All of my new UnderScoopFire colleagues are all things 80s children, whereas I’m a 90s kid. So it’s with some hesitation that I welcome Girl Meets World into my tumultuous twentysomethings, because its predecessor Boy Meets World was such a defining program in my simpler, younger days. Although it admittedly did take some weird, artistic turns (anyone remember when Shawn’s dad came back as a ghost?), it was for the most part a solid representation of 90s suburban Americana just as The Wonder Years was to the late 70s. Regardless, the cast is slowly being churned out, so we might as well look at the line-up for what will be either a runaway hit or a dreadful flop. Not much is known about this little girl other than she’s 11 and her acting resume already dwarfs my own. Again, not much is known about this little soon-to-be spitfire, but if the show lasts five years, I would put money on a pregnancy scare with a good ol’ Danny Tanner moral at the end. Good point- this is a cast that has gained no unwanted notoriety since the show went off the air. In the clip, Riley and Maya are apparently trying to sneak out of the Matthews house to hop on the subway.
Topanga, who was apparently standing in the doorway the whole time, jumps in to say they will. So, the elder Johnson, who happens to be the founder of the 501st Legion, the world’s biggest official organization for Stormtrooper cosplayers that does charity work around the globe, got in touch with the R2 Builders Club to see about building Katie her very own droid. Even when I was watching Nick at Nite in the 1990s to try and catch some glimmer of television history before me, the closest I got was Mork & Mindy and Welcome Back, Kotter.
He still follows developments in the Pokemon world despite not having owned a GameBoy in years.

Can’t even get enough Topanga and those actors have kept their noses clean since the first show went off the air. California Dreams was a traditional sitcom with a family angle, and once the band got settled, the family went away. Now, if that isn’t the kind of sweet family moment we all came to know and love on Boy Meets World, then I don’t know what is! They are just using the nostalgia and Cory & Topanga so old fans of the show will make their kids watch. With a tight sexy body, a pretty face and a sexy attitude this is one of the girls you want to watch. She immediately underwent chemotherapy treatment and bravely dealt with all the side effects. Albin and his older daughter, Allie, aimed to make it pink and name it after Katie (hence R2-KT). But she got to hang out with her faithful droid for a little while before having to leave it behind.
All kidding aside, does anyone remember that she actually liked Cory’s older brother Eric for ONE episode before being written in as Cory’s forever Winnie Cooper? He’s an Eagle Scout, avid fan of homesteading, and other half to Survivor alum Andrea Boehlke.
A big part of me wants to ignore it altogether to just save my memories from being tainted.
If this show is to survive on Disney, it’s really gotta be Riley and Sabrina getting into wacky adventures at the mall.

Farrah has since added to the controversy with comments that will more than likely just add fuel to the fire. One day, in April 2005, when she and her family took a picture by their church, Katie noticed something about one of the big windows on the side of the building: it looked like R2-D2. I sure didn’t, and I’m pretty sure I caught almost every episode up until things got weird in the college years. But seeing as how one of the most iconic cool cats of the 1990s didn’t even make it into the Boy Meets World college years, I won’t hold my motorcycle-less breath. They got all the original cast to reunite as adults to hook everyone in for the premiere episode, then the show went on being a successful thing for the current teen audience, not the old fans of the show.
Now, R2-KT visits conventions, children’s hospitals, and charity events all over the place. They wanted young viewers, but they knew they’d initially need the older viewers, so they crammed in Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty.
Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Katie Johnson and the droid whose creation she inspired: R2-KT.

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