and my sister I've gotten tons of advice and help on how to write better. That may take me awhile though, and many more practice runs before I finally have a better idea on how to score a game more reasonably. I'm not glad for anything other than the fact that Matt Damon simply acted as the character, but if I were to read the book I doubt he's who I would picture, that's all, no biggy. They were kinda dumb, I mean the surroundings are basically the same as you circle the same small block over and over while pretending to lose the cops. I was also able to offer some real tips in my Second Impressions because of the time I had spent in the Beta. There was never a time that I didn't feel like a complete bad-ass and that every single enemy in the game better fear me or else. Without the music I don't think I would have felt like I was to be both feared and respected. It's possible there are more that I didn't catch onto but it's all so familiar that it was hard to recognize anything as new. You control the time frame by fast-forwarding and rewinding the scene as it happened to reveal new evidence.
It would have been awesome if the developers had made separate animations for fighting the police and making Batman actually act less violent against them. The voice actor does a really great job at making Joker familiar, but I would have preferred them to just use a new voice and not impersonate Mark Hamill. There are very many issues that other players are having that I was fortunate enough not to encounter.
They did offer a brand new story and landscapes and a few very minor gadget changes, but it weirded me out.
As scared as she is, she doesn't give up hope and she doesn't stop fighting for her own life and the lives of her friends. She is incredibly strong-willed and never loses courage. One of those first "We'll go on an easy adventure" things to get you started but turns out to be a horrifying disaster kind of a trip.
The other tree enhances your characteristics with improved defense, magic power, crit chance, or how much gold you get from drops; stuff like that. Not that ARPG's look bad or anything, but this is definitely the most visually detailed one I've played. During a lot of the story you get to pick through dialogue options much like in Mass Effect or Kingdoms of Amalur.
So when you see it on sale, just pick it up for the next time you're in a mood to enjoy a kickass interactive story. I cared about the robots in the first game, but now in the second game the creators have made me care even more.
I think that's mostly due to all the non-player character's that speak to you as if you were there.
I imagine the PC version has some details that are better, but it is definitely gorgeous on the PS3 and I give big props to Irrational Games for making that happen.
You're trying to save a girl that you apparently already handed over to some bad dudes as a means to clear a debt. Why this matters to me is because the grander scheme had a really great story, it just wasn't told. There wasn't actually a lot of info, this was just a peek into what's gonna be at the main E3 event of course.
They might not matter to someone who's just started gaming and doesn't actually see the difference because they haven't spent the time going through all the stages of video games evolution. I'm not going to look at a game made in the 2000's that looks like something I played twenty-plus years ago and be like "oh wow!" That does not mean I don't enjoy them. If I'm going to have a choice between a beautiful game of today and a game that looks like something I played twenty years ago, there's simply no competition. I am interested in learning the technical stuff but then when I try to it's just so boring! They do matter and I truly appreciate the work that the designers and artists put into these games. Definitely better than just watching your character in a scuba suit start underwater and come out of it as an opening scene. It's a sequel, do people really expect a hack and slash game to turn into a first-person shooter or something? If you miss the button you just don't pull off the chain take downs but you do keep the meter charged if I remember right. But that's where Take Downs saved it for me, thankfully the meter builds up pretty quickly. You can move around as you get used to it but there's always going to be an enemy shooting you in the face so cover is basically necessary. There's a lot of stuff you do as Bourne in the game that I didn't remember being in the movies. I had started to try to master wall running only because it was part of the personal statistics page that Titanfall has.
Fortunately it still felt more epic than ever due to the general attitude of the game through the plot, voice-acting, and music.
His rage drives him through things that would normally kill a person, without even flinching.
