Moirae (and Norns) while also the Goddess Athena (Minerva in Latin - the greatest Weaver of all) are Patrons of Knot Magic. Knot magic is used in every kind of spells although it’s long been perceived as the way to control the forces of nature and especially the Winds (in the Futere we are going to give you an ancient knot-magic spell alleged to store and control the winds)! Colors of the threads, cords and ribbons often preoccupy the kind of magic the knot will conjure. I am not a 'knot master' from some youthful scouting time nor any great shakes at anything more then a square knot and lots of lame twisting and overlapping until it's a nightmare of cordage which might not come loose as I speed down the highway. That all said, my first 'exposure' to knots as anything more then securing a line or making 'pretty pretties' was in a book by Scott Cunningham, Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic. Basically, the concept behind knot magick is that tying the knot can be a magical act which brings into physical form an abstract idea, magical intent, conception or thought. Hold this image as much as possible building energy by tensing all the muscles in your body. When you can no longer keep a clear image and you have built enough energy, tie the knot while simultaneously relaxing all your muscles.
Each time I’ve done this I found that it has been quicker and easier to enter into specific states of awareness and consciousness associated with the daily work I do. With all that said, use a bit of twine or cord, work up a little Force-ful energy and tie up a difficult person (or situation) by their toenails! One of the techniques of knot magic is to tie a knot, especially around an image of a person, literally ‘binding’ the image with a cord, or the image to an object, with the intention of inhibiting the person’s actions, thoughts, and so on.
In fact, at one time any omaments twisted, knotted or plaited were considered heathen and idolatrous in Germany, while magical knots, on the other hand, were frequently carved into churches to guard against the entry of pagan magic or ‘spirits'.
The actions you perform during a spell or work of magic aren’t as important as the need behind them. Magic isn’t the empty parroting of words and actions; it is an involved, emotionally-charged experience in which the words and actions are used as focal points or keys to unlock the power which we all possess.

Take a cord of any color, provided it is pleasing to you and, preferably, is made of a natural fiber. Firmly visualize your need; take the cord, build up as much emotion as you can, then all at once tie a firm knot in the cord. When your need has manifested in the physical (always, of course, in a natural way-a diamond necklace or tickets for a trip around the world won’t drop into your lap live seconds after you cast a spell for wealth or travel) you can do one of several things with the cord. You can bum it, to ensure that it will never come unknotted, or bury it, where it will disintegrate, or leave it safely in a box or chest where it won’t be touched. Tie nine knots in a piece of red thread and wear around the neck to help cure ills and diseases. Take a cord and tie nine knots in it, visualizing a shield, a flaming sword, a latched hook, a firearm; whatever you associate with protection against hostility, outside forces, physical violence. The whole idea behind this knotting stuff is, if I got it correctly, to use the knot, the tying process as a focus and physical presents for the, let’s call it, mental energy to give it a channel to manifest itself. Right now my fiancee and I are looking forward to “just” buy some wedding rings but I’m also playing around with the idea of surprising her with an “action” like that, “creating” our own, individual rings. As we saw in depth in a previous article the Triple Goddesses of Fate are constantly weaving the Destinies of Humans and others! The Totem Archetype animals which can be invoked to guide us through knot magic is the Owl and the Spider. Knots were sold by witches since the ancient times to sailors so that when it’s need the most the sailors would untie a knot to release wind so that they could sail again. Below you will find a list of Color Correspondences which can both be used in Knot and Candle Magic.
When I do my daily meditations I wear the cord and I send part of the meditation into the cord, for the cord to remember. I’ve done some of the daily work without the cord and noted that it doesn’t come as quickly, taking the usual amount of time it would have prior to me using the cord.

I’m asking because my brother and his wife they went to a goldsmith to forge their personal wedding rings. I think, I got the idea and I might have to ask my brother what the actual process had been like when they created their rings. Magic is our focused, projected desire to the Universe, consciously using symbolic or even plain actions. The art of binding Knots to cast a spell is known to be practiced since ancient Mesopotamia. Some could say Atlantis but this is not yet a scientific fact although much effort has been made by Archeologists from all over the World to prove the existence of this Legendary Civilization.
Please know that each color represents certain qualities but if - for any reason - you disagree, I would advice you to go with your instincts.
So, if someone does so with the according mindset, shouldn’t it be possible to “bind” some energy into the ring? By practicing Knot-Magic we try to add or maybe alter what the Fates have already decided for us. In this case Fate has not been decided yet and every Magical Action can influence Karma as it is a conscious decision to change Reality.
I mean, you can look into any culture and see 'knots' -- the celtic weaves, the fancy 'dream catchers', heck, even 'regular old weaving' -- something the three Fates were good at as they cut and measured each person's 'thread'.

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