We have a range of new nendoroids figures and have also taken some pictures to provide you a sneak peak… START OGLING! Yup, you saw it right, here is nendoroid Ozawa Rina, the lead character from Touch Detective! More nendoriods for you, we have nendoriod Chitoge (female lead of Nisekoi), Miho(lead protagonist of Girls ind Panzer), Yukari(protagonist of Girls ind Panzer).
Despite being in nendoroid-sized, the details are not discounted, these characters are created and sculpted to as close as their  signature looks!
If you already have or you are thinking of getting the figma version of Iron Patriot, be sure to get the nendoroid size one as well. Hesitate no more fanatics, head down to Otaku House now and be sure to get yours while stocks last!
PreviousJapanese Horror Film: Fatal Frame Trailer + Movie Tickets GiveawayNext[25 Oct 2014] New Arrivals at Otaku House! I have recently fell upon this site called Loot Crate where you can order a crate full of some geek gear for less than 20 bucks. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The thing is though, a lot of times, people are fairly accurate judge of character (or stereotype) due to experience and gut feeling. What you may not know is maybe that 38-year old business man still lives with his parents and is actually off to a job interview, and that cute girl is actually 35, married with children, and loves to read a good book, and was a party girl in the past and still misses partying. Now, not to offend anyone, but a lot of people in society judge people like the guy above in very poor light. However, you can’t deny that there are people who think like him, and to varying degrees of hate too.
I recommend asking more than one person for their opinion (not at the same time, of course). Looking through the commonality data, you should be able to pick out things that you really like.
I’ve come to take back the whole idea of the cute anime keychain thing that I vehemently protested against in my previous post. The types of jackets I wear are similar in style to Raine’s, including a white cloth jacket, and a white pleather jacket that is somewhat in the style of Kyo from King of Fighters 2000. Most people, even gamers, will not really know what this is, and see it as a regular graphic tee.
In a similar vein, nothing quite says Street Fighter Fan while still looking stylish, like this shirt. A final thing to take away from this also – you, no matter what shape or size you are, can look good, as long as you pick the right clothes.
I create stuff in my mind, and try to barf it out onto tangible mediums such as Photoshop, and video game art. When people dress like your schoolmate, they feel comfortable, and don’t feel a need to be accepted in the world, I think. Some people will grow out of it, and figure that they need to dress like everyone else in order to function in society, others just stay that way forever.
Fabrice, I do address the exact reason why one should care what others think – actually specifically why one should care what people important to them think. Yes at first sight i would…meh dress code in our days sure is becoming important if you know what i mean. Well, expressing your otakuism is completely up to you and with what you feel comfortable with. I do try to dress nicer nowadays and for a while I’ve actually spent some money on clothing rather than on my hobbies, which is probably a good thing. I’ve always wanted to find out where to get some nice video game tees or graphic tees in general. Anyway, I find it really amusing when I see people wearing shirts printed with designs that are well known within certain communities but look like regular shirts to others.
Although with the wardrobe i have, i guess i show to the world i’m a nerd, because of the shirt-sleeve shirt coupled with a long sleeve shirts i have. Although I don’t really own any anime or game shirts or other trinkets, if anything I would say I dress pretty plainly. As one of the major manga publishers in Australia and New Zealand, Madman Entertainment have thousands of manga volumes in their collection.