Outside of the combat itself there was never a time that I didn't feel a personal connection with her. I think Diablo 3 is gorgeous but Dungeon Siege 3 is even better looking in my opinion which is even more impressive since it's an older game. I don't think the choices you pick actually have a real effect on the game but they did make me feel like I was a part of the story. It would be cool if you could jump online and play with random people if the playerbase was there, but I didn't think it was necessary. I use the front brake as my hard brake and it usually works out well, but if I use it too late I tend to have the rear of my bike come off the ground and end up in a crash. Apparently I was trying to hold two different guns of the same type, and the game doesn't let you do that. The reason I decided to move on to Portal 2 was just because the Steam Trading Card system offers cards for it. When you walk in front of someone they address you as they would anybody walking near them. A very interesting aspect of the story is dealing with alternate time-lines, but it never really fully develops. It's like the first time I ever finally learned how to add shadows to my drawings, that small extra detail made such a vast improvement.
Out of all my friends and all the people I ever heard about, one single kid had the Neo Geo. I'm usually ok with spoilers, especially when it's one that's part of a very long series of familiar games. Maybe the controls are bad, maybe the graphics aren't as impressive as I think they should be, maybe a level was tedious and boring, maybe the story is bland. I just enjoy them for the new characters and different takes on the story and of course different or better graphics style.
The meter builds up pretty quickly so it allows you to do super badass fancy Take Downs pretty often. The combat is far too simple but at least it was super cool looking and quite entertaining.
The evidence you are looking for is made very obvious. It's still a beautiful, fun, and totally cool addition to the original mechanic and I wish there were more crime scenes to do it with.
The really cool thing about the combat in the game is that you can switch between two types of playstyle on demand which is actually necessary but doesn't feel forced either. I didn't realize how dark the world was until I was going through my screenshots looking for a reminder of some of the things I'd done in the game.
Well, like I said, you still need to time the use of your Strike Suit properly, and you fight multitudes of enemies so no, it's not that easy, which is a good thing. Taking the place of the left analog stick on a controller, I have w, a, s, d as my movements. I still don't really understand how the brakes are supposed to work, but I have come to experience that using the front broke over the rear brake gives better control. Not because it's bad, but simply because I have hundreds of better looking games I'll enjoy just as much and probably more-so. What was really cool was to see Riley bursting through a door with his jaw locked onto his enemy. There are many things I might not like about a game, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it for the good things it has and loving it for it. She is brutally beaten an astronomical amount of times by both the environment and its inhabitants. Of course during all this I was the one in control and Tomb Raider was an incredible experience from the opening cinematic until the end of the game. Every new turn or discovery on the island was always another step into a near-death encounter.
It's all pretty dark but there's a wonderful mix of beautiful light and lightened area's in the cities as well.
I'm not sure exactly how much more content it added as I've taken plenty of breaks between game time, but I know it offers a pretty fair amount for a DLC pack.
The camera is moved while holding the right mouse button in most scenes, some scenes don't allow you free reign on the camera.
I do alternate between the two and use both at the same time, but I still don't really understand how it works.
But for some reason the dual-wield hand-held shotguns count as pistols and I didn't realize that.
Now, if you play games like Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and then Farmville, I will consider you a gamer. Accidental falls inside of run-down mines, or old caves, and deadly trips down rivers with strong currents. Each form of combat has three different special offensive abilities on top of your basic attack, and three defensive abilities. Some are bigger that a skyscraper, others are bigger than a house, and then some are human size or smaller. You can actually collect a whole crap-ton of this stuff and get a really large shield built up as long as you keep killing enemies. A lot of the underwater scenes were so incredibly gorgeous that I can't help but think a lot of them were cinematics but the in game graphics we were shown were also beautiful.
Then of course the island is full of men who have lost their minds while stranded and have become murderers. While you only have a few special attacks per combat form, it really adds a nice variety of moves to play with. So far, there's a very nice mix of switching between your regular flight mode, and your Strike Suit.
I don't think I've ever laughed as much as I have during this game as I have playing any other game. It's a pretty clever game.
There's a nice mesh of puzzles that actually make sense, and puzzles that make absolutely zero sense at all, forcing you to think "outside of the box". Below are my impressions of almost 40 hours of solo gameplay in a single campaign playthrough.

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