But that shit changed when Mary Kate was soon spotted running around town with an engagement ring and now we can pretty much own the daunting drama that Mary Kate Olsen will soon be marrying her creepy looking uncle, as cute as he is but as scary as that shit is too.
Mary Kate Olsen and her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy more than ever look like daughter and father. Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy take a very interesting stroll with Olivier’s daughter. Recent Commentsgrebnesieh on Photos: Threesome Louisiana high school teachers chargedTransientAmnesia on Was Prince killed by painkiller addiction, Percocet? The screen goes blank leaving you to stare at it and frown for a moment before you walk away.
It takes you a few minutes to finish your process but as you’re on your way back up to your 4th floor apartment your phone buzzes in your sweatshirt pocket. Knowing that it would take over an hour for your clothes to be done you rush back upstairs to begin the tedious task of school work. After about 10 minutes of reading the same page over and over again you decide that your mind just can’t concentrate. You smile gratefully at your friends before looking at the crowd of people dancing around you. The end of her sentence is drowned out by your other friends excitedly squealing while not so subtly pointing to someone who was passing by your table. Mary Kate Olsen, famed child actress and whatever fashion designer getting engaged to financier boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy. A growing statistic of drug mortality in AmericaTransientAmnesia on Was Prince killed by painkiller addiction, Percocet?

Your computer lags a bit but you’re able to see a slightly pixelated Carlos smiling back at you before blowing a kiss into the web camera.
You can see the piling laundry through your open bathroom door and you know for a fact that you have almost absolutely nothing to eat.
Before you can talk yourself out of it you run to your kitchen and grab the floral notepad off of the fridge where you and your roommate usually left notes to each other when the other wasn’t around. The first thing you do is toss all the laundry into a basket and make your way down to the communal laundry room in your apartment building. You don’t want to give yourself time to wallow so you set off to start your next task. You manage to carry all of the bags in at once and save yourself a second trip to your car.
You’re about to give up on your homework completely when you receive another text message. You could feel the bass thumping along with the beating of your heart as you and a friend ventured through the throngs of people that separated you two and the rest of your friends.
Eventually you found your group of friends holding a table for you in the back of the club.
You know that they’ve been worried for you after your boyfriend of a year broke up with you out of the blue.
You didn’t recognize the song but it was really upbeat and the chorus was quite catchy. You look up curiously to see what has them so fired up only to come face to face with Harry Styles.

He steps into your view and you secretly pinch yourself just to check before looking up at his face. The next unused page is where you jot down a list of chores that you want to get done by the end of the day.
Your stomach gives out a growl forcing you to hurry the task of storing your food so that you may eat some lunch. You were still trying to move on and this was the first night in a few weeks you had allowed yourself to have a little fun.
People at the club manage to snap pictures of the two of on the dance floor and in no time at all they are everywhere on the internet. Laundry tops the list followed by, stopping by your school’s library research for a paper, school supplies run, grocery shopping, and then homework. You happily pick the machine that you know works the best and load all of your clothes into it.
You nod politely to all your neighbors before switching your damp clothes into an available dryer.

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