Looking For An Indian Female Roommate To Share A Master Bedroom In A 2 BHK Apartment With Two Other Girls.
Kristin, F, 24 Matthews, NC, USA $575 USD per month Has a private room I'm looking to move in to Bexley Matthews at the end of this month or early August. One bedroom on lower level, private bathroom with shower and bathtub, spacious, and recently re-floored. Jennifer, F, 36 East Windsor Drive, Gardens Condominium, Gilbert, AZ, United States $575 USD per month Has a private room Hi!

I'm a healthy peaceful 53 year old lady who loves walks on the beach, crafting, gardening and music. Bexley is super nice and located right by I-485 and Hwy 74, so it's really convient to travel anywhere. I'm looking for a female, friendly, conscientious, considerate, easy going moderately clean and tidy roommate.
Maximum 10 Minutes away from nearest PATH station (I have to commute to Midtown Manhattan for work, so this is a must).

I'm a 24 year old elementary school teacher, and I would prefer to live with another female similar in age to me.
We are offering 1 bed 1 bath in 2 bed 2 bath apartment preferably to female, we are family, we are looking for strict vegetarian (egg is ok) & someone who can be friendly.

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