Regisseur Achim Michael Hasenberg hat sich acht dieser Laufverruckten angeschlossen und ihren Lauf mit der Kamera fur den Dokumentarfilm „I Want To Run“ festgehalten. Zur Premiere gehen die Macher und Protagonisten des Films auf eine kleine Kino-Tour, die sie am 24. In Berlin findet anlasslich der Premiere und des Kinostarts der Marathon-Lauf „Run For Cinema“ statt. Zum Kinostart von „I Want To Run“ verlost zwei Gutscheine im Wert von je 50 Euro fur hochwertige Laufschuhe der Marke BAR. Today is the 4th of July! And since I have dual citizenship, I thought I’ll give a little celebration over the weekend.
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Now, other districts are exploring the possibilities for their schools as well, raising a host of questions about how the state can be open to innovation while still demanding that good, equitable instruction takes place in the schools. Educators from a dozen districts across the state – from Hackettstown to Shore Regional -- met with state Department of Education officials Wednesday to explore the online options for dealing with the rules for brick-and-mortar schools in the case of emergencies, such as this winter’s abundance of snowstorms and blizzards.
Led by Evo Popoff, assistant state education commissioner, the meeting centered on the various rules now on the books for what counts as a day of school and how those rules could be addressed in the future when extenuating circumstances arise.

Popoff said in an interview yesterday that the focus is on making sure instruction fulfills the criteria for rigor, equity and practicality of implementation. With both teachers and students working from their respective homes, some classes were held at their appointed hour, while others ran over the course of the day. Students in a music class recorded themselves playing their instruments at home, then sent the recordings to the teacher to mix.
The district then formally applied to the state for permission to apply the day to the 180-day minimum required for all public schools, in hopes of avoiding the alternative of adding a school day in the spring or summer. The request remains under review, Popoff said yesterday, in part because the department is awaiting the arrival of the state’s new education commissioner, David Hespe. Popoff said there are clearly some legal hurdles for a state where virtual learning is not explicitly addressed in its laws and regulations – a fact that has been a bone of contention, especially with charter schools seeking more flexibility in their approach to education. About a half-dozen states have criteria for allowing for alternative instruction in the case of emergencies, including the use of “blizzard bags” filled with take-home work for students in some Ohio districts. Pascack Valley officials attended the meeting this week to share their experiences with other districts – and clearly impressed them.
The districts had each been invited based on their previous inquiries over the years about possibly providing alternative means of instruction. A big hurdle is training teachers and other staff to be comfortable with the tools and strategies needed, even for just a single day of online instruction.
Pineiro said his district would probably start with taking smaller steps, such as trying out online instruction with maybe a class or two, or even trying it on selected Saturdays on a volunteer basis.
In the face of the lost classroom days this winter, schools in Randolph in Morris County had already won the state’s approval to use some virtual learning to meet individual course requirements needed to graduate. The flexibility was there under a decade-old provision in state regulations that allows students to take internships or participate in other out-of-school programs at the end of their senior years.
Browne said it was something to think about for other uses as well, including teacher training. The bottom line, he said, is that the advantages of such strategies are gaining traction, and he hopes it won’t just be a matter of waiting for snow days.

Unter den Laufern befanden sich Profis wie Achim Heukemes oder der vormalige Gewinner Robert Wimmer, der im wahren Leben Optikermeister ist, genauso wie ein Friseur aus Toulouse, ein an MS erkrankter Familienvater oder eine Hausfrau aus Tokio. In einer gro?eren Gruppe fuhrt der Lauf uber 55 Kilometer vom Potsdamer Hauptbahnhof bis zum Berliner Kino Babylon Mitte.
Mit diesem trendigen Jumpsuit mit floralem Muster, einem XXL-Divahut und Pumps liegt sie voll in der aktuellen Mode. Mit diesem Fruhlings-Look sind sie bei der Arbeit, beim spontanen Restaurantbesuch oder einfach bei ihrem Spaziergang DER Hingucker. The district’s two high schools had a head start, with every student already provided a Mac laptop computer and teachers well-versed on using the Internet and other technological tools in their everyday instruction.
13 snow-storm was coming and with no more snow days on the books, the district started planning two days ahead for how it would coordinate the online instruction and alert students and families to the plans. Elsewhere, more academic classes involved online discussions and assigned papers that were due at the end of the day. It provided curriculum, schedules and extensive surveys of students and teachers to make its case.
Popoff said he figured those districts might be the best candidates to try out some alternative approaches in pilot programs.
Es kommt nicht allein auf die kA¶rperliche Fitness an, sondern vor allem darauf, wer diese enorme Herausforderung auch mit dem Kopf bewA¤ltigen kann. Alle drei Jahre machen sich eine Hand voll Laufer beim „Transeuropa-Lauf“ auf, diesen Weg im Dauerlauf zu bewaltigen.

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