I'm looking forward going to the gym today just to spot these things so I can have a good laugh.
After driving all night, the family stops at a gas station but while they are inside, their car is stolen, leaving them stranded in Springfield. At the police station, Peter tries to report the theft, but is turned away since he doesn't contribute to the police man's ball. As Homer looks sadly on the Griffins leaving and looks at the headline of the court decision, he tries to explain his actions. Returning home, they find things have blown over and Pawtucket Patriot Ale safe since the Simpsons won't come to Quahog to shut it down.
People trying to carry on a conversation with you while you clearly have your earbuds in and can't hear a word that is coming out of their mouth. The gym is not a fashion show, however, it's also not the place to wear your dirty laundry.
His art is a hit at first, but when he offends women with his strip and the Internet turns against him, he tries to clear his name on Joyce's show which backfires.
The actions cause animosity between the towns, running into the similarities across the board. Peter reacts angrily and they start to fight, which causes the usual chicken-fight mayhem all through Springfield, until they crash into the nuclear power plant.
Stewie tries to pretend he is over Bart, but does the chalkboard gag, promising not to think of Bart while crying.
Honey, we are not at the gym for a social fest, we are there to get in shape and stay in shape. We all are at the gym to sweat, but it's those few people that have buckets of water pouring off of them and don't even clean up after themselves.
We are there simply to do one thing, and one thing only - to change from our everyday clothes to our workout clothes and vice versa.
I've seen everything from zebra print tights under hot pink shorts and nasty HUGE dirty, wrinkly tshirts that look like a 400lb man could wear them and here is this girl that is 90lbs in it.
Faced with an angry mob at the door, the family decides to flee for their safety until things blow over.
Bart shows Stewie and Brian his "weapons closet consisting of only his slingshot and his type of mischief, but when he prank calls Moe, the joke falls flat when Stewie tries his hand. But when Lisa explains using her sax to support her feelings, she allows Meg to try it and she is a success right off the bat, although Lisa down plays her talent. With Fred Flintstone as judge, he finds for Duff although he also notes they are both imitations of his Budrock. As Homer fights with the Emmy's they have won, they wreck the plant and they both fall into the reactor, giving them super powers to continue their fight.

Just because you are skinny, and roll in in your booty shorts with your butt cheeks hanging out and a sports bra does not mean you look cool.
I hear a murmur and see someones mouth moving, proceed to take my earbuds out and say - "I'm sorry, what??" and they look at me offended.
I see so many men almost drop weight equipment on themselves to look at a female that walks by. They will leave sweat on equipment where it's looks like it was just hosed off, where in actuallity it seriously needs a good hose off. Just the other day I was in the gym and this man was next to me grunting like a rabid animal. Here you are running on the treadmill, breathing, pounding and just overall all over the place and you are carrying on a phone conversation. I understand you are not there to look like a superstar, you are there to workout - but wow - seriously. Hartman, Consuela, Angela, Herbert, Mort Goldman, Tricia Takanawa, Principal Shepherd, Tom Tucker, Rupert, Bruce, Al Harrington, Mr.
Apu recommends the donut which they are unfamiliar with and also reveal they are out of money.
Lisa shows Meg her room, but when trying to build up Meg's self-esteem, Peter shuts her down.
Nelson awakes to find he has been kidnapped by Stewie who tortures him by making him eat his shorts. The family prepares to leave for Quahog where Peter faces the prospect of finding a new job. You are actually just a poser with your Affliction shirt on that has glitter and irredecent paint on the back of it. Nothing freaks me out more than seeing a woman walking around stark naked with her bush hanging out. Berler, Opie, Santa's Little Helper, Apu, Moe, Barney, Lenny, Carl, Otto Mann, Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz, Kodos, Kang, Jebediah Springfield, Krusty the Clown, Rich Texan, Fat Tony, Jimbo, Snake Jailbird, Herman Hermann, Lucille Botzcowski, Dr. Homer Simpson offers to buy their donuts for them and introduces himself, introducing them to the proper way to enjoy donuts. I've actually seen a girl drop in the middle of the weight room walk way, wearing clothes like this, and attempt to look like she's doing push ups, then crawl on top of a bench to hang from a  pull up bar and struggle to do 1 pull up.
If you were a fighter, you probably wouldn't be working out at my gym, you'd be at a MMA gym of some sort. Yes, I've seen this and honestly didn't know whether to turn away or stare because I was seriously in utter shock.
Colossus, Louie, Hank Scorpio, Chief Wiggum, Lou, Eleanor Abernathy, Abe Simpson, Patty & Selma, Dr.

Marge notices Santa's Little Helper missing and Chris and Brian tries to fake his presence. Meg shares that she cut her name into her arm for she'll always remember Lisa who giver her her sax. Landing in Springfield Gorge, their final blows nearly finish each other off until the spaceship crushes Homer, at least temporarily.
Which means you are wearing sunglasses because you think you look cool or are a celebrity hiding from the paparazzi.
You know what else bothers me - when people are reading a book or a magazine on the treadmill.
Nick, Squeaky Voiced Teen, Eddie, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Snowball II, Hans Moleman, Blue Haired Lawyer, Sideshow Bob, Principal Skinner, Sideshow Mel, Comic Book Guy, Matt Groening, Waylon Smithers, Groundskeeper Willie, Mr. The guys take a break but when made to go back to work on finding the car, they try to deploy a giant magnet. Bart and Stewie do their goodbyes where Stewie points out that he took revenge on all of Bart's enemies. Dragging himself up, he finds Peter laughing and noting they should keep their shows separate. I highly doubt you are the later, meaning that you seriously think you look cool with your sunglasses on while you are on the StairMaster. Same girl also added more weight than she could handle to the Smith Machine and had to physically crawl on her hands and knees out from under the bar. Clean up after yourself, don't leave chunks of hair or deodorant crumbles behind you nasty girl. You are not working out if you are able to read while you are on the treadmill, sorry to say.
Chris and Brian take Santa's Little Helper for a walk, and Brian tries to teach him independence, but he runs off when freed, leading them on a chase through town until he gets lost in a pack of dogs intended for the menu at Krusty Burger. But when packing it up when they realize they don't have a giant power outlet, Hans Moleman runs them over having accidentally taken the wrong car when looking for his pants.
I understand you make a few noises here and there when you are lifting weights, hey I do it too, but it's the excessive yelling and grunting like we are in the jungle that gets me. Bart teaches Stewie how to skateboard, but when Nelson pounds Bart after getting a bad grade while copying him, Stewie plots revenge.
The guys celebrate by going to Moe's where Peter tries to introduce Homer to Pawtucket Patriot and they find a label stuck over Duff beer as legal action is threatened.

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