Like, girls will call me at three o'clock in the morning and leave a message, but their boyfriends will look at their phones, and they call me up saying, "Hey man, what's my girl calling you for?
Before I did this, I did an acting flyer, "Experienced Professional Actor," and I had the same exact picture.
On that note, you said you turned down sex from that rich lady, but how often are you getting laid from your dates?
Do you feel like most of the women you're getting replies out of are looking to get laid? Sick and tired of the single life, 51-year-old actor and web designer Dan Perino began sending out 40,000 flyers last year, which included his picture, the headline ‘Looking for a Girlfriend’, and his number underneath on tear off strips. The New York local says that so far he's received more than 8,000 phone calls asking for dates, with sometimes up to 200 or 300 calls a day! Perino, who is now planning on turning his story into a documentary or reality show, said that since news of the flyers took off, women are intimidated by him.
Tens of thousands of crude flyers plastered on every lamppost, mailbox, and vacant wall have turned Dan into a recognizable figure. At first there were dinner dates--I don't drink--but we were going out to pubs to play pool; I was spending like $300 to $400 per date, and it just ate up all my money. People make jokes about it, like, "Oh, he's looking for a girlfriend," and just, what is so funny about it? Guinness told me I hit the world record for most media attention of anybody in the entire history of history from a flyer being posted. I'm just another mildly obsessive member of the phandom who wants to make other people happy :) feel free to send requests in my ask.
You and Dan were having guests over, most of them were Dan’s friends, a few of which were girls.
At first you thought it was that he was just that he was tired, he was busy all of the time now with the radio show and YouTube.
I called him up and made plans for coffee to see if he'd had more luck with women than with crowdsourcing.
Then people watching the news saw that I wasn't crazy, and over the weeks people took me more seriously, and more and more news media got involved.

I'm getting calls from Africa, all over the world, from people seeing it on the internet and Instagram. I met some girl that was doing some artwork in downtown and I asked her out on a date, and she said no. We need to have everything worked out, everything planned, all the money ready, everything paid for to shoot in January.
I get a call from this girl and she's stuttering her words, and I'm questioning whether she's a transvestite or not or whatever.
A lot of people have said to me, in New York, that they're gonna do the same thing, and they've failed miserably.
You weren’t jealous, you had friends that were guys and Dan accepted that too, but these girls were gorgeous. Your personality wasn’t perfect either, every day you were daunted by pretty, thin, funny, interesting girls on tumblr and YouTube and you wished you could be more like them.
Just today I got a call from this guy posing as a woman, saying they were on Park Avenue and 23rd Street, and would I shave their lamb's balls? I get all these phone calls like, "Good luck" and people screaming outta their car windows, "'Ey, we're rootin' for ya!" I dunno, I don't see it. She says, "I saw your flyer"--this is late at night--"and I'd really like to meet with you," and she says, "What's your address? I mean, I had a girl, I was up at her house, and she's suckin' my coke can--I have a coke can dick, seven-inch, it's huge--and at the same time she's watching The Honeymooners, there was a marathon.
But is this built-in attraction with the female body a threat to their spouse, girlfriend, or partner? You felt intimidated, Dan was by your side the whole night but you felt yourself getting more and more anxious as the night went on. You decided to talk to him one night when he was being particularly quiet and staying in his room. It didn't piss me off, but like, it'd been three years since I had a girlfriend, and something clicked.
It'll be different stories, different events that happened on each date that I'll have to reenact.

I'll send a car for you." So a stretch limo pulls up, real big, and goes to 59th Street, the Plaza Hotel.
I saw two guys once on a flyer, and they didn't even leave a phone number, they just said, "If you see us walking around the East Village, give us a holler." I saw one guy and he had a piece of paper over the bottom of his face, and his also said "looking for a date"--not girlfriend, but "date," and he said he was a very good looking guy, but you could only see half his face. So I'm lying there and I'm watching her watching The Honeymooners, and I'm thinking, "What the fuck are you doing? Turn off the TV, concentrate on what you're doing." So I just get up, I put my clothes on, and I left. He smiles at you slightly, it made you happy that even in his saddest times he would still act happy to see you. So I close the door behind me, and the door's not even closed and she starts grabbing my shoulder, and she's grabbing my chest, and she's kissing me, and she's grabbing my, [gestures to his dick] my coke can, she's like going crazy all over me. I put up my flyers, man, and these six young girls, 20-year-old girls, and they get such a kick out of it.
They know who I am, I post the flyer right in front of them, and they're like, "You're the guy! You look at him, ‘I know you feel more confident with straight hair, but me and the majority of the Phandom love it. I said "Listen, I'm looking for a relationship, I'm not looking to just get laid," and she gets very frustrated.
We have you on Instagram, can we take a picture with you?" that's what it's gotten to be like. Women stop me all day long and they ask me these questions about why their boyfriend does this or that, and it always comes down to affection. So she lies down on the couch and says, "Sing me a song." And I said, "I can't sing" and so I grab a book and started reading to her from a book, and after a little while I could see her falling asleep from all the alcohol she drank. If you don't have a foundation in a relationship to become boyfriend and girlfriend--if you're only having sex--it's just gonna be a one-night gig.

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