SHE might be a Barbie girl but her Barbie world is definitely not on the same planet as ours. Earlier this week we revealed pictures of plastic wannabe Valeria Lukyanova alongside matching real-life Ken doll Justin Jedica.
And today we can divulge the bizarre life behind Valeria’s obsession with turning herself into the spitting image of the iconic blonde Barbie doll. The daughter of a former DJ and builder dad and a mum who works in the military sector, Lera grew up in Tiraspol, Transnistria — a Russian enclave in Moldova. Gradually, her fixation with these perfect toy idols rubbed off and she started to model herself on them.
When pictures of Lera first emerged in spring last year, many doubted whether she was real or if the unnatural look was down to clever photo editing. But she explained her seemingly unattainable proportions come from daily gym visits, starving herself and a boob job. In her teens, Lera was less interested in turning herself into human Barbie and, like most girls her age, more interested in drinking and smoking.
She graduated with a masters degree in architecture and urban planning from the Odessa State Academy of Construction. Although Lera claims to be 23, she graduated with her masters in 2007, which does not quite add up. As well as a model and Barbie lookalike, Lera lists her occupation on her website as a singer.

She believes beauty really is only skin deep, and that is why she is so interested in her cosmic side. Lera’s mum Irina Pashkeeva is very supportive of her daughter, regardless of which planet she might profess to be from.
But what every Barbie really needs is a Ken, and on Tuesday we revealed Lera had met up with her perfect match for a photoshoot in New York — but it certainly was not a match made in a Dreamhouse.
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