From now until March 27th, Madman Entertainment are holding a 50% off (while stocks last) manga sale.
You can check out the full list of items on sale via the official Madman Entertainment website.
She is made to have strong red eyes and her mouth covered with a hood, she can also be articulated to all sorts of different poses with the given parts. Each box includes optional accessories for you to play around with and recreate scenes from the series. Unfortunately, if you dress like the guy above, people will judge you, and most likely negatively. But there are people that you do need to impress, such as your employer, your date, or your family (some of them, anyway).
Take your dressy and normal wear clothes, and ask a friend whom is outside of your normal circle of friends to help.
Also, watch some fashion how-to type shows like What Not To Wear, and flip through some general fashion magazines. Maybe you like the more sporty hoodies hanging off your back and could attach some small cat ears to them.
Expressing your fandom to a particular anime series or video game, or just expressing your fandom of anime or video games in general.
The majority of your wear will have to be a non-otaku in nature kinds of expression, with hints of your otaku pride. They had been trying SO hard to hide their otaku lifestyle that they look like a normal person. This shirt is still fairly acceptable to wear, because it’s a retro classic game that even non-gamers can identify with. The inverse Samus is a neat idea, and is still subtle enough that it appears to be a graphic design. Ghost in the Shell fans would recognize that Section 9 is the division that the Major works in. What makes this still acceptable (though fairly borderline at this point) is the types of color used. But I can’t wear it because I bought an Asian Size M, which is essentially XS in North America. But just like any fashion, when you overdo it, you will give people the wrong impression, and in a world where judgment is based on that first impression, you most certainly want to have as much advantage as you can. Sometimes, I get paid to do it because I'm a freelance artist working in the video games industry. Most importantly is what makes you feel confident about yourself and what other (important) people think of you. Not very many dads are able to (because they’re too stuck in their old-generation fashions). There are some people in my school who dresses up in lolita cosplay and people always stare at her since she looks very different among others. Sometimes, it is simply difficult to obtain otaku wear, so you have to make due with what you’ve got.
I know it’s easy to just simply put on some hoodie and jeans, but just by dressing slightly better than your co-workers will have a HUGE impact on your life (guaranteed!). It’s pretty much dependent on how otaku actually want to balance their lives out, and this should be considered one of those pushes. While this might not be as significant as their $2 – $5 sales they have held in previous years for older stock, the publisher have confirmed they are holding a manga sale of significant proportions.
This is no surprise to all Ozawa Rina’s fans, she is seen wearing her usual blue and white dress with a blank expression on her face. Each box comes with other parts that allows you to play around and recreate your own scenes with different expressions from these girls! You go to a party, or meet someone for the first time, and they subconsciously judge you based on how you look. There will always be key people in your life that can change the course of your path, sometimes without you even knowing! He’s never looked through any fashion magazines, and wears what he thinks is most comfortable.
I say outside your normal circle because these are the people that see you from a different perspective.

But what you’re trying to do now, is figure out what looks good to you, without going all-out-nerd-otaku, and without going completely plain. The problem is, as you have read from my previous article, many otaku fashion feature prominent, brightly colored anime characters on it. Just like how one can wear terribly gaudy clothes, you can ruin your look if you have a clash of too much anime with your regular style.
However, I have never worn this shirt, because style-wise, the whole shirt-sleeve shirt coupled with a long sleeve shirt is a bit … nerdy.
Yes, it’s got a huge anime-style character on it, but if you think about it, the anime face takes up only about 10% of the image. Fortunately, the style and design makes it look a bit like those bomb-squad shirts you used to see around. The style is decidedly retro with the font, and the colors, and of course, it’s a classic NES controller. There are some cases where deep down inside, they want to change, but feel that it’s too hard to do so. This is a delicate balance, but can bring a very unique and awesome look to you, and not only make you more presentable, but make you much more confident in your appearance, and abilities. While in principle, this shouldn’t be an issue, it becomes one in a society where anime is still generally niche. Daytime wear, I usually go with Raine’s style in the middle, or I do casually go just T-shirt like the guy with the hat (except without the hat).
It’s a guide that covers practically every body shape there is for both men and women. I do own several otaku-ish accessories but I hardly wear them because I don’t want to expose them to chemicals while working in the lab.
If you don’t want to click on the link, he basically rants about how Otaku have terrible personalities, no money, social issues, and poor judgment.
After all, the friends sharing the same well with you will only see things in similar light as you. You may feel shy in asking someone you don’t really know all that well to help you out, but trust me. If you wear nothing but attractive looking non-otaku clothes, pulling out a keychain with an anime character on it is hardly considered a fashion boo-boo. This sort of subtle expression will still catch the attention of an otaku, while still look cool to everybody else.
That’s also to say it can only cover so much, so maybe about 4 pages would be 100% relevant to you.
Obviously, most of us would think it ridiculous to give any credibility to what he’s saying. They will feel very flattered that you think they dress well and want their fashion advice. Take all the data and observations you got, and from your friends’ opinions, and find a commonality in it. While this number will quite possibly decline as the sale continues, a total of 1,358 titles will be on sale.
It’s the same with going to a music store where people are inundated with an endless selection of music.
What you’re trying to do here is find clothes that society accepts as a base to work with, and then build your own personality into it.
However, if that keychain is attached to a messenger bag with a huge bright anime character emblazoned on it, then it’s a bit of a problem.
Read this book, and watch the show and you’re pretty much guaranteed to look good if you follow their advice.
So, when meeting people, one is also quick to judge a person by their appearance to associate people into a comfortable category within their own minds.

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