1905 Salad for some delicious veggies (I usually do veggies and dip but this year I can’t stand the thought of doing that again). Finally, for dessert, I’m going to make some dessert shooters in those little disposable shot glasses (hey, I have to buy a case of 240, so I might as well use some of them).
At 47 years of age am I still THAT insecure about my weight that I think someone does or doesn’t like me for it? It is so depressing to think that I may never have that kind of connection with someone else. If you have some fresh thyme, strip the leaves off a few stems of it and toss with the potatoes and onions. That was really our only option for the budget, because the resorts charge outrageous prices that time of year.

More importantly, how will I know an emotionally healthy nice guy when (if) one ever asks me out on a date? I am still talking to one potential suitor who I started talking to just before I shut my profiles down.
I have had a couple other guys (who are semi-literate) interested in and talking to me by private message, but I find that I just don’t give one wild flip about hearing from either one of them. I reserve the right to try again, but for now I’m going to focus on my family, career, business and hobbies.
I came home from work after a VERY long day on Friday, and I needed to get in the kitchen to make something for dinner. In a very large bowl, combine the beef, sausage, eggs, breadcrumbs, cheese, parsley, thyme, fennel and cooled onion and garlic mixture in a bowl.

When you have a full pan of meatballs, put them in the oven for 5 to 7 minutes to finish cooking the inside. My personality is not perfect, but I took over from my parents beauty, intelligence, sense of humor and unquenchable thirst for life! He was 12 at the time and caught in that odd space between being a child and a teenager, and the confusion and tension I saw on his face was just heartbreaking for me. At work I am responsible and hardworking, with my friends I am funny, optimistic and always smiling girl, and with my beloved one I`ll be tender, romantic, emotional woman.

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