The Tab – A randy Nottingham student pulled 30 girls last night – and recorded the whole thing on Snapchat. Sam roamed around the club, kissing 31 girls and one guy in the smoking area, by the bar, on the balcony and on the dancefloor of Rock City, occasionally making eye contact with the camera as he did it. Also, all the credit in the world for leaving the pigs (uh, and the dude, I guess) in there, too. Uproxx – If you recall, midwestern spot Bar Louie faced charges of “overt racism” for having a similar dress code. We spoke with an employee at the restaurant, who said you can wear just about anything for lunch or dinner, but the dress code is strictly enforced during concert events. Call him a racist or classist, call him an idiot for being stupid enough to go on a racially tinged tirade on a cable network in The Bronx, one of the most historically impoverished and ethnically diverse parts of the United States, that’s fine. Real talk pretty sure it moved a little in the above GIF as Tosh was berating her and she looked ashamed and I feel like I just unearthed a very weird part of myself that is going to lead to some interesting porn choices in the coming days. I could use a little more guidance on as to if this is some good deep dicking or a mediocre pounding because right now it looks like this dude straight up mushed this chick’s guts. It’s a complete hardo move to film yourself making out with 30 girls just to brag to your friends, particularly while staring into the camera to do it.
I generally don’t get worked up over these dress codes because they seem to be more in line with what sort of racist people think Black people wear as opposed to what Black people actually wear at the present time.
When we asked him about wearing oversized jewelry, he said, “I don’t want to sound stereotypical …” and then he trailed off.

I definitely wouldn’t expect a lot of black people to go “You know what we need to do tonight? Sometimes you start a blog on a Thursday morning about a kid getting his heartbroken and learn a little something about yourself liking hot chicks being berated by strange men. The first one is of him seemingly being arrested by several cars full of cops who want no part of him filming things for Instagram.
I love the karma and the chick chirping at him so I’m not in any position to salute this horrible man who looks like an emaciated Kimbo Slice. Watch the video above for a sample of some impressive MRI images of the human body in action. But then the MRI looks like kind of a pencil dick so maybe every d in v scenario looks basically the same? In addition, the series features viral clips of the week and original videos created by and starring well-known actors and comedians.
Talk about the Rihannas or Candice Swanepoels of the world all you want but no one drips sex harder than Emily Ratajkowski.
At the same time, if you accomplish something like this, why wouldn’t you want some evidence of it all going down? At this point I’m slowly being convinced this guy is more documentarian than Snapchat braggard.
And then used it to get famous, all without even looking as weird as you might expect someone who rose to prominence under the knife of a surgeon to be.

But at the same time you’ve kind of got to admire his effort to get away here while still holding his comically oversized knife. Not a lot of torque on the hips either so maybe this girl is just wildly unsatisfied even by MRI sex standards and I’m here pumping this dude up like he’s King Dick?
No need to reinvent the wheel here, pro wrestling isn’t exactly drawing the most socially enlightened crowds. In a perfect world, it should be so easy for all of us to just strap a couple Hindenburgs to your chest and ride the roller coaster to fame and fortune.
Vox thought they could shove two randoms into an MRI machine and have all the answers and then here I go changing all the cock based questions. Afro Ninja and Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 a second chance to redeem themselves from the embarrassment with which they’ve become synonymous. But here’s Amy Maxim just being humble and appreciative of the opportunities her big jugs have granted her.

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