In this post we have shared mobile number of a lovely girl from Karachi who is interested in friendship with sweet girls and boys. We are helping Pakistani people and now then can share their cell phone numbers with each other online for friendship. TweetEmailIn Karachi, the most common entertainment is gathering your friends and family and heading off to a nice restaurant.
One of the most popular buffet restaurants in Karachi, located near Shah-re-Faisal across Awami Markaz, it has an amazing range of dishes which are rotating every day. Kabab-Ji is a Lebanese restaurant that offers authentic Arabic cuisine in a traditional Lebanese atmosphere. There are those of us who would just prefer good ol’ Pakistani cuisine, and wouldn’t mind it in a fancy setting. Hajra Umar is a broad minded girl of Karachi Pakistan, Hajra Umar crave to have happiness and especial occasions in her life. If you are looking for her cell phone number then this post will surely help you to find cell phone numbers of lovely Pakistani girls.
Our yarri zone allows you to make new friends an now you can find unlimited friends herein no time. And dining just gets better when you’re offered varieties of cuisines in “all you can eat” buffets.

Designed like the Red Castle to show the Mughlai era, they have a standard beaten by very few, with their servers also in Mughlai get ups.
Each item in our menu has gone through a lot of scrutiny so that it gets perfect for you to taste.
To name one dish of theirs as a hit would be difficult as all their dishes, from appetizers to desserts, are well executed. The cuisines are prepared by Chef Karim Zeitouni, he proudly presents the taste of Lebanon here in Karachi, Pakistan. Mirage is highly recommended if you’re looking for a dinner with absolutely amazing sights.
Located on the rooftop of Avari towers, this restaurant has live music on weekends and has a beautiful set up for us to dine under the sky.
That’s why Hajra Umar craves to make some best friends for Mobile chat; Hajra Umar really likes mobile chitchat and also online conversations. Apart from traditional Pakistani cuisine they also have thin crust pizza which they claim to make using traditional Italian techniques.
Chef Santo and his ‘sizzling samurai chefs’ (how can anyone not want to go to a place where the team of chefs is referred to as that?) have started a weekend buffet with live cooking as well. Most of Pakistani common people desire to make some friends for mobile conversation in Karachi Pakistan.

I know that most of Pakistani girls and boys are trying to make some best friends across Pakistan and they are searching different types of ways to make friends. Experience something completely out of your comfort zone and enjoy the food art and culture of Japan. Actually all over Pakistani boys and girls are well known for friendship that’s why every where you will just watch the friendship of boys and girls. This is a very good opportunity for all Pakistani boys and girls who love mobile chat because most of our visitors like mobile chat. If anyone of you is interested in Pakistani friendship so visit here and join our platform of Pakistani mobile numbers and friendship.
I hope that all Pakistani girls and women as well other countries people will like this platform of friendship.

